My Week: Warming Up

This morning, it was 12. Not warm at all but not as cold as it was yesterday when it was 8. Twinkle was mewling at the door but I covered up my head and went back to sleep. I was up much later than I should’ve been for no good reason.

DS2 called and we talked for almost a half hour. He was thanking me for his gift cards I gave him for Christmas and his birthday. We chit-chatted about lots of things, most notably my granddaughter’s love for reading. She comes by it honest.

I kind of dragged around and didn’t get going as soon as I wanted. In my case, it was the early bird who got the Campari tomatoes. I asked about them at Wally World and the produce man told me they’d sold out just a few minutes before. BiLo didn’t have any at all so I went back to WW for more grape tomatoes and a little bag of cherry tomatoes. I’ll live until next Sunday. At both places, I was told a truck would be coming in tomorrow. Well, I’m not going to be there tomorrow. It would be tempting, but no.

Coming back from town, I came home a different way and stopped to take pictures of the icicles on the main highway.


A different view

Icicles again

They’ll be around until it warms up in the spring, I’m sure. They usually are.

One of my investments was a comforter to put under the sheet and over the mattress—duh!! I can’t use a regular mattress pad on the bed and the comforter I have on there has seen better days. I won’t put it on there tonight, though. I’ll wait until I get my new sheets. Which should be tomorrow.

A fellow who used to go to our church with his parents friended me on Facebook today. In turn, I friended his mother who was amazed to hear from me. It’s so neat how I can connect with people I knew years ago.

DD and I finally got on the phone at the same time. We hadn’t talked for a couple of weeks, at least. I think the last time was Christmas.

My sister is getting smarter and smarter where her computer is concerned. Her grandson and a friend of his messed it up and she thought to roll it back and it fixed it. Now, if everyone at work would get savvy, too…

Looking back, I got quite a bit done yesterday. Not enough to be proud of myself, but at least I wasn’t completely lazy.

It was actually 12 degrees when I got up! I overslept by about 30 minutes so it had had time to warm up from 10 degrees earlier. I’ll be glad when it gets out of the low double digits!

I didn’t have time to rebound. It got up high enough for me to walk but I was stuck at my desk waiting for a phone call from the IT department. My work computer was infected with a virus that sounds like what my sister had on hers. It tried to take me to a porn site that was mercifully blocked but it got through to the Viagra site. Why on earth, I don’t know. There were popups everywhere. I hadn’t been on any sites that might be infected, to my knowledge. The network is still running IE 6 which is worse than Swiss cheese for security holes. After trying to get into things several times, I was able to get into them so I guess somebody worked some kind of magic. It was back to work!

From there the day went downhill in a steep slide. I didn’t have time to get the deposit to the courier which was a good thing because the bank called and said that the deposit didn’t balance. Sure enough, when I checked the receipts with the slip, the cash was recorded but the checks weren’t. The bank had one check but not the other one—they thought. Turns out they found it later but not until after I almost gave the registrar responsible a heart attack.

THEN, the doc brought me his hospital laptop to see if I could get it to connect with the wireless. I was on the phone with IT well past the time I was supposed to go home. I had to crawl around on the floor to get the network cable so the tech could remote in and even then, he couldn’t find the computer. By and by, he walked me through enough stuff that I got it to connect to the public wireless. Whether it will connect to the doc’s personal wireless is another question.

First thing when I got home, I put the new sheets on the bed and they are beautiful! I went online to order another set but decided to wait until I can get a better coupon. Overstock sent me a 7% one but they might send me something bigger later.

Well! I went to bed on the new sheets but not to sleep. I don’t know what it was, but my skin was very irritated and I couldn’t get comfortable. I tried everything and finally got up, jerked the sheets off and threw them in the washer with a good dose of vinegar. By the time I got them out and hung them over the laundry rack to dry and put other sheets on the bed, it was midnight. A fitting end to a messed up day.

It’s still cold today but I hear it’s supposed to be better tomorrow. Hope springs eternal! Speaking of spring, I’m ready for it.

When I called the bank about my loan, I was told to come in and get an application. I filled it out and dropped it off this afternoon with the request that they would lower my interest rate.

