My Week: A Roof Over My Head

I still don’t feel wonderful but I have to go Buy Food. If it weren’t for that, I’d stay in today and hibernate like the bears. My sister says they have the right idea. Three of my sisters have had all the snow they ever want to see. The two in North Carolina aren’t as “blessed” as the one in Colorado, though. She’s had feet of it while the rest of us have had inches. Some of the drifts are higher than her head.

Put this day on your calendar! It was the first time I can remember when I didn’t have to ask for something in the produce department at Wally World. Everything was out where it belonged for a change. I was looking for conventional romaine and didn’t think they had any but found five packages—exactly the number I needed—under the organic.

My food scraps have stacked up because I haven’t felt like taking them out. The compost bin is getting too full so I’ve been dumping stuff at the edge of the woods. I took it all out this afternoon. On my first trip, I was going to get the bucket that’s had ice in it all this winter and use it to carry the rest but the bottom is cracked from all the freezing. Well, shoot! My bucket’s got a hole in it.

Twinkle’s cat box had been ignored, as well, so I took care of it, too. She’d been having to cover up nuggets with nuggets so I know she was happy to have unclumped litter.

Even the bed got changed. I’d ordered non-reactive sheets from L.L. Bean and they’d come last week while I was off. They needed to be washed before I put them on the bed but I used them right out of the package. They’re so crisp, they rattle. They are advertised to be good for a kid’s room. Well, I’m still a kid at heart…

I haven’t felt feverish tonight so I’ll try going to work tomorrow.

Well, I went and I made it through. I lost my voice several times but, probably to the distress of everyone around me, I’d get it back. I felt better doing something productive rather than veg out in front of the fire.

I went by The Pig and they have beautiful Romas for 99¢ a lub. I saw one of my friends from church and she asked if I’d been by the building lately. Seems the renovations are well underway. She said all the pews are over in the school and the organ and piano are on the platform. They’ll carpet and then move the instruments back to the floor while they carpet the platform. She didn’t know exactly what we are going to do for church this Sabbath and next. Time will tell.

The roof is done! When I went out the front door this morning, my neighbor and one of her helpers was out there waiting for the others. She showed me where a pileated woodpecker has been destroying a stump in the quest for bugs. I’d love to see it. The roof really looks good. I was going to take a picture this afternoon but she ran out and asked me to wait until she gets everything finished. She still has painting and pressure washing and I don’t know what else. Now it’s the deck’s turn.

DD and I never did get around to our visit yesterday. She had a grafting class she was going to and I had my grocery shopping. I called her this evening and she said she’d learned a lot in the class but the knife she’d ordered wasn’t very sharp. She was nervous about it slipping and cutting her. One fellow on Facebook said she might end up with an apple tree growing out of her arm.

I guess it’s back to work tomorrow for sure. I’m going to turn in.

It wasn’t a surprise to wake up to snow this morning but it WAS surprising that it completely covered the ground. The roads were somewhat snow-covered but not slick except in a couple of places but I made it down and back okay. My neighbor told me it had snowed a lot more after I left for work but then most of it melted.

I went out and took some pictures of the snow in front of the hospital (as if it’s still a novelty). A lady was leaving and acted amused that I was doing that. With digital, it doesn’t matter, though. I can take all I want and delete them at will and not waste film.

One direction

The other direction

The long view

Today was spent in going back and forth with the Powers That Be at the Big House about our medical necessity checker. It’s possible that the one we’ve been using will be upgraded so the staff can keep using what they are familiar with. The “new” one we have access to is very cumbersome and time-consuming.

I also took some time to educate an interested person in the art of making smoothies. She wanted recipes so I wrote down the one for my blueberry banana one and spinach soup.

I’m just about back to normal now. It’s nice not to feel all clogged up.

Today is my urologist appointment day. Whoopee. NOT. I wasn’t looking forward to it. I’ll tell about it in a separate post.

I’d had my banana/blueberry/spinach/parsley smoothie before I left the house. All I took with me was bananas and a couple of Clementines. I lived until I got home.

