My Week: Pre-Birthday

Wow! It has been a long time since I realized it’s so nice to pry my eyelids open long enough to see the clock across the room. There was evidence this morning that the power had gone off sometime in the night but I don’t know when or for how long. The important thing is, it didn’t go off and stay off.

It’s still icy and snowy out there. There was more sifting of snow last night, too, but only enough to be visible. It didn’t add any accumulation. With what I got at the Pig, I won’t have to go anywhere today.

I’ve been totally lazy today. I’ve fixed food and eaten it and not much else. Worthless. I did have a good visit with DD this afternoon. They finally watched “Julie & Julia” and merm actually liked it.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to go out. Even if I don’t want to. The larder is getting low. The cupboards are all but bare.

I’d looked out earlier and the car appeared to be free of ice. It was devious. When I was all set to go to work, there was ice on the windows—outside and in. I started the car and scraped off what I could. I was late but I got there.

Getting out of the driveway was harder than anything else. The tree that I’m usually able to drive under was still heavy with ice and probably scratched the finish from stem to stern on the top and the right side.

I asked to take off early so I could get to town and back before the temperatures dropped even more and made the roads treacherous. I left an hour early and got home not long before dark. I was glad I could unload in the daylight.

Wally World didn’t have Camparis—again. The young man told me they hadn’t had them for several weeks. I knew that! There were no large containers of spinach, either, so I went to BiLo and bought a couple of smaller containers, using some of my coupons.

The front steps are snowy with some ice. The deck will be so nice! I’ll still have to deal with covered steps but I can unlock the door under shelter. I tried to get the ice and snow off but it won’t budge. As long as it isn’t slick, I’ll be okay. There’s a sticker saying not to put salt on them.

I was startled to see tracks in the snow that aren’t mine. When I went back to the car to get the last load, I noticed some stakes had been driven into the yard in four different places. Mystery solved! The deck has been started! Woohoo!!

I got a phone call first thing this morning saying I was to be the bank/mail person today. I’m taking it that it will be until further notice.

It’s been yucky and misty and I’m ready for spring. Except for the persimmons and other good fruit that comes in the fall, I could handle spring weather year ’round.

I’ve misplaced an important piece of mail. Talking about praying without ceasing! The person I told about it has been calling me now and then to see if I found it. I have to tell her no, I haven’t.

The Pig had herb salad today! YUM! I put some in my salad this evening.

I had an email from my neighbor this morning saying she was going to dig the holes where the stakes are and not to step in one. I don’t think I needed to be concerned. She had five gallon buckets turned over the holes.

Not much notable today. Didn’t find the lost mail. I’ve been putting the Lord on overtime about it.

Still no sign of the missing mail. This is getting monotonous but I’m not giving up hope that it will be found.

It has rained and rained for two days solid. The gauge had right at 4″ when I emptied it today. I hadn’t done that yesterday so that was the two days’ worth.

First thing, I went to someone who could figure out the missing mail and, praise the Lord! it wasn’t missing after all! I guess I picked it up and mixed it in with something else. You can’t imagine how relieved I was.

I keep getting mail from Social Security. I wish they would just email me. They have my gmail address. That would save a lot of money but I guess it has to be done on paper.

The material for the deck was supposed to be delivered this morning but it was so nasty, it was postponed until Monday. I saw the male half of the construction partnership and told him I wanted the deck finished yesterday and he said he wanted it done day before yesterday.

This afternoon, one of the local florists I’d known for years came to the window with a beautiful arrangement of flowers. She said they were for “Connie Sue”. I thought she said “Tommie Sue” so I acted like I didn’t know who she was talking about. Well, they were from DD and merm—an early birthday present. They’d ordered them online but she must’ve been called and given the name. No wonder she didn’t know they were for me! She isn’t familiar with my middle name and when she understood the caller to say “Connie”, that threw her completely off. Sadly, there was no way I could transport them so they stayed at the office. Other people can enjoy my gift.

My Birthday Flowers

This is one time you should click on the picture and choose a larger size. The one that fits the blog doesn’t do them justice.

Sharing the Beauty

I let DD know I’d gotten the flowers and when I told her about “Connie”, merm started emailing me and saying, “Happy birthday, Connie!” and “We love you, Connie!” He quit when I wrote back, “Thank you, Riley!”

I got most of my stuff ready to go to DS1’s tomorrow. I’m going to let the pianist know that I might be leaving before the closing song.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
Well, here I am at DS1’s. The parents had to go to a business meeting tonight so my granddaughter and I are here at the house with the animals. We’ve watched two Veggie Tales tapes and a Carol Burnett DVD. I must say that I’ve seen better though there was one part I laughed at until I cried. When the parents got home, we repeated that part for them and they got a big laugh out of it, too. I laughed until I cried again. Tim Conway is priceless. For Tim Conway fans, it’s the No Frills Flight.

This is the L A S T night I’ll be 65 years old. Oh, I stayed through the service this morning. I kind of got trapped but I would have felt bad if I’d left early. I hadn’t loaded the car so I had to go home and do that but I got to my destination about 3:30.

My North Carolina sisters had a hair-raising experience. I kept intending to ask permission to share a portion of the email and never got a round tuit. Maybe next week…

I hope everyone has a good week and I’ll get this posted as soon as I can. I let my sisters and the neighbors know I wouldn’t be able to do it until later so they wouldn’t worry. Oh, and I told my forum members, too.

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  1. Lila February 8, 2010 at 8:20 am #

    You have permission to tell about our experience, and also how very, very thankful we are that things turned out the way they did.

    • Tommie February 8, 2010 at 6:02 pm #

      It will be in my next weekly post!

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