I stopped and had the gas tank filled and found I have about 1500 miles to go before my next oil change. When the owner of the station asked me if it’s cold enough, I said just about. I added that I’m tired of having to dress in layers. He said he can’t carry any more clothes.

It did get warmer today. I managed to get out and walk three rounds. I still had to wear my coat and gloves. I think it was 41 when I set out.

Woohoo! Social Security called today to verify some of my info and the agent told me I can start getting paid for being old this month. I had put down February but she said since I’m reaching full retirement then, I can get my benefits this month instead of waiting until next. I’ve been thinking about my Part B, too, and have decided to cancel it. I can pick it back up with no penalty when (if) I retire. I spent all that money on it in the past year and have yet to use it.

The girl from the bank called and said my loan was ready to be signed. In years past, I’ve had to sign over and over until I knew my name by heart but now they have a “loan modification” form that requires one signature and that’s it. I went over and was in and out in just a few minutes. My interest rate is staying the same but at least it didn’t go up. I was told interest increased last night so I got in just under the wire.

It was 24 degrees when I went out to start the car this morning. I’ll be glad when I don’t have to burn so much gas. I was figuring up the other day, I’ve been having to let the car run over an hour all together just this past week. I dread seeing my natural gas and electric bills. My water will surely go up, too. It’s been running for well over a week.

Well, my urologist appointment was today. You can read about it here.

My trip to Wally World from there proved to be disappointing. One of DD’s former schoolmates is getting married and the ladies of the church are having a card shower for her. I wanted to get her a Bed, Bath and Beyond card but it wasn’t to be found. I ended up with a Wally World card.

It was almost dark when I turned onto “my” road. I stopped and got some pictures of the sunset. This one flashed but the color of the sky is better


than this one.

Sailor's Delight?

It’s been a long day. I’m going to turn in.

It got up to 61 degrees in the valley today! I got out and walked with no coat. I was wearing a turtleneck with long sleeves and had my Hawaiian shirt layered over that. It was the first day in I-don’t-know-how-long that I didn’t wear long johns. I felt a little nekkid without the extra layers.

I was told I’d be the bank/post office person today and Monday. However, Monday is MLK Jr. Day so neither the bank or the post office will be open.

My head has that “pressure” feeling tonight. I can tell I haven’t been walking as much as I should. Think I’ll go to bed early. Good night and happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
By the clock across the bedroom, it was 7:57 when I turned off the light. I slept for several hours before I woke with burning and itching where the doctor had examined me. I’d had some of that since and thought I’d washed all the lubricant off but it evidently wouldn’t come off with just water. I got up, climbed in the bathtub (after turning on the water) and soaked for I don’t know how long. Not having soap at the tub, I used some Melaleuca shampoo to wash the offending gel off. I didn’t even look at the clock when I went back to bed but I went to sleep and slept until after 7, only getting up for potty breaks.

Even though it was supposed to get into the 50s today, I still put on layers to wear to church. I was thankful I had because it was like a walk-in freezer. I was one of the first to arrive and the heat had not been turned on. I’ll see if the head deacon wants me to turn it up Friday afternoons like I used to. Well into the second song service, I took off my coat but I still put it over my lap when I was sitting in the pew.

The church service was quite inspiring. The pastor’s wife spoke and she’s as good a speaker as he is. Before the service, she asked me to pray for her so I did. She was able to get through without coughing until just before the prayer of consecration and then she had a spell. I prayed for her again and the coughing stopped and she was able to speak clearly. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one praying. I just found out today the pastor has been given another church for a total of three. I hope this means we get to keep the family for many years to come.

I’d given the card and gift card to one of the hostesses of the shower for tonight. I wasn’t feeling real perky so I decided not to try going.

When I got home, I juiced the Minneola tangelos that were left—which were quite a few. They were so sour I couldn’t eat them. I got over a quart of juice and had to put in LOTS of agave nectar to make the juice drinkable. I should have just poured it down the sink and taken the loss but I drank it. After that, I felt so icky I had to lie down for half an hour. I dozed but didn’t really sleep. It helped. I still don’t feel wonderful but I do feel better after eating some ginger and my evening salad.

My gas bill came yesterday. I opened it tonight and it was $10 more than it was last month. Not as bad as it could be, I guess.

