My Week: Lotsa Rain

Was up a bit too late last night but I still got 9.5 hours sleep. I feel lots better when that happens. Maybe the older I get, the more sleep I need. I dunno. I’ve always felt better with more sleep even when I was a youngster—or, as my sister would write, “yunkster”.

The rain gauge had 1.25″ in it when I dumped the contents. It must’ve rained harder than I thought.

I did get around sooner than usual and went to town where I found three packages of Camparis and bought two. I’d called the produce place earlier to see if I could get a half box of oranges but they didn’t have any of the juice variety except for the ones on the shelf. I can make it until next week so that’s no biggie. The woman I talked to didn’t have any idea what the price will be except she was sure they’d go up with the freeze in Florida.

After I got home and unloaded with everything put away, I blended some OJ and fruit and called DD back. She said merm’s sister was there and they were planning to go walking and then eat at a restaurant they’d heard about but we had a half hour to talk. That was sufficient. They both have tomorrow off (lucky things!). She wanted to know if I would be off, too, but the hospital is open 24/7 so NO.

The sheets are back on the bed. We’ll see how it goes tonight. They do seem softer than they did right out of the packages.

Well! I made it for one hour and 15 minutes on the sheets before I admitted it wasn’t going to work. I got up, took them off the bed and put my dirty sheets back on. THEN I went to sleep.

It’s been a beautiful day today. I walked this morning with my coat on and this afternoon with it off. It made it up to 60 today.

I’d invested in detergent and softener yesterday for the first time in years. This morning, I chucked the sheets, pillowcases, my old comforter “mattress pad” and some other things in the car and am currently at the laundromat seeing if I can yet redeem my purchase. I won’t try them tonight. It will be too late when I get home to try to eat and put them on the bed, too.

This isn’t as “uptown” as the laundromat where DS1 took me Christmas. There’s no wireless here. Think I’ll go check my washers. It surely is expensive to go this route these days. One washer was $3, the other $2.50 and then I’ll have the dryers on top of that. I had a roll of quarters but more than half are gone already.

I’m going to go watch laundry dry. Later, dudes and dudettes.

The sheets, etc., are in the dryer. There is one lone chair in this whole place. I was here all alone after a couple of women got through and left and then a man came in with his wash. He looks harmless enough and I’m glad he’s around since it looks to be starting to get dark. I don’t like such places but I reckon my guardian angel is with me, anyway.

I think I could’ve saved fifty cents. I put more money in the sheets dryers and they are about done. No way to get a refund. Think I’ll start folding. Isn’t this exciting??

The man was still there when I left last night. Another man had come in and rummaged around in the trash for an empty bleach bottle which he filled with water. What he did with it, I don’t know. Don’t need to know. When I left, I wished the man with the huge wash “Happy Laundry!” He grinned.

It was well after dark when I got home and I had to haul everything into the house. Needless to say, I didn’t put the sheets on the bed so I don’t know if the experiment was successful or not.

I’ve been wondering if my rebounding is causing some of my pressure headaches so I went back to BodyFlex this morning. I need to watch the DVD to refresh my memory. I did everything I was supposed to with the GymBar but not without.

It was another nice day. I did my three rounds twice. It was up around 60 the second time and I did it coatless again.

Just as the woman from Social Security said, I got the papers in the mail this afternoon to drop my Part B. I’m still not sure I want to do that. I’ll have to think about it and pray about it some more.

I was the bank/mail person today. It was raining so I had to juggle my umbrella along with everything else—my purse and the mail bin. It wasn’t easy. I do believe these things are planned. Well, no, not really but I seem to get the rainy and/or cold days.

Due to the nasty weather, I didn’t do any walking. I know, I know. I should make myself walk inside but I don’t.

We had Department Head meeting today. The news wasn’t good. Tenncare funding has been cut and our little hospital depends on that to make ends meet. We were assured that the hospital will be there and there is no danger of closing but it’s still discouraging. The good news was that the new digital mammography was installed and ready to go. It’s the only one in more than a 40 mile radius so that’s a real plus.

I was so busy, I didn’t have time to fix my lunchtime green smoothie. It was one thing after another all day. I surely earned my keep today.

I toyed with the idea of going to town to get my hair cut but I didn’t really want to. It would have put me home much later than usual and I’m not into driving in the dark on wet roads. Nine times out of ten, that side of the mountain gets thick fog when it’s damp, anyway.

More rain. When I emptied the rain gauge, it had 1.75″ in it. The yard had standing water. I put containers in the living room to catch the drips. I’m going to ask my neighbor to find out how much it will be to get a new roof put on the house.

There were storm warnings coming in my email at work all day. They didn’t materialize anywhere close to us.

Today wasn’t as busy for me as it was yesterday. We’ve had several mammos a day coming in. One that I registered yesterday had an order for a screening and the diagnosis was for colon cancer screening. That was ‘way off the mark. I called her PCP and got a different diagnosis that fit.

Well, I made my decision about Part B. You can read about it here.

