My Week: Celebration & Sadness

I was almost the first one up. DS1 goes out before dawn and walks several miles with a friend so he was up before I was. I’d occupied the couch so there was nothing to do but get up after I was wide awake. After I took my thyroid med, I read two chapters in Genesis using my e-Sword program, studied my Sabbath School lesson and read in the women’s devotional book. Then I exercised.

The only things I’d taken for today were oranges and bananas. By the time I got ready for breakfast, DIL was up and out on her own walk. Somewhere along the way, she met DS1 and they came back in the house together. My granddaughter had slept through it all.

Breakfast was OJ and after it was digested, I ate some bananas. The others had boiled eggs, toast and oatmeal. DS1 had some of my cherry tomatoes, too, but no one else (besides me) would touch them with a ten foot pole.

We all gathered around for the birthday celebration. I was duly sung to and I blew out my one candle. DIL had made me a cake. She’d asked if I wanted her to do that and I told her if they would eat it for me so that’s what she did. I opened my present—a Burpee seed starting kit.

I had been computing when DS1 came in with his camera and I had to give my 66 year old smile. I was still in what I’d worn to bed—er, couch. They were a sweatshirt cast off by DD and some too big sweat pants I inherited from someone at work. True to my era, I was braless.

The 66 Year Old

The cake hadn’t been brought in yet so you don’t get to see it. It was banana bread baked in a tube pan and they ate it. You can see Khatoul spilling over the too small cat bed in the background.

Where's the Cake?

They were getting me ready for spring. If we don’t get a decent snow out of all this cold weather, I’M ready for spring.

Burpee Seed Starting Kit

My granddaughter retired to her room while the three adults watched “My Louisiana Sky“. It’s a good movie.

I was already pretty much packed so it didn’t take long for us to get the car loaded and I was on my way. I’d lingered too long to have time to go by and see DS2 and his. I hadn’t heard from them so I didn’t feel too bad about it. After hitting the supermarket and Wally World, I came on home.

The steps were covered with ice and I slipped and slid getting in the front door. I’ve been advising people to use cat litter on slick spots so I finally heeded my own counsel and sprinkled some on the steps. It really does work. Kinda makes a mess tracking it inside but it’s better than a broken bone.

My neighbors came home to find me pulled into their driveway while I unloaded. The delivery of the material for the deck was confirmed for tomorrow morning and she said not to pay any attention if I heard someone on my roof. The man who sells the metal roofing is coming out to measure and plot the cutting so it will be ready to put on.

With everything out of the car and put away, I checked my email. There was voice mail from DD so I called her back for a short visit. While we talked, I drank my birthday treat—some tomato/mango soup. It’s been months since I had decent enough tomatoes for it. Wally World had nice Roma tomatoes for $1 a lub so I got enough for two batches.

Guess I’d better stop this and get some beauty sleep.

When I shut the front door on my way to work, I spied building material kind of in front of my neighbor’s garage! I went over and took a closer look and the covering for the deck is crystal clear! Woohoo! That’s going to be NICE! She was out there and told me that the man would be up shortly to measure the roof. This afternoon, she said that he did come and that his measurement was just one square foot different than hers was—and she did it from the ground! The materials were covered with plastic in anticipation of the rain that’s coming in. How unusual these days—NOT!

One of the first things I learned this morning was that the produce man died last Thursday and was being buried today. I waited until almost noon and went to the funeral home to pay my respects. One of his helpers was there and came over to greet me. We hugged and she took me to meet his daughter. Then we watched the video “scrapbook” and I went back to work. Some weeks ago, I’d noticed the truck he always left parked in town was gone and I knew something was going on. He was not quite five years older than me. It’s a shame that he didn’t stop smoking years ago.

