My Week: In the Deep Freeze

Nine degrees when I got up. Winter has hit! I was glad for my nice warm NEW waterbed last night. I had to go out grocery shopping today. Wish I could have stayed at home but I didn’t have any greens in the house and that’s unacceptable. Well, I could do without them but I prefer not to.

After I updated the drivers on my laptop, the sound was terrible. Crackly and horrible. I have fooled with it to the point I’ve gotten little else done.

I’d planned to get to town and back before noon but it didn’t happen. The only stops on my list were Lowe’s for a gift card for my neighbors (it took me forever to think of something they might like) and Wally World. The latter didn’t have everything I wanted so I had to go to BiLo, too. I stopped and took this picture on the way back home. Brrrrrrr!

Close to Home

Oh! I’ve been trying to find some queen size flat sheets and pillowcases to match and looked all over the bedding section at Wally World with no luck. The only sheets they had that weren’t in a set were the sandpaper-y ones. I’ve searched all over the Internet and can’t find any, either.

DD called but I didn’t see the voice mail until it was too late to call her back. When she called, it was time for my evening meal so it would have been too late anyway. They have gotten to be real gadabouts since they moved and have wheels. I can’t depend on my weekly catchup with her like I used to.

I’ve downloaded the discussion from PineKnoll on my other computer so I can listen to it on there in the morning. Google has probably gotten tired of me today trying to find a solution.

Am leaving the water running again tonight.

It was 9 degrees again. This is getting old. There were little glittery things in the air this morning that I could only imagine is what moisture there is in the air has frozen. The clouds were far and few between so it couldn’t be snow. It did spit snow later in the day but it didn’t amount to anything.

I was summoned to the doctor’s office. He’d gone over my lab work and wanted to talk to me. The first two patients had canceled because of the snow so I was able to get right in. You can read about it on my Thursday post (if you want to).

The guard told me his daughter lives not far from me and it was six degrees there. BOOSH!

It fell to me to be the bank and post office person today. I bundled up but there was one fellow I saw who was wearing a T-shirt and jeans with no jacket. Crazy!

One of the docs couldn’t get an email to print so I got to be Support, too. I had to email it to my gmail account after forwarding it from Yahoo to his hospital account before it would do what it was supposed to. Gmail wins again!

I rarely use the cold water in the kitchen so I’ve turned it on to run in a small stream and keep the pipes from freezing.

Oh, this morning, I rolled my computer back to Sabbath and that fixed the sound problem. I didn’t have to rig up the other one after all. Saved me a little time.

My thermometer reminds me of when Mother was at my sister’s place in the Great Northwest. Every time she looked at the one there, it was 42 degrees. She finally pronounced it “broke”. Mine must be. It was 9 again this a.m.

I didn’t walk yesterday or today. When I called time and temperature, it was 23 and I’m just not that hardy.

One thing the cold weather has done is to make the office warmer. The thermostat is located in the lobby which is one of the worst places for it. People will go out the front doors and leave one or the other or both open. It makes it uncomfortably cool in the lobby which switches on the heat and it warms the office up. Otherwise, it’s warmer out there than it is in here. Whoever chose the location for the thermostat had bad judgment.

Today was refreshing. It was still bitter cold when I got up but, by 2 o’clock, it had warmed up to 33 degrees (didn’t know I would ever think of that as warm in Tennessee) so I set out to walk. One of the girls bet me that I wouldn’t make it for half a lap but I did my usual three. I was energized when I got back inside.

I messed up. I’m supposed to keep money in the postage meter and I let it slip up on me. When I hooked it up to refill it, there was no money in the account. I had turned in a request on 12/22 but the approval didn’t come through until Monday. It arrived in accounting via courier today and the check went out. I asked my boss what to do and she said we’d have to get stamps from the post office. Late this afternoon, I found out that I’ll be the mail person tomorrow so it will be up to me.

As instructed, I got stamps. I charged them on my credit card and got reimbursed when I got back to the hospital. It’s a pain to put stamps on all the mail but this won’t happen again. I’m requesting twice as much to be put in the account next time.

No walking today. It’s COLD again. Not balmy like it was yesterday. I’ve kept the water running in the kitchen so it won’t freeze. If there’s anything I don’t need it’s to have no water available.

I stopped in to see my friend in the nursing home. She was kinda upset. She’d found critters in her room. Someone had come in and sprayed. I hope they got rid of them for her. She has a terrific aversion to such.