I’ve been going around and around with WeatherBug. My Plus version expired Sunday and I wanted to renew but they don’t take Discover or PayPal. I emailed them about the problem and they sent me an activation code good for two computers but I don’t know how I’m supposed to pay for it. Maybe they are giving it to me or think they’ve charged it to my credit card? I’m going to email them once again and see what I can find out, if anything. In the meantime, I have Plus on my laptop and my netbook.

There was a man in the waiting room who was curious about my netbook. I’d starting chatting with DD but she was working, anyway, so I moved over beside him and showed him a few things. His wife came out and said she was glad he was learning. He has a computer at home but said he didn’t know a lot about it. His daughter wants to Skype with him but he was concerned it would cost something. I assured him it wouldn’t as long as both of them were online.

I finally remembered to hook up the adapter for my MP3 player so I could listen to it through the car radio. I hadn’t even known there was such an animal until merm told me. My first foray was the Perfect Health Program. I’ve heard all of it at least twice and parts of it more than that. I don’t agree with absolutely everything he says (like mankind has been cooking for only about .001% of his existence on earth) but he has some very good points, overall.

My tomato/mango soup was in the blender while I was writing that last paragraph and went too long. Oops! I’m not pouring it out and it got a little on the hot side. So…I guess I’m having an almost raw day today.

I’m writing about the procedure and my Wally World pharmacy experience on my Thursday post so I won’t repeat them here. I saw a couple of people in WW that I know. When I got out of there, it had started spitting snow. I knew I didn’t want to go to work so I called (my cell phone got a signal!) and said I was coming home. I did make one stop at The Pig to get some more 99¢ a lub tomatoes. There was a little lady in line behind me who had orange hair. Not red, not auburn. Orange. She looked like she could have just come from a University of Tennessee football game. She would have fit right in. Bless her heart. It reminded me of when my mother would dye her hair and it would come out weird colors.

When I pulled into the driveway, my neighbor met me with the box for me to return the Dish equipment. I had thought it would be more than one box but everything will fit into it so it will cost me $15, not $30 to send it back. That’s even better.

I’d had three bananas besides my morning smoothie so I came in and proceeded to think about eating. DS1 had been trying to call me so I called him back for a short visit. I finished my chat with DD, too, so I’m all caught up in that department.

I’ve had some FOOD and packed the receiver according to the directions that came with the box. The switch and the LNBF (I Googled that and it’s a Low Noise Block Converter) will have to wait for tomorrow. They’re in my neighbor’s garage. I’ll have to get all this stuff back soon so they won’t charge me for it.

With the car parked so far from the house, I couldn’t tell the windshield was frosted over before I went outside. It took me several minutes to clear it. That made me late for work. I’ll be glad when the temperature gets high enough not to have to deal with such. The ground was crunchy again, too.

With my forum member admonishing me to get probiotics to counteract the destruction of the beneficial bacteria, I called and found the area health food store closed an hour later than I thought. I wouldn’t have to ask to leave early, after all.

I ran out of dental floss last night but I didn’t have time to go get any more. I’ll have to have dirty teeth until I can buy some.

Four o’clock came and I set out. When I got to the store, it was to discover the only person there was the owner’s husband. He admitted he rarely sets foot in the place but he called his wife (she had to go to the bank) and found out what it was I was calling about and yes, they would take my credit card. I pay it off every month but I get cash back on my purchases so it pays me to use it.

After many minutes, the sale was finalized and I came home. I read on the package that I should take the capsule between meals. Here’s a scan of the package. If you want to really scrutinize it, you can click on the picture and choose the largest size.

Probiotics package

It was too late to take any today so I put it in the fridge for tomorrow. I took the instructions for returning the Dish parts to my neighbor. He was getting ready to go bowl (he said he was going to quit if he ever bowled a 666 and has come as close as 667) so he had me put them in the garage with the rest.

Frost on the car again, this time on the inside of the windshield more than the outside. I wondered why it wasn’t melting as I scraped and later found out I had the heater on instead of the defroster. Late to work today, too.

