My Week: Banana War

Once again, I was planning to get up, get around, get to town and get back home before too much of the day had passed but once again, that didn’t happen. I did get laundry done and on the line. It was so warm once I got out there that I had to go back into the house and change from my grubbies into shorts and a T-shirt. Suffice it to say, I changed my clothes before I went to town.

The man had surely had enough time to put the picture back on Mother’s stone and sure enough, it was there. I got out to inspect it and he has put some kind of clear silicone around it. It will surely stay on now.

I went to the produce place and bought a box of tomatoes and enough oranges to get me through until next Sunday. Their bananas were 49 cents a lub. I decided I would go to BiLo to see about spinach. It was $4 for a small tub so I let them keep it. However, their bananas were 3 lubs for $1. I stocked up. At Wally World, they were 33 cents a lub so I got some more. When I went through the checkout, I remarked to the cashier that it was a good price. She said Save A Lot had them for the same. I’ve heard of gas wars but never a banana war. I benefited from it. Hope they keep it up!

The laundry was mostly dry when I got home so I took it off the line. My neighbor was on her cell phone or I would have visited.

Before bedtime, I put the sun-dried sheets on the bed and took a bath. And now I’m going to sleep.

What a gorgeous day! It was severe clear with a light breeze blowing. Still on the cool side but not uncomfortably so. I got out and walked morning and afternoon.

As pretty as the past few days have been, today was nasty. I got out and braved the elements for one lap around the buildings but that was enough.

I mailed the winner’s book Priority Mail today so she’d be sure to have it in plenty of time to make some Thanksgiving goodies.

Not a bad day but not beautiful, either. It’s been cloudy most of it but I walked anyway. This afternoon, as soon as I got outside and almost one lap around the buildings, the sun peeked through the clouds! I was very pleased. I got in all my laps today.

The girls have had bees in their bonnets about how to decorate this year. One of them said, “You can buy paper snowflakes. We could put them on the window.” I was blown away! Why buy them when we could make them? Well, they didn’t know how. You’re kidding me! I couldn’t believe it. That’s something I learned long ago in grammar school. I grabbed a pair of scissors and a piece of paper, made a few folds and snipped here and there. When I unfolded it, I was elected to make the snowflakes. I have no idea how many I made—maybe a dozen or so. Like the real flakes, no two were alike. Another of the girls took them home to spray them and cover them with glitter. Someone else will hang them so it will be a joint venture.

I’ll have to get up and get around in the morning since there is a planned power outage at the hospital. It isn’t supposed to last terribly long but I need to get everything squared away before it happens. I wanted to have things in place before I left today and asked for drop cords and a light bulb but I never got them. There is one outlet in the whole Registration area that is powered by the generator and that’s only because the server was plugged into it. I figure I can get power from there to one workstation and the printer. I filched a lamp from the conference room to put on the desk. The security guard saw me but I told him he didn’t see anything.

I got to work about 20 minutes before the power went off. In that time, the maintenance man got me two extension cords that weren’t up to code but I couldn’t do anything but use them. They were evidently the last ones that were available. I ran one to the workstation and plugged in a power strip I scavenged from another workstation. That got the computer, monitor, scanner and lamp going. The other one went to the printer. It was pretty dark, other than what the lamp with a 75 watt bulb lit up.

Business wasn’t booming which was just as well. I had one person assigned to the ED and the other sat at the workstation while I manned (womanned?) the front window. People would see the office was dark and think we were closed. I’d open the window and let them know we were still there. It started getting pretty cool. Guess the heat for the office isn’t on the generator.

The power was off from 8:20 until 13:05. Department head meeting was supposed to start just before the lights came back on. I was still trying to get things back the way they were supposed to be so I was late but I got in on the parts that concern us.

It was a beautiful day but there was no way I could get out and walk in the morning. I did manage three laps in the afternoon, though.

I’ve been working on a post for tonight but I still don’t have it the way I want it so it will be Sunday before it’s up. Maybe. I hope.

It’s time for more oranges. I called and asked if I could get some that aren’t so seedy. I have to allow an extra 15 minutes in the mornings just because I have to pick so many out of the juice. That’s sorta ridiculous. I don’t mind some seeds but not as many as these have. Plus they are very firm and hard to juice. That may be one reason my shoulders are so tight.

I was the bank/mail person this morning. It was another lovely day.

I did three laps this morning and two this afternoon. I had waited too long to do three. I didn’t want to leave only one registrar in the department in the early afternoon.

My walking is doing me good. I wish there were a good place to do it at home but the last time I walked around here was when I had my dog, Kat, to accompany me. Guess I’ll have to get a treadmill when I retire.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
I actually had my breakfast before I got to church this morning.

My three layers were adequate when I got into the sanctuary but then one of the men wearing a suit got up to teach and said that the heat was going to have to be turned down. I told him to take off his jacket but one of the other suit-wearing men got up and turned the heat down! And I had been enjoying not being cold. I was tempted to take a blanket this morning. Partway through the proceedings, someone opened the door so the outside air could course through. It wasn’t freezing outside but it wasn’t comfortably warm, either. I thought about going to sit in the car to get warm but I didn’t.

We had a guest speaker who spoke until after 12:30. Stopping to visit after the service put me at almost 1 o’clock leaving.

I had a quiet afternoon. I took a couple of persimmons from Dario over to the neighbors. The male half thanked me and I said he was to share with his wife. He said she didn’t care for them. I coulda sworn she told me she liked them but that was a year ago so maybe she said she didn’t.

There are a lot of the perssies that are getting ripe but the ones I bought in the store are still pretty hard. I blended one of Dario’s up with some lemon juice and a little nutmeg. Then I added some chia seed I had mixed with water this morning. It was good but I think I like the straight persimmon pudding better.

There are lots of pictures I put on allyoucanupload that aren’t showing up. I’ll have to work on getting them uploaded to Flickr.

It’s getting close to being past my bedtime so I think I will stop for tonight and, as my mother would say, fly up. Good night!

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  1. Lila November 22, 2009 at 8:05 am #

    Tommie, I’m glad to be caught up with your blog, after my 18 days away. Who knew I’d be gone that long?


    • Tommie November 22, 2009 at 8:11 am #

      Not I, said the Little Red Hen. It’s a good thing you don’t have pets that depend on you and you alone!

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