The rain is raining. It’s supposed to keep on tonight and then be scattered tomorrow. Since I have to go to town, I hope I can dodge any showers that might be around.

Maybe I’ll get the sheets back on before too much longer.

That’s about it for this week. At least I made it through.

14 Responses to My Week: Warming Up

  1. Mary Jane January 17, 2010 at 10:19 am #

    Beautiful pictures, but I’m glad it’s warmed up as much as it has.

    • Tommie January 17, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

      Thanks, MJ and Cass. I’m glad it’s warmed up and I survived!

  2. Cassandra January 17, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    Sounds like you had a tough week, Tommie! Glad you survived! *hugs*

  3. Clara Mae January 18, 2010 at 11:01 pm #

    Tommie, I just love your blogs. You have a real gift of conversational writing. I can hardly wait to read the next saga. Surely hope you get that urinary problem cleared up. I’m not sure what the DD and D2 and D1 are…maybe your children, like Daughter 1, Daughter 2, etc.

    Do you live in Tennessee by any chance? My husband and I went to college at Collegedale, Tenn. In fact, his father was a teacher and department head there.

    When my husband first got SS he didn’t know about a penalty for not taking on Medicare B right off the bat, and so he waited for two years before signing up for it. They penalize for life I hear. It’s interesting that you found you wouldn’t be penalized.

    Better get my blog done before it’s too late.

    In HIm,
    Clara Mae

    • Tommie January 19, 2010 at 6:43 am #

      DS1 is Dear Son the Firstborn, DS2 is my Second Born Son, DD is my Dear Daughter. Two of the three said it would be okay to use their real names but with the third protesting, I had to go with what is there.

      I do live in TN. It’s a small world, isn’t it! What department? and when?

      The only reason I won’t be penalized is because I have my employer health plan primary. Otherwise, I’d have to go ahead and take it.

  4. Clara Mae January 20, 2010 at 10:14 pm #

    Dr. Watrous was head of Social Sciences or something like that and taught American History, Psychology, and did a lot of counseling. Seems he did more than that, but neither Arthur nor I can remember. When he died in 1970, three persons took his place. He was loved by everybody; he could remember people’s names and the names of their relatives and would ask how everyone was and really mean it. A heart attack took him. I look forward to seeing him in heaven.

    • Tommie January 21, 2010 at 6:11 am #

      I remember Dr. Watrous. My! That’s a long time ago. My four sisters attended college there. I can imagine it would take three people to fill his shoes. An employer doesn’t realize how much some people do until they are gone. You’ll have a good family reunion in heaven and it won’t be long!

  5. Lila January 21, 2010 at 6:24 am #

    That just about blows me away! I agree with her observations about your writing. Maybe some day you’ll be famous as a writer outside your blog. Of course, I remember Dr. Watrous, though I had no classes from him. I wonder how old he was when he died. Not old enough, I’m sure.

  6. Mary Jane January 21, 2010 at 9:59 am #

    Dr. W. was also dean of men when my husband (Ted) was in the dorm. He even facilitated our courtship at times, bless his heart! I worked for his wife in the library. It’s a small world, indeed!

    • Tommie January 21, 2010 at 7:50 pm #

      I’m so glad! It would have been terrible if Ted had gotten away.

  7. Clara Mae January 21, 2010 at 10:48 pm #

    Neat that so many remember Dad W. He was 65, or would have been had he lived until May. He died in February.
    Tommie, what were the names of your sisters who attended Collegedale?
    Lila, I wonder if you were in my class. Didn’t you take nursing?
    And Mary Jane, Ted was in Arthur’s class I believe. That’s interesting that he facilitated your courtship. I know of another one he facilitated.
    How do I put a picture on this blog?

    • Tommie January 22, 2010 at 6:34 pm #

      You can either post it with img code or email it to me and I’ll post it.

  8. Lila January 24, 2010 at 8:14 am #

    No, I didn’t take nursing, I took Elementary Education.

  9. Lila January 24, 2010 at 12:00 pm #

    It occurred to me this morning that our mother and Mrs. Watrous became great friends. Checked this out with Mary Jane, and she agreed.

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