My Week: Christmas!

After I did my post last night, I backed everything up and upgraded WordPress. I wish it was as easy to upgrade the forum. So…I was up later than usual again and Twinkle let me know I wasn’t supposed to stay in bed. I ignored her for an hour or so and opened the door to see what she wanted about 7:45. I knew she had food so that wasn’t it. She must’ve been lonesome.

DS1 called this morning and shared the news that he couldn’t wait to give my granddaughter her Christmas present so NOW most of the packages under the tree are unwrapped already. When he and his brother were little boys, we had Christmas the way my mother had brought me up to celebrate. The gifts from “Santa” were fair game after everyone in the house woke up but the others were for after getting dressed, worship and breakfast. I guess that was a lot to expect for a couple of small kids but that was Tradition. It surely isn’t at their house!

We talked for more than a half hour and I was thoroughly hungry since I hadn’t had breakfast. It was nice to visit, even though the news about the ravaged tree was a little disconcerting.

I didn’t get much done today. I’ve been running and doing so much, I kind of rebelled, I guess. DD called and we talked for more than an hour. She was as surprised by the early Christmas as I was. I’d chatted with her on gmail the other day and told her merm’s gift would be arriving without gift wrap since there wasn’t an option otherwise. She said she’d wrap it. Guess they are going to have a Christmas that’s more like our traditional one.

My date nut ball recipe has generated some interest so I put it on the recipe page and am going to do a post about them and my cranberry salad tonight.

Labs tomorrow so I need to get off here and set up a reminder on my calendar so I won’t eat in the morning and spoil it again.

I was just about on schedule to leave but the car didn’t cooperate. Nothing was wrong mechanically. It was frosted over. I found out the other morning that it doesn’t matter that I have a second set of keys. I can’t lock it from the outside when the engine is running. If it were close to the house, I’d be okay with starting it and letting it warm up but not as far away as it is. I am a trusting person but I hope I ain’t stoopid. Not only was the outside frosted, there was frost on the inside of the windshield. I started it and went to work. It took several minutes to clear everything I needed to. I learned from other people’s mistakes and always clear more than enough to see.

My reminder served me well. I didn’t mess up and eat this time and my labs were done. I don’t have the results yet. They’ll be interesting.

The bank and post office fell to me and will again on Wednesday. It was COLD. I was glad for my warm coat and gloves. There were two big trays of mail. I said the regular person knows when to have me do it.

I did three laps around the buildings when the temperature got up to 30. I was pretty warm when I got back inside.

The poor old waterbed is needing to be replaced. I ordered a full motion mattress and the kit that goes with it from my waterbed shop. I have the target date to set it up as New Year’s Day. It isn’t a job I look forward to but it’s a necessity.

My neighbor gave me my Christmas present tonight with the instructions that I could regift it or take it back for something else if I wanted. It’s a very nice warming blanket but I will have to do as she said and take it back. I guess she missed the post about EMFs and how I try to avoid them whenever possible. In this case, it IS the thought that counts and I do appreciate her taking note of my being cold in the winter. She laughed and said I could take it to church and plug it in. I’ll apply what I get back from it to a thick pad for my “new” waterbed.

The tangelos came from Sierra Nevada Citrus and boy! are they sour! The order had mistakenly been cut in half but that’s okay. I feel like I have bought some very expensive lemons. BTW, I’ll be getting the difference refunded.

We more or less (mostly less) had a heatwave today. It got up in the 50s before the afternoon was over. I’d gone out for a walk this morning but only had time for one round. Did four this afternoon.

It’s getting awfully close to Christmas so I took my friend in the nursing home a little gift and a flash drive with “Specially for Shepherds” on it. She said she would listen to the cantata this afternoon. I hope she enjoys it as much as I do. Someone had made each resident a fuzzy blanket—each one is different. They are beautiful.

I worked on the schedule for the first three weeks of 2010 today. We call it “Fruit Basket Upset” because the rotation is changed every year. If we had the same one year after year, the person getting more time off at Christmas would never change. It’s up to me to sit down and figure it out so I did. I still have to go over it and make sure no one is getting more than 32 hours and set up the responsibilities for the ED and the front window.

It was almost heart attack time. When I wrote my update for today, I clicked on Save Draft and I was taken to the login screen. That’s happened before and I’d click the back button and copy the new entry, then log in and paste it and save. This time, when I clicked back, it took me to a partial post that was much LESS than what I had written. I held my breath and clicked on the Posts button and My Week draft and there was the whole thing! Bless WordPress!

The day started out cold but warmed up in the afternoon. I had made one round before lunch then three after. That wasn’t as good as half a dozen but it was better than nothing.

I remembered to ask for my lab results. I’ll have to post them later. What with Christmas coming, I haven’t had time to scan them. Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving for DS’s house and time’s a’wastin’. I had question marked Christmas Eve on the schedule but I’ve decided to go ahead and take it off.

The ground was dry enough for me to pull down to the house. I have some things loaded and I’ll have to do the rest tomorrow. DS1 called me today and DIL wanted to know about when I’d get there. I was no help whatsoever. We agreed I’d do something unusual and call them from my cell phone to make sure they are home.

Merry Christmas Eve! I got to DS1’s place about 4:30 after I’d forgotten something at home and had to go all the way back up the mountain to get it. I’d stopped at the produce place, BiLo and Wally World. I was glad to get here and settled. Didn’t get quite settled completely, though. I’m going to try my granddaughter’s old mattress tonight and see if it’s as bad as I remember.

