My Week: December Already!

No, it isn’t December yet but it won’t be long. I celebrated its being November 29 by staying home all day. That isn’t something I get to do often so I take advantage of it whenever I can.

When I called the place where I’d gotten an organ repairman years ago, I was told the organ is next to worthless. The manufacturer (Baldwin) must be out of business and parts are no longer available. Then the fellow asked me what it was doing. I told him there was a key that wouldn’t sound unless I didn’t want it to and he said, “Oh! That’s an easy fix!” I could hear him catch his breath like he’d said something he hadn’t intended to say. He said there are two people in the area who work on organs and I asked him what their names are. He told me one and it was the person who had worked on it before. He said that one would charge $500 just to come out but the other one charges something like $35 for the trip then parts, labor and mileage. I think that’s more in our range of affordability. I promised him I’d call back tomorrow with the model number and we’ll go from there.

I spent a lot of time on tonight’s post. Actually, I’ve spent several weeks on tonight’s post. I had intended to publish it a couple of weeks ago but I never did get it the way I wanted it. It isn’t the way I’d like it to be yet but it was close enough to share. So, risking embarrassing my family (again) with TMI, I have bared my soul and gotten very personal.

DD and I had somewhat of a conversation late this afternoon. She is at her in-law’s house and, I don’t know if it’s because of their phone or the Magic Jack, we were cut off more than once. Finally she decided she’d said all she needed to say and we gave up.

I was the mail/bank person today and will be again tomorrow. It was a nasty day to be doing it but I managed. There has been a misty rain going on most of the day though it let up long enough for me to do my morning and afternoon walks. I’d gotten an El Cheapo poncho from Wally World and it did help. Not as much as something more substantial but it was better than nothing.

It’s sticker time for my license plate so I got it. I’m supposed to get it in November so I was right up to the wire, as usual. I think, every year, that I’m going to go ahead and get it done but then I put it off and put it off. I’m good to go for another 12 months.

While I was out, I went by the church and picked up the folder DH had assembled many years ago with all the papers on the organ. He was the epitome of organization and I’m just the opposite. We bought it in January of ’83 so it’s almost 27 years old. It has the contract he’d signed and the final payment a few months later. I’d gotten paranoid that something would happen before it was paid off so he sold his truck and took care of the balance. I do hope it can be fixed. The man gave me the name of the more reasonable repairman so I called him and he’ll be at the church at noon on Thursday. I described all of the problems to him and he didn’t seem to think it’s a lost cause.

When I was coming home from work, I had a treat. Something caught my eye after I’d turned onto my road and I slowed down. Coming from the left side was a deer. It crossed the road right in front of me. Then there was another and another until I’d counted six of them. They didn’t seem to be in too much of a hurry. All of them stopped on the right side maybe 20 feet from me and looked at the car. I watched as long as I dared sit in the middle of the road then came on home. My sister has nothing on me! She sees deer frequently around her house.

It was Cyber Monday all day long. One of the girls had gone to Wally World on Black Friday to get a laptop but found that they’d started giving out tickets at midnight so she wasn’t successful (my family can fill in the rest). She did manage to order one today so she’s a happy camper. I ordered a coat and some long john pants tonight. Both were on sale but they weren’t the amazing buys that the Cyber Monday ones are. I want to be prepared for walking in the bitter cold weather.

It was a much better day today. PLUS, there was a nice surprise when I went to the post office. Sitting across the street was the produce man! We’d heard he hadn’t been well and he confirmed it. He’s been on chemo for lung cancer. I got some oranges (nice big Indian River navels), tomatoes and cucumbers and took my leave. I looked back and he was lighting up. Why won’t people learn??

I did my three laps in the morning and three in the afternoon.

The produce place here on the mountain has some gorgeous Christmas trees for $35 each. I was going to stop and take a picture but they put up some huge inflatable Santas and a snowman and they block a lot of the view so I decided to let it go.

I called the repairman to confirm the appointment tomorrow and give him better directions to the church. Yes, he’ll be there at noon Central time which will be 1 o’clock Eastern. The pastor wants me to meet him and make sure he understands what’s wrong. I really don’t think that’s necessary but I’ll let my boss know I need to leave for a little while. It shouldn’t take long.

Since I was going to be walking Wally World, I did three laps this morning and none this afternoon.

If it weren’t for tomorrow, I’d have asked to leave work early today because I had to go grocery shopping and get my hair cut. I do like the way that girl does it. We were both venting about our jobs. She has a co-worker who is constantly rearranging her schedule and a lot of the time, she either cuts the others short or it makes them work days they hadn’t intended to. I told her I’d had to cut my staff to 32 hours and she said she’d be happy if she could get that many. She said she is planning to talk to her boss about getting more hours or she’ll have to go somewhere else. I hope she gets more hours. Just recently, she only got 20 hours one week—and her husband gets to work only one week a month. He’s on unemployment, otherwise. If I were rich…but I’m not.

It was well after dark when I got home but the light came on as soon as I got to the far end of the square foot box which gave me plenty of light to get to the house. That’s handy as a pocket on a shirt. The only thing is, sometimes it will come on and stay on forever. Not long ago, I got up in the night and turned it off because it wouldn’t go off by itself.

Well. The best laid plans and all that. I did one round but it was whizzin’ cold so I let the walking slide the rest of the day. Of course, I’d be leaving to go to the church by noon, too. That’s when I got there. I sat in the car because I didn’t look forward to waiting in the church. Generally, it isn’t heated during the week except on Wednesday night and I didn’t figure it would still be warm. I kept the heater going so I’d stay thawed out. I’d look at the clock and the time was ticking right on by. My nails were in desperate need of attention so I dug out my file and went to work. After more than a half hour and ten presentable fingers, I went to the school and asked to use the phone. I had my cell phone with me but it’s a paperweight in the valley. I called the pastor to get the number for the repairman because I’d left the folder at the hospital. I got his voice mail. So, I called the hospital and asked one of the girls to look in the folder and get me the number. When I called him, he was still about a half hour away. He’d gotten mixed up because of the time difference. I told him I’d leave the organ open and the church would be unlocked. That’s when I went back to the office.