I promised to post my sisters’ adventure (with permission from both) so here it is just as Mary Jane wrote it:

Lila drove in falling snow all the way here Friday, but made it fine,
including zipping right up my steep, snow-covered driveway. (Lila – I
used a lower gear.) It was still snowing pretty hard, but we unloaded the
trunk of her car and got the things inside, Then, to our astonished
dismay, the car suddenly started backing down the driveway, fast! Lila
ran after it, somehow hitting the back of her hand against
something–probably the side mirror– and making a terrible bruise, but
of course there was no way she could get in to put the brake on. ( Lila –
I would not have tried!) It was heading for the neighbor’s car, which was
parked across the street in front of their house. Before it reached the
end of the driveway it suddenly made a sharp turn, backed up into a
little rise at the side of the driveway, and stopped in front of a little
dogwood tree. What a relief! It could have happened while we were
unloading the trunk and one or both of us run over. The car was in park,
which it has to be for the key to come out of the ignition switch, so
apparently the snow was just so slick that it caused the car to start
sliding, then it was downhill, and that kept it going. I really believe
that it was an angel who turned the wheel to keep it from crossing the
street and hitting Jeff’s car. He must have seen what was happening, as
he came out to see if he could help. He and Lila got the things from
inside the car, then he volunteered to move it, which he did, parking it
on the street, where it remains for the time being. It has been very snow
covered, but some of the snow has melted from the back of it. With
sunshine predicted and a tad higher temp. for the next few days, things
should be getting better. The problem right now would be getting from our
street to the road, which is clear. We have thanked the Lord over and
over that there was no terrible disaster (except to our nerves!). (Lila –
Jeff also took me by the arm and marched me up to the house.)

I tried to call my oldest sister today but I got her voice mail. Her computer is down so she can’t email. It may need a new one, I dunno.

It’s raining! I had to put my umbrella up as I came out of the house to keep the drips off but it had just about quit. That isn’t true of the rest of the day, though. Makes me wish for the deck more and more!

I only had one ripe banana today. I used one in my morning smoothie that didn’t have much green on it at all. The Pig’s bananas were so green they wouldn’t have even glowed in the dark. I was hoping for some ripe ones at Save A Lot but that was out, too. I called the kitchen. My last great hope. There were only two left and neither were ripe. So…my lunch was three solid yellow bananas with green tips. YUCK! I’ve developed a taste for ripe ones. These would have been right up my alley at one time.

The romaine I took hoping for ripe bananas is a little mature but I munched some, anyway. I wouldn’t have minded some that was young, for sure.

My mailbox was frozen shut this afternoon. I worked and worked to get it open and there was an ad for some kind of Tide spot treatment.

EVERYTHING was frozen shut today. I had to force the storm door open, then the car doors were frozen, too. If we would get one good snow (I don’t count snow with freezing rain a good one)…otherwise, I’m ready for spring.

I checked with The Pig about fresh herb salad today but they didn’t have any. The last time I looked (yesterday) the use by date was February 7. A little past its prime and still full price.

Rather than bother the rep about my loan, I went online to check the status. I was thrilled to see that it was processed so I clicked on the area that gave me how it was to be delivered and when. Well! It said it was sent by FedEx Express and delivered to my front door on Monday. NOT!! It was nowhere to be found. I called the institution and a nice young lady named Lindsay said that it hadn’t been cashed so to call FedEx and verify where it was delivered before she stopped payment.

I called FedEx and managed to get through to a real person in short order (it takes an act of Congress for UPS). The fellow said that he could only tell me what was on the computer but as soon as the delivery person got in, he’d check and make sure where it was left. He took my phone number and said he would call back shortly.

After I hung up, it occurred to me it might have been left at my neighbor’s by mistake. I called and, sure enough, it was outside the front door they never use. Talk about relief! She met me halfway to give it to me. It’s a wonder some person or animal hadn’t gotten it. I called the institution back as well as FedEx and let them know the Lost Check had been found.

I emailed my neighbor and told her I’d be ready to sign the contract when I get home tomorrow.

My sister, bless her heart, is having even more problems maybe or maybe not related to her shingles episode. Now, she has completely lost her hearing. We are hoping it is a temporary thing. Her eyesight is going, too. Scary. I’ve given her name to several people to put her on their prayer lists at their respective churches. I also posted a request on the Upper Room site and on Guideposts’ Our Prayer. I believe God still works miracles and He can do it for her if it’s His will. Please add your prayers, too.