Everyone helped unload the car and as soon as all the stuff was in, DS1 started campaigning to have me open my present. He was so anxious, I said let’s just go ahead and open everything. That’s what we did. I had a scarf with pockets for a remote, etc., from my granddaughter, a game I’d wanted from DS1 and DIL (that’s what he was so het up about), an image/video program from DD and merm, my annual devotional book from my sister and a card from another sister saying she’d had a tree planted in my name. It was kind of nice to have it over and done.

We watched “Adventures of the Wilderness Family”, one of my gifts to DS1. I’d remembered there was crisis after crisis but I hadn’t remembered all of them.

I am up too late playing the computer game. And now to bed…

I tried. I tried ever so hard to sleep on that mattress but it is miserable. I got up in the night and went to bed on the couch. It is much more comfortable. I wouldn’t sleep on the couch before because the cats would chase each other through the house but they seem to be over that now. I didn’t sleep too well. Sometime this morning, I woke to see the tree lights were off. There was a glow in the room coming from a kerosene lamp and I thought how nice it was for DS1 not to wake me up by turning on the overhead light in the kitchen. I got up to go to the bathroom and the bathroom light wouldn’t come on. That’s when it dawned on me the power was off.

DS1 and DIL had taken Benji out for his constifutional and when they came back in, I asked if there was any news regarding the power or lack thereof. DS1 had called and gotten a recorded message saying it was off from the state line down. No estimate on when it would come back on. He said it went off about 4:30 this morning. I stayed in bed until 8:15, then got up and took my thyroid medication.

The rebounder is in “my” bedroom so I went in there and was rebounding before breakfast. I realized I was getting warmer and that’s when it hit me that the heat was coming out the register under the rebounder. It surely felt good! I came out, the tree was on and I could make my breakfast smoothie.

DS1 and DIL came out of the bedroom. She said DS1 had called the power place again but before he could hear another recorded message, the lights came on. She asked him why had hadn’t called an hour before. All told, it was off about five hours.

Between the lack of sleep and the lack of sufficient food yesterday, I didn’t feel wonderful today. I called DIL2 and said I’ll bring their gifts to Sabbath School tomorrow. I asked if they could come over here but she had a turkey (poor thing) in the oven and couldn’t leave.

Next, I called DD and merm to thank them for the gift and catch up on what they’d been doing. They had been to see my ailing sister yesterday and spent maybe an hour and a half there. He talked about getting her set up on high speed. Not to her—to me. Maybe FiOS? That’s something I would love to have myself. I’ll be satisfied with DSL for now. That’s a whole lot better than dialup. I’ll have to quit wishing and count my blessings instead.

We went out to see a house decorated with thousands of lights that blink and “dance” to Christmas music. I’d like to have the money it took to set it all up plus what it takes to pay the electric bill. DS1 parked in front of a laudromat that has wireless so I could upload what I’d typed so far on my weekly post. I’d been able to get signals driving through the neighborhood where the lighted house was but most of them were secured.

I set the air bed up this afternoon so I should be sleeping better tonight. Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
The bed was comfortable except for being cold. I’d insulated it with one layer but that wasn’t sufficient for winter. I got up in the night and put another blanket under me and that helped. When I made it up this morning, I put it under the sheet.

Last night, I’d asked DS1 what time we’d be leaving for church. He planned to get up and go walking with a friend of his. He asked if I would want to go, too, but I begged off. They meet about 5:30 and walk for almost an hour. The temperature was 30 and at that time of day, there is no sun to help. I don’t THINK so!

I was ready to go when they were for a wonder. I’d read the rest of Matthew and started into Mark, studied my Sabbath School lesson and read today’s devotional. I had my glasses then but I have no idea where they disappeared to. I’ve searched high and low and so has DS1. I have a spare pair with me but they are stronger than what I need and I end up feeling a little icky.

DIL2 and my granddaughter came to Sabbath School. I gave them the presents and DIL gave me mine. I’m using it now. It’s a lap board made especially for a computer and it’s very handy. I can’t use the light yet because I don’t have enough batteries with me. I’ll add those when I get home. It has a cupholder and a place for a pen or pencil, too.

The song service was a rousing one. DS1 led it in Primary 1. Those little kids sang their hearts out. One of the nurses from the Mother Ship leads out and I had a nice visit with her and her husband. DS1 called me outside the door to see a couple of people who had gone to school where I had years ago. It’s bad when people remember me and I only vaguely remember them. Kinda embarrassing.

I’ve had my two green smoothies, my fruit smoothie, some Campari tomatoes and my big salad. Oh, I had three excellent Clementines, too. They almost make winter worth it.

While I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, DS1 got a phone call. I took my own sweet time because I figured he’d holler at me if it were for me. When I got out, he handed me the phone and said, “Guess who?” Well, I had no idea. It turned out to be the dear old friend who rescued the boys and me while DH was in the hospital following his hang glider crash. I don’t remember the last time we’d talked so we had lots of catching up to do. She promised to call me again and I have her phone number. Oh! The way she found me was through DS1’s Googling her. He’d done a search and came up with a letter she’d written to the editor of one of the local papers. Her email address was included so he sent her a message with his phone number and the rest is history. It surely was good to visit with her.

Think I’ll call it a night and go to bed. My granddaughter has already turned in which is very unusual. I think we’re all pretty much done for. Good night until next time!

Note: This is posted a day late because DS1 and family are doing without Internet access to try to cut down on expenses. It’s taking the place of my Sunday night post, too.

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