My neighbor called me and told me to be careful coming home. I couldn’t see my mountain when I got out on the highway.

Getting Closer

A little closer and I could barely see it.

Barely Visible

I was almost where I would start up the mountain.

Can't see my mountain

The main road was pretty much okay but the road to the house was completely covered with the snow that had started hours earlier than predicted. I took it slower than usual and made it without any problem.

Closer to Home

She said not many vehicles had traveled our road and she was right.

My Road

She had also advised me not to park down by the house so I didn’t. I was tempted to so I’d have a good excuse to take tomorrow off but I really need to go in.

I had planned to post my labs last night and got them all scanned. Paint Shop Pro wanted to update so I said okay, then when I restarted my computer, Windows began configuring something that was taking forever. When I gave up and went to bed, it was at 18% complete. I’ll do it Sunday.

Well! I found the combination to be able to lock the car while it’s warming up. I got the valet key and started it with that. The clicker still didn’t work to lock the door and I couldn’t lock it by pulling the inside handle out and pushing the button that locks all the doors. I held my breath and pulled the handle and pushed the button on the driver’s door. It worked! I hoped I’d be able to get back in but the clicker wouldn’t unlock it with the engine running. Normally, if I put the key in the door, the car will jump up and down, yell and scream and flash its lights. This time, it didn’t. I could unlock the door with the key. So…now I can breathe easy while the car is warming up.

Going to work was a little iffy a couple of times but I made it in one piece in spite of the fact that I felt the car lose traction now and then. I learned long ago to keep my foot off the brake when that happens and just ride it out.

It was troubleshooting all day long. Sometimes I think that’s all I’m there for. It’s a job and I’ll do it. The same doc with the printing problem the other day brought me his hospital laptop to see why he can’t get on it at home. That thing weighs a ton. It’s like it’s made of cast iron. I changed a couple of settings but he called when he got home and told me it didn’t help. I’ll call IT Monday.

I ordered some sheets (finally) the other day and they were supposed to be delivered today but they weren’t.

Got my Medicare Part B statement today. Also the notice from the bank that my balloon payment has come up. It usually does that in October every other year so this is an unusual happening this time of year. I stuck it up where I collect my income tax papers and wasn’t even going to open it and then thought maybe I should check and make sure it was my mortgage interest statement. I’m glad I found out now that it wasn’t. It would be a kick in the teeth to miss redoing my loan and have to cough up all that money at once. Actually, I couldn’t do it. Twinkle and I would be under a bridge somewhere.

My neck is wrapped in the soft scarf-with-pockets my granddaughter gave me for Christmas. It’s amazing how much that helps keep me warm.

I’m going to bed early tonight. Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
I was a bit late to Sabbath School. It does take extra time to put on all the layers. I’d stayed on Facebook too long, too.

My clothes were enough to keep me comfortable in church. The heat didn’t go off the whole time we were having Sabbath School class and I was right beside it.

The pastor was a little late, too, so the congregation sang until he got there. I lost count after four songs. I needed to go to the bathroom but I wasn’t miserable, thank goodness.

The church service was worth waiting for. It was more of an interactive sermon rather than just preaching to us or at us.

Last night, one of the men (I thought) had hailed me on Facebook and we’d chatted for awhile. I asked him (I thought) if he could pop my back for me and he (I thought) said yes. It turned out to be his wife who was on his account. She’s my neighbor’s sister. After church, he kept the appointment I’d set up and my spine sounded like castanets. It surely feels better.

I came home rather than stay for the fellowship meal. I hadn’t fixed anything to take. It’s been a nice afternoon in front of the fire. That’s where I am now. My computer is on the lap board thingy my DIL picked out for me for Christmas.

Happened to think I hadn’t checked tracking on my sheets and when I did, I found out that the package has to be signed for. Delivery had been attempted and will be again Monday. I’ll make sure I get the package this time.

That’s about it for this week. I’ll be back with my report tomorrow night.

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  1. Mary Jane January 10, 2010 at 10:35 am #

    Glad you were able to navigate safely! This week should be warmer.

    • Tommie January 10, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

      Cass, I’m jealous!! Wish you could package that and send it my way! And, MJ, I’m looking forward to warmer.

  2. Cassandra January 10, 2010 at 10:58 am #

    That first picture is awesome!! Sorry you’re so cold! You can have some of our warmth (it’s been 65-70 degrees every day lately).

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