I’d taken a little container with one probiotic capsule to work so I stowed it in the fridge and took it well away from anything else. I hope it helps me not come down with any kind of candida or any of the other uglies that antibiotics can bring on.

Not knowing what the plans were for church services tomorrow, I called the bulletin secretary (she’s supposed to know everything—HA! If that were true, I wouldn’t mind doing it myself.) and she said services are supposed to be at the school but that’s all she knew. As for anything else, it was still a mystery. I told her I was going to hibernate. My pain has lessened but I don’t feel 100% yet. I’m wondering when I will. Antibiotics can drag a person out.

I’ve been going emailing back and forth with Support from Iogear about the Bluetooth dongle that won’t recognize my mouse. I have uninstalled and installed so many things so many times that I’m giving up. I ordered another one of a different brand that is supposed to work with Windows 7. I’m beginning to think this is a lost cause.

The schedule was quite a challenge this time. One of the registrars will be out until the 24th, I think it is. The others are always willing to step up to the plate and fill in when necessary. I appreciate that.

It was to The Pig to get more tomatoes. I saw one of my co-workers in there and told her about the special. I had a bag with probably 15 of them and she got ONE tomato. She said she wanted one that wasn’t quite ripe because it would be a couple of days before she would eat it. !!! I got dental floss while I was in there. I’ve been looking for unwaxed for forever and there it was! It’s a little harder to use but it does a better job.

I watched one of the National Geographic specials about the Blizzard of ’93 which wasn’t just a blizzard. I had no idea there were so many people out there having it so rough while we were home with power and water and food and comfort. It was an inconvenience but one we enjoyed. That can’t be said for everyone.

I’m going to bed early tonight. Wouldn’t you say it’s about time? Good night and happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
Whether the car had ice on it this morning, I have no idea. I “slept in” until about 6:30 when Twinkle woke me mournfully mewling outside my door. I got up, took my thyroid med and started the distiller. I didn’t realize the container was almost empty. I went back to bed until it was time to get up and eat but I never did go back to sleep.

I had my devotions and forgot to exercise. Yesterday, I hadn’t read the chapter, Samson, in Patriarchs and Prophets so I did that. If you’re interested, it starts on page 560 and it’s fascinating. I’d had my morning smoothie and crawled back into bed to listen to the Sabbath School discussion on Pine Knoll. The first part was a baby dedication, the only one Dr. Gallagher has ever done in that setting. I would have loved to have witnessed it visually. He seems to be a natural with babies. It was the most appealing dedication I’ve ever heard. After a few minutes of the discussion, I dozed off and on for the rest of it. I’d heard the whole thing through the week so it wasn’t like I was missing something.

At 11:30, I got up and took my probiotic capsule. I set the timer for an hour so it could pass through my stomach and into my gut. Then I had my second green smoothie.

It was a beautiful sunshiny day but still on the cool side. I’ve been feeling more cold-natured since I’ve been taking antibiotics. Strange. I didn’t go out except to get the mail and the package with the dongle was in it! I installed it, and after some tweaking, it works! I can point and click from my easy chair. Woohoo!

I won’t bore you with all I ate and drank today. I’ve taken my second antibiotic capsule.

Ranger BIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL was the same as last week but I listened to it, anyway. I watched a National Geographic special about coyotes in Yellowstone Park and it was sad and glad at the same time. I started one on PBS about Darwin but it wasn’t my cuppa tea. Then I started one about Faces of America until I needed to quit and start on getting this finished up and published.

Well, that’s about it. Maybe next week I can report I have a deck!! Hope springs eternal…

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  1. Lila March 7, 2010 at 9:49 pm #

    Congratulations on the new roof! I must say, you have talented and helpful neighbors. I’m sure you appreciate them, and they you.

    • Tommie March 7, 2010 at 9:56 pm #

      It does look good. And, yes, I do appreciate them. Her business gets slow this time of year so she was glad to get the work. It’s worth every penny, too, I must say. Now, I’m sorta anxious for it to rain again so I can hear how it sounds on the roof. And not have to have containers out to catch the drips. First thing I did was gather the three of them up and put them in the trash. I hadn’t even taken my coat off.

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