Gifts for a Raw Vegan

With the holiday season already in full swing, shopping has begun in earnest. For some people (like me), it’s been going on all year. I see a deal and I go ahead and get it. No use to wait until the last minute and either miss it completely, have to pay more, or get slim pickins. However, people seem to think that buying for a raw vegan is difficult. You’d think we are from another planet but we aren’t so different from anyone else. Just because we don’t eat like cooked foodists doesn’t mean we aren’t still people. We are from Planet Earth. There are some gifts that wouldn’t be appropriate but isn’t that true of everyone?

Unless a raw vegan already lives in the tropics or has the means to move there, for several months there will be cold weather. Did you know that raw food is so easy to digest it doesn’t raise the body temperature like cooked food does? A raw foodist’s average body temperature is lower, naturally. Someone who eats cooked food runs a mild fever as a result. Therefore, that’s why raw foodists wear warmer clothes and like to have the heat turned up higher. So…our list starts with comfort measures.

Warm socks and warm gloves will keep hands and feet toasty. I’d make sure, first, if the raw vegan is vegan to the point of not wearing animal-related materials. At my age, I have a collection of wearing apparel that is of every kind of material available.

I’ve heard for years that, if your feet are cold put on a hat. There are all sorts of warm hats available from the pretty to the bizarre. My raw foodist friend wears an attractive knit hat to church that comes down and covers her ears nicely. She has the right idea for keeping comfortable. I’m tempted to find something that doesn’t look dorky on me. The difference between us, though, is that she is gorgeous to begin with and many years younger than me. She’s the type who would look good in a feed sack.

These are suggestions for the exposed areas of the body. Let’s get a little more personal. How about some long johns? They come in all sizes, colors and temperature ranges. I can wear long johns and still be dressed up because I’m hiding them with a full-length skirt.

Now we’ll get on to other things. Blankets and throws are nice to cuddle up in during the cold months. Beware of the “As seen on TV” Snuggie, though. I a blue one and took it back. The material was thin, the workmanship poor and the book light didn’t work. The Snuggie wasn’t as large as I had been led to believe and it was impossible to walk with it on. Save your money on that one. I returned it. I haven’t had the “luxury” model so it might be a different story but I’ll never know. I’m through with the Snuggies.

You’d think there’s nothing in the cookware department that could interest a raw vegan. Think again. Crockpots, bean pots and teakettles are all great to humidify the dry heated wintertime air. The latter two work better with a wood stove because it’s dangerous to leave a range on all the time. I used to have a soapstone bean pot that I kept filled with water to put moisture back into the air and it was wonderful.

Another way to make the indoor air better is with a salt lamp. My personal favorites are the bowls and baskets but any of them look amazing. Of course, this is coming from a salt addict.

Navitas has a full line of high-quality nuts, seeds, berries and other items that almost any raw vegan would enjoy. I say almost because there are those of us who don’t go for the maca and cacao but there are others who do. Some of the products are available on a subscription basis so it could be a gift that keeps on giving throughout the coming year.

There are other edibles that can be had on subscription, too, like raw organic agave nectar. The price drops and the shipping is free. A good deal all the way around as well as being a welcome gift.

I love my bamboo cutting board. It’s beautiful and functional. I’ve only heard of ceramic knives but they are supposed to be the best to keep from altering flavors. A little pricey but very nice.

If you want to go for broke, a VitaMix is a good addition to any raw food kitchen. A juicer isn’t essential to my kitchen but it’s nice to have for those occasions when I think I need it, maybe twice a year. Another non-essential that’s nice to have is a good dehydrator. I’ve been tempted to get one of these Excalibur models but I haven’t felt justified in taking the plunge.

Now, I’ll tell you about three special gifts I’ve gotten in years past. Two were gift cards/certificates to supermarkets. One was the university supermarket. The other was to the organic grocery. Then, last year, merm and DD gave me a year with Amazon Prime. The first two are no-brainers. The last one was something I thought I wouldn’t really get that much use out of but let me tell you—it’s been one of the best presents I’ve ever received. The only thing that’s beat it was the blog and forum redesign they gave me a couple of Christmases back. But let me tell you about Amazon Prime. I’d thought as long as I got together an order of at least $25, I was okay. I had free shipping and so what if I had to wait a week or two to get whatever it was I’d ordered? With Amazon Prime, I get free shipping on anything I order directly from Amazon. It doesn’t apply to third party purchases but most of what I get is from Amazon, anyway. So what if it doesn’t total $25? Still, the shipping is free. No matter the price, the shipping is cut to two days. No more waiting and waiting and checking tracking to see when I’ll get it. I haven’t sat down and figured up whether or not I’ve gotten all the value out of it but I’ll tell you this…I’m gonna miss it when it’s gone. My membership expires on the 19th. I’ve already checked. I’ll be back to waiting until I get $25 rung up and waiting until the package rolls a couple of weeks later.

I hope I’ve given you some ideas for gifts for the raw foodists in your life. I’d like to hear other suggestions, too. Drop me a line or leave me a comment with your thoughts. And I do hope that everyone will have a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Tricia February 26, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

    I love Amazon prime too! I was just going to do the free month trial but now I just love shopping at home and waiting a couple of days to get things. It is so nice. Found your blog through Blogher btw. Hope you stop by mine as well. I just started raw food this year. It has been great!

    • Tommie February 27, 2010 at 7:43 am #

      Isn’t eating raw food amazing! People think we are missing so much but we have the last laugh—they’re the ones missing out! BTW, nice blog! Love the theme. 🙂

      About Prime, you can sign up (I think) four family members on your account. That spreads the joy.

      Have you checked out my forum? There are lots of raw resources there and a bunch of good people.

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