VitaMix Contest (or help send $10,000 to Haiti)

Remember when I posted information about the VitaMix contest? I just watched one of the finalists’ contributions and in my book, it’s a winner. In addition to its being a whiz-bang video, the entrants have promised to give all the proceeds (if they win) to the relief efforts in Haiti. All you have to do to make this possible is:

1. Go to this link:
2. Click on any of the stars below the video
3. A log in screen will appear. You can either create a username and password under “join now” or just sign in using your Yahoo, Facebook, Gmail or AOL username and password – click agree to sign in.
4. After you’re logged in, if it doesn’t take you back to the “3sisters” video, then enter in your web browser
5. Click on “Vote/rate now” button, “3sisters” video is the second one, click on the star of your choice to cast your vote.

When I joined, I used my gmail account and it made it very easy. When I voted, I searched by “three sisters”. It brought up two videos but it was easy to pick the one I wanted. You can leave a comment or not (I didn’t take the time because mine is limited this morning) but remember, every vote counts! The deadline for voting is midnight Eastern tonight. Let’s make the Sisters and Haiti into Winners!

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