Later, I called him and he said the address I’d given him couldn’t be right. I said it was what the pastor’s wife had given me and it was the 911 address. He apologized for not getting there when he was supposed to and said he’d fixed the organ. It was a broken contact. He said there is a receptacle fastened to the organ in the back that shouldn’t be there. He’d plugged the organ into an outlet in the wall. I asked him if all the notes sounded now and he said yes. He didn’t have the other parts with him it needed but it’s just a bulb and a bulb cover it needs otherwise. I can live with that. When he comes back (probably after Christmas) he won’t charge for the trip.

The pastor called to see what I needed and I explained I’d gotten the required info. He’d pulled up to the church just as the man was leaving so he knew he’d be back, etc., etc. The organ is fixed! Woohoo! I’ll be able to play both manuals and not avoid playing the lower one on songs in certain keys.

I did my three laps around the hospital this morning wearing my London Fog coat from Goodwill. It’s a little heavy but it did feel good. On one round, one of the fellows from the nursing home stopped me and said, “What’s this I hear about snow tomorrow?” I told him I’d heard that and WeatherBug said there would be less than an inch in one sentence and less than two in the next. I said we’d just have to wait and see what happened.

The lone registrar was there from 1 to 3:30 by herself so I didn’t walk this afternoon. She would probably have said it was okay but I don’t like to leave the office unattended if she has to go to the ER. There’s only one person on the weekend days and holidays but outpatients don’t usually come in then.

Well. I stopped by the church to check out the organ. It was so exciting to play it and not have to compensate for the absent “D”. HOWEVER, I don’t know if he took some kind of padding off the part that is above the upper manual or if it comes down farther than it used to but when I’d play the sharps and flats, as soon as I’d release them, they’d hit with a resounding “CLICK!” I took paper, folded it and stuck it between the keys and the “sounding board”. I still got a click now and then but it was muffled. That was a disappointment. I’ll call the man Monday and see if he can come back sooner and fix it.

I’d turned the heat on yesterday so it wouldn’t be blue cold while he was working and it must not have gotten turned down because it was comfortable! Wish it were that way on Sabbath. I turned it down some but not all the way.

There was a sad note in my email this evening. It’s from Bob East. If you read my Thanksgiving post, you’ll remember the one about his wife. Here’s what he wrote:

Marie fell asleep on December 1 and is awaiting the call of the Life Giver. The Bible foretold His first coming and He came! It also foretells His Second Coming and He will come! Just to add extra confirmation He Himself said “I will come again”!

Marie had at least 85 good years of health and life. The last couple of had some up and downs but in the larger picture she lived a full life and I had the joy and privilege of spending 58 (December 21, 1951) of those years with her.

I have no regrets. Of course it would be nice to spend some more time together but if they would not, and they wouldn’t be, Quality Years then if it was up for a vote I would vote to leave things just as they are.

A note of thanks for the many kinds responses to the first Email and of course you need feel no urgency to respond to this one.

The internment will be at the Mountain Home National Cemetery in Johnson City, TN on Friday, Dec. 4, and there will be a Memorial Service at the Rogersville Seventh-day Adventist Church (Rogersville, TN) on Saturday afternoon at two o’clock.

He does have a good attitude. They were very devoted to each other.

On that note I’ll say happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
There was snow on the ground this morning! I put this picture on FaceBook with the comment “Tommie is enjoying the first snowlet of the season. The ground peeks through here and there but it’s stuck to the trees for a Winter Wonderland look. Happy Sabbath, everyone!”

Trees at home

The snow on the steps (before I swept it off) was about 2″ deep.

I dressed warmly today and took my London Fog in with me to cover my legs. I weathered the inside cold pretty well. I did go into the bathroom and warm in front of the wall heater.

I got my smoothie down before I left the house and was able to stay inside during Sabbath School. To be absolutely truthful, I made sure I went to the bathroom right before song service between SS and church started so I wouldn’t have to get up and flee during the sermon. It worked! The organ clicked a few times while I was playing but people denied hearing it. I’m right over it so it seems loud. Maybe I should play it without the padding and see what they think.

On the way home, I drove slowly, didn’t encounter any traffic so I snapped a few pictures going up the mountain. I didn’t take my eyes off the road but trusted the camera would do the job just being pointed in the general direction of the snow. You can see from the progression how it went from almost bare (it had all melted in the valley) to thicker toward the top.

Starting up

A little farther

Getting thicker

A little more

Still more

Almost to the top

I did a “drive by shooting” of the Christmas trees. That’ll have to do it for this year.

Christmas Trees

My neighbor had left voice mail this morning to let me know the roads were okay. She’s very thoughtful. I called her back later and told her how nice it is to have the motion detector light. She said the reason it stays on sometimes is because the wind blows it. She plans to put another one in the peak of their garage. That way, we’ll all have light as soon as we drive up. Gettin’ snazzy!

I want to get to bed soon and time is fastly going by (that’s for my sister’s benefit). Good night until next time!

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  1. Lila December 5, 2009 at 9:56 pm #

    So sorry to hear of the produce man’s lung cancer!

    • Tommie December 6, 2009 at 12:26 pm #

      Yes, it’s sad but it’s an acquired condition that’s aggravated by his continued smoking. He has asthma, too.

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