There were enough Roma tomatoes to have another go at my luscious mango/tomato soup. It wasn’t quite raw, though. I got interested in an email one of the forum members sent me and let the blender run too long. I wasn’t about to pour it out so I guess I couldn’t say I ate 100% raw today.

I’m tired of walking on a crunchy lawn. There’s ice spewed up everywhere.

The check is in the bank but, when I got home, my neighbor told me the program she uses for contracts had disappeared from her computer. I went over and restored it to an earlier date and it still wasn’t there. I left it downloading one for her to install and came home to eat.

Before I came home, though, she told me she was going to have to clear a fallen tree so she can get beside and behind the house. I asked where it was and she said it was at the end of the house. I had no idea there was one down. I rarely to never go out there. When I checked, I was amazed and came into the house to get my camera. Praise the Lord, it missed! It was almost dark but the flash shows how close it was.

Too Close for Comfort

DD and merm went to see my sister today. She has been on dialup all these years and is ready for something faster. That’s what she will get. A cable modem will be installed next week with 15 MB down for six months. If she doesn’t want to pay more after that, it will drop to 1 MB but that’s still many many times faster than it is now.

I was the bank/post office person today. Snow was predicted but I think it went south of us. Someone on the radio said there’s snow in all 50 states.

This afternoon, I went to The Pig and got my version of milk, bread and eggs. I bought Roma tomatoes (that soup is so good!), red leaf lettuce (the romaine was pitiful) and parsley. I put a big handful of parsley in my banana/blueberry/spinach smoothies now. It has oxalic acid in it, too, so I don’t put it in my romaine smoothies. I don’t want it binding with the calcium. It gives a nice sort of kick to the smoothie.

My neighbor met me at the car and said she had the contract ready but it was getting close to Sabbath so we could do it some other time. She’d had to go to her sister’s to do it because she still couldn’t pull up her template. I’ll go over Sunday and see if I can tell what’s going on.

Well, I’m about to nod off so I’m going to call it a night and get to bed. The low battery light is flashing. I’ll have to plug up and recharge. It’s nice here beside the fire, though.

Good night and happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
Snow fell to the north of us and to the south but, except for a few stray flakes, it missed this part of the US completely. There may be snow in Tennessee but not where I am. Church was called off where DH’s nephew and his wife attend in northern Georgia.

Church was something else today. During the announcement time, the head elder made an appeal for money to renovate. There was already enough for carpet but they want to put in central heat and air and take the dark paneling off the walls. In what I think was less than 10 minutes (I didn’t time it) the money was raised then and there. One visitor contributed $300. I can’t help but wish the money was all going toward a new larger church. We really need one. There were few empty seats today.

The pastor announced we’ll be having an evangelistic series in March. That’s next month! He’s asking for people to conduct Bible studies in the meantime. That’s out of my league. I’ll help with the meetings if I’m needed but I’m no teacher.

The service lasted until almost 1 o’clock which is 2 at my house. I’d had a banana/blueberry/spinach/parsley smoothie before I left the house but it was long gone when I got home. I ate too much too fast and ended up having to lie down. Fortunately, raw food digests quickly so I’m feeling much better now.

When I got around to checking my email, there was voice mail from DIL2 asking me to call DS2 and walk him through getting the router to work so he could use a laptop loaner. I called and, over the course of the next 45 minutes, I walked him through hooking it up and resetting the modem but it was all to no avail. It’s an HP Pavilion notebook and I have no idea where the wireless switch is on it or even if it has one. He finally said that he’d wait until DIL got home and she could do it. It has XP Pro so I’m sure it would have wireless. I wish them well.

I’ve taken up a lot of space this week. Here’s where I let you off the hook.

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  1. Lila February 13, 2010 at 9:53 pm #

    Tommie, you surely have good neighbors – and they have a good neighbor, too. Nice arrangement. Sorry about the tree. How will you get rid of it?

    • Tommie February 13, 2010 at 9:57 pm #

      My neighbor will do it with some of her helpers. She’s a smart person and very capable.

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