I emailed my neighbor tonight about the roof. I hope I can afford it. I don’t want to have to borrow money to get it done.

Well, I was wrong about the thunderstorms. They were ripping through last night. I was sitting by the fireplace and I kept thinking I should probably get up and move but I didn’t. Guess lightning could get me about anywhere in the house. There’s only one place without windows and that’s in Twinkle’s bathroom. Bathrooms aren’t supposed to be a safe place, either. Can’t win for losing.

I chatted with merm about the roof and told him my car is beginning to smell like pond scum. He’s all in favor of my getting this. I told him I wouldn’t know where to put it. I wouldn’t be able to walk around it to get to the house if I put it close enough to do any good. I’d have to put it on the neighbor’s side of the property. He thought I could get gravel and put it next to the house. I don’t think so.

My neighbor came to the hospital today with someone else so while she was waiting, we visited. She will find out about the roof and, if it’s too expensive, we will go with patching the old one for now. I would love to get it done and over, though. We talked about other things, too. She told me one of their vehicles had gotten stuck in their side yard and there were deep ruts cut into the grass. When I got home, sure enough, it looked worse than my yard did when I got stuck.

Rain gauge had 5/8″ in it this afternoon.

On the way home, I went by the church and turned up the heat. While I was there, I set the organ up for tomorrow and practiced the closing song. I don’t play it very often so I tend to mess up every now and then.

I had an email from Clara Mae who has been leaving me several comments lately. She knew my sister and her late husband. I asked her if I could forward her message on to all of my sisters but I haven’t heard from her yet. I don’t forward personal messages without permission. That’s one of my pet peeves—people forwarding something meant for one person to no telling how many others. If I write to one person, that’s who it’s for. Not for anyone else. If I want to email someone else, I’ll do it. I don’t enjoy getting forwards of a personal nature, either. Now I’ll climb off my soapbox.

Thank God, it’s Friday and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
On the way to church, I was thinking I wouldn’t have any pictures on my blog this week. WRONG! The arrangement at the front of the church is very attractive so I took some pictures of it to share. Whoever is doing that this year has a real talent.


Here’s a closeup of the lion and the lamb:

Lion & Lamb

Then this caught my eye when it was carried in.

Sermon Illustration

I had to go to the bathroom before the pastor started his explanation so I didn’t get the very first part. I kind of got the idea that he was saying that sometimes we can expect more than we get because of appearances because when he took the cover off, there was a jar of peanut butter. He did that several times and it was still peanut butter. Then he took it behind the podium and replaced it with something else. This time, it was a little church. He said we come to church and it’s the same thing over and over. I beg to differ. With him as pastor, there’s always something different. The plates had an assortment of pictures and he had people come up to hold them. There was a family having evening worship, Jesus with the children, a church and a couple of others.

When he called for the congregation to come forward and bring someone with them, everyone except for one little girl did. The pastor went and knelt down beside her and had the consecration prayer. I hope she wasn’t embarrassed because it was such a thoughtful thing for him to do.

The closing song was We Have This Hope. Sure as I’m sitting here, I messed up in spots but it wasn’t fatal. We only have the version with one verse.

After the postlude, the pastor and one of the men were going to carry the table out but I wanted more pictures. The pastor was nice (as usual) and let me take his picture. I told him it would be on tonight’s post and he didn’t object so I took that as permission to put it on here.

The Pastor

There was a fellowship meal but I hadn’t remembered. Since I hadn’t brought anything I didn’t stay.

This afternoon, I taught my oldest sister (who is snowed in for the umpteenth time this winter) how to retrieve deleted email from the gmail trash and how to chat on gmail. I gave her the link so she can watch 3ABN online. She wasn’t able to see anything. I don’t know if it’s because of her DSL speed or not.

Tomorrow, it’s to town and grocery buying again. I’d called the produce place yesterday morning to reserve a box of oranges. The price has dropped to $18. The girls in the office were surprised they hadn’t gone up. I hope the quality is decent.

Well, I think I’ve taken enough of my time and yours so I’ll quit and get ready for bed. Still haven’t gotten brave enough to try the sheets again. Maybe the third time will be the charm.

5 Responses to My Week: Lotsa Rain

  1. Lila January 24, 2010 at 8:19 am #

    Tommie, I can get 3ABN, so why would it be Kay’s DSL?

    • Tommie January 24, 2010 at 4:06 pm #

      Lila, it depends on her speed. There are different DSL speeds. I used to have DSL Lite which was about half as fast as what I have now. A lot could depend on her computer, too—memory, how fast the processor is, etc., etc.

      MJ, are our houses falling apart? I’m sure both of yours are in better shape than mine. I have to dodge two containers in the living room and one in the bathroom at the moment.

  2. Mary Jane January 24, 2010 at 11:57 am #

    Join the crowd! Lila and I have leaks around our chimneys. Sorry that we all have such a problem.

  3. Cassandra January 24, 2010 at 10:21 pm #

    No! The price of oranges can’t go up again!!

    • Tommie January 25, 2010 at 7:51 am #

      The ones I bought yesterday went down by $4.

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