Thanksgiving 2009 at Home

I was later than usual getting to bed last night but that was okay. I could sleep in this morning. That was not to be. I woke when the alarm went off (it’s a process to turn it off so it will stay off so I leave it be) and though I stayed in bed for another hour and 15 minutes, I never did go back to sleep.

I pried myself from the warmth of the water bed and made ready for the day. It had been my plan all along to stay at home with Twinkle and eat my mostly usual fare.

My routine was that of other mornings. First, I took my levothyroxine sodium with 16 ozzies of water and then read several chapters in Isaiah and got started on Jeremiah. Boy! Isaiah really knocks a person around! After, I studied my Sabbath School lesson online and read Guideposts and the Upper Room for today and went back three years and one day and read another Upper Room. Next was catching part way up in Grace Notes, the women’s devotional for this year.

It was time to rebound. I spent probably 15 minutes doing that and started in on fixing my breakfast OJ with mixed fruit. While I do that, I listen to part of the lesson discussion on PineKnoll. I download it on Sunday and listen to 1/6 each day until Sabbath and then I try to get in the whole thing before I leave for church.

With my oranges juiced, I checked my email and noticed I had a voice mail from DS1. I called him back and found he wanted to tell me what their plans were. He wished me a happy Thanksgiving and said they were heading out for a cabin they’d rented. He said it has a jacuzzi and even a raw food eating person would like that. I agreed.

With my breakfast smoothie in hand, I sat down at the computer and my fears were confirmed. For some reason, my DSL is crawling. I checked my upload and download speed and they were close to being the same. That isn’t good. I plugged in the 500′ cable (that’s an exaggeration, I hope you know) that merm sent me thinking it might be the router’s fault. It isn’t. Still slow slow slow. Maybe it was the computer. I tried a different one (I have a museum collection) with the same result. Then I downloaded a program and the top speed I observed was about 20kbps. Faster than dialup but lots slower than it should be. I decided I’d deal with it later since it’s a holiday.

Next, it was green smoothie time. Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t give me a reason not to get good nutrition. When I finished that off, I probably had more vitamins and minerals that most people get in a full day.

Several days ago, merm had sent me a documentary done by the BBC about the sorry state of healthcare and insurance in the US. I’d watched the first couple minutes of it but today, I sat down and watched the whole thing. There was nothing new or surprising but it was interesting to see the take they had on it.

I won’t go into all I’ve eaten today but my nod to Thanksgiving was a big bowl of persimmon pudding. I put some pumpkin pie spice in it for the holiday taste. I had a special salad for supper. My arugula is still growing. I braved the chilly temperatures and went out to pick some. It added a nice kick to my salad and some butter lettuce along with the usual romaine was delicious. Oh, I indulged in some Bubbies, too.

Twinkle doesn’t know Thanksgiving from anything but I figured she deserved a treat so I gave her a can of her favorite ground up dead cow bodies.

The news was unsettling. It showed working class people getting food from community kitchens. What made it doubly troubling is my forgetfulness. I had fully intended to get a case each of beans and corn yesterday for the local food pantry. It wasn’t on my list so I didn’t. I hadn’t remembered until the news this evening.

There was some news of a more personal nature, too. My sister forwarded an email from one of our former pastors, Bob East. He and his wife, Marie, are two people I have known almost all my life. Here’s what he wrote:

A title for this brief update might be labeled

In scanning my Email list I have tried to include folk that we have known or have known us through the years along with some I am currently in some way involved with.

This Dec. 23 Marie and I will have spent 58 years together. She is tough. All have been really great except for the past couple of years. She was set back with a stoke and heart setback and it has taken its toll. Last evening the family met with the doctor to look at the next steps. It was agreed upon to stop life support medications etc. and look only to ways of keeping her comfortable.

While the initial time could be called down time in reality we have reason to look at as moving quickly toward the Starting Line. We have full confidence the best is just ahead. There may a little “sleep time” but that is ok since waking up time will be the beginning of the “Real Thing” as the song says.

If some get this and have no idea who we are please accept my apology. In looking at names I was not sure about some but tossed them in just in case. If you happen to know folk that knew us please feel free to pass this along to them.

Keep us in your prayers and be assured you will be in ours.


I’m including this since there might be someone who knows them who wouldn’t know unless they read it here. Even if you aren’t acquainted with them, please pray for them. I also posted it on Facebook.

One of my most faithful readers left a comment on my recent post about chia. She is grateful to me for introducing her to “this tiny wonder”. The only thing she is doing differently is mixing a couple of heaping spoonfuls in her cream of wheat in the morning and her glucose readings have dropped in response. Amazing!

When DD and I had our visit earlier this week, she told me she and merm would be going to her in-laws place today. I got a text message from merm a little while ago that they had landed. DD’s mother-in-law commented on Facebook that she wished I could be there with them. It would be one place I could be comfortable because they attempted eating raw food, themselves and understand the concept. It’s a little far to go so I stayed put.

Well, whether you have had real live dead turkey or have killed the tofudebeest, if you had the traditional meal, you have probably joined a lot of other Thanksgiving celebrants stretched out and groaning. Here’s hoping you have had a good holiday and that this won’t signal the beginning of the decline of your health and well-being. Good night.

4 Responses to Thanksgiving 2009 at Home

  1. Mary Jane November 29, 2009 at 6:09 pm #

    I have also just finished Isaiah and started on Jeremiah; however, I won’t race you.

    • Tommie November 29, 2009 at 7:06 pm #

      I’m reading through in six months with e-Sword.

  2. Lila November 30, 2009 at 5:45 pm #

    Thanks for including the message from Bob. I used to be in his address book, but this one slipped past me. Sad news, but a good outlook.

    • Tommie November 30, 2009 at 6:27 pm #

      Yes, he has a good attitude and, from what he wrote, Marie knows nothing of what’s going on. I’d like to get an update.

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