The Raw Vegan: Part CIX, Touring the Countryside

There we were, the rear tires hanging off the pavement. It wasn’t as critical as it seemed. True, there was a downhill slope behind us but the only drop off was the low shoulder. I could barely see over the hood but there was no traffic coming. The little car was quite nimble and was equipped with front wheel drive. I carefully (I thought) maneuvered to get it back on the road but my sister was practically beside herself in the passenger seat. That was a feat since it was only big enough for one person.

Slowly (I thought) I pulled the car back onto the road. My sister was yelling like I was killing us both. She’s the one who would freak out on a ferris wheel, though, so it wasn’t unusual. Eventually, she calmed down and we proceeded more quietly. She wasn’t about to let me forget the incident—ever.

By and by, we found the petrified forest. I’d had visions of a large area but it was rather compact. After we paid our fee to get in, we saw a sign explaining the natural displays.

Petrified Sign

Petrified Wood

This hadn’t been pressure washed and I thought it looked better than if it had.

Mossy Petrified Wood

Last was a “histrial” marker that commemorated the discovery of the petrified forest.

"Histrial" Marker

There was a museum-type building but even it was very small. It housed some interesting displays.

Petrified Wood

It’s just as well it wasn’t any bigger. I had made the mistake of wearing a new pair of shoes. We’d made it through all the little paths until my feet felt like a couple of hunks of raw meat. The shoes were beautiful red sandals but that was the first and last time I ever wore them.

I limped to the car and drove barefooted until we got to our next stop. Painfully, I put the shoes back on to go into another neat little restaurant for our next meal. If there was anything I could do well, it was eat. Going through the little town, there was a unique display on top of a walkway under some new construction.

Going through town

I don’t know what it was supposed to represent but it certainly was eye-catching.

Getting back to the college wasn’t that hard but making my way up the stairs to our “suite” was pure agony. My feet were swollen and tender. I lay down on the bed and propped them up until they quit throbbing. It was going to be something else to make it to the service that night but I surely wasn’t going to miss it.

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