My Week: Who knows?

I spent a lot of time on my Saturday night post. There was no way I was going to stay up late enough to get it done last night. Due to the time change I got up an hour earlier than I needed to. I would have liked to sleep in but you know how it is. When you can, you don’t and when you shouldn’t, you do. But, praise the Lord! Standard time is back!

Besides my post and some laundry, I didn’t do much else. My sisters were all concerned about me because the one I sat with at the Grandparents Day program didn’t see me at the concert. I had said I’d go to my niece’s house and we could all go together but I forgot. There wasn’t enough time, anyway. Then, I didn’t get my blog post done last night and that was another red flag. My sister in the Great Northwest left voice mail and alerted me to the situation. I tried to call my niece’s house and the phone just rang and rang. I called the GN sister and we had a brief visit. She is still having a lot of pain from her shingles debacle. I was finally able to get in touch with the other sister and allay her fears. It’s nice to have someone worry about me even if it isn’t warranted.

DD and merm are on their way still so she and I didn’t have our usual visit. I did talk to DS1 for just a minute to ask him a question.

Guess I’d better get to bed. The days are flying by.

Wouldn’t you know it! I overslept this morning. A week ago, it would have been after 7 when I got up. As it was, it was after 6 so I was still able to get to work without too many problems.

The next book for the giveaway was at the hospital when I got there today. You’ll have to watch this space next Sunday to see what it is. It’s a good one.

Last night was pretty cool but it warmed up nicely so I sat out on the patio for a few minutes and kept one of my co-workers company while she ate her lunch. The sun felt so good!

I stopped by my raw friend’s house to take her a recipe book. There was no one home so I figured I wouldn’t just leave it. I wouldn’t appreciate it if it didn’t get to the intended person.

DD and merm are making good progress. I’ve been asking about Pixel and they are finally including him in their video updates.

The day slipped away without my getting outside except to go to the bank and post office. I did stop by my raw friend’s house again and I gave her the book. It was well received. She’s still having pain but nothing has been found that could be causing it yet. I’m wondering if it’s adhesions. I mentioned that to her so maybe she will have that possibility checked out.

I’ve been having not exactly headaches but pressure. I don’t know if it’s from carrying around a heavy purse or if it’s from chia seed. At any rate, I cut back on the chia this evening. It’s like my head is too big and heavy for my neck. Now, no smart remarks!

DD and merm arrived at HOME in the PNW. I called and left voice mail on merm’s phone. All I said was, “Welcome home.”

I’m getting concerned about this sort of pain in my head. I’ve decided I’m going to take the plunge and try to find out what it is. My doctor’s office is closed tomorrow so I’ll have to wait until Friday. I’m fine in the mornings but, by the time I get to work, it’s started. I actually think it may be something “off” in my neck because it gets worse when I tense up.

I was able to make it outside for 15 minutes. I would have liked to have stayed for a few hours but I didn’t.

It’s strange not tracking DD and merm on I know they’re glad that trip is over. I looked up their mileage on the site and it was 2862.59495 miles. That’s a fer piece. Better them than me. Like my sister said, they are young and, no doubt, hardy.

The five lubs of chia seed I ordered came in today. I do hope that isn’t what is causing my head malady. I’ll have to start dealing chia if it is.

I didn’t have my salad this afternoon. Just wasn’t in the mood to fix it.

I was the bank/post office person this morning and was supposed to take the mail this afternoon but someone else beat me to it. Then something came up and I had to go, anyway. It was later than I usually go and just as I put the letter in the mailbox, the truck pulled out.

The last couple of days, I’ve been up before the alarm went off but this morning, there was none of that. I was wondering what time it was when ding-ding-ding ding-ding-ding and then I didn’t have to wonder enny more. I knew. It was 5:45. I was lazy and didn’t get up for some 15 minutes and made myself late to work.

It was beautiful out. A little cool and windy but sunshiny. I went out and sat in the sun for almost 15 minutes. The patio was sheltered from the wind and the sun kept me warm.

DD posted on Facebook that she went back to work today. I had thought she’d take the rest of this week off. She’s younger than I am. Logical, huh?

I’m trying to get more rest but I need to do it without oversleeping. G’night.

There’s one weekday that always has to be short staffed and that day was today. It wasn’t terribly busy but I spent a lot of my time manning (womanning?) the front window. Hence, there was no chance to get out in the sun.

I called to make an appointment with my doctor. He could either see me at 11:30 tomorrow or early Monday. I opted for Monday. Maybe I can find out what is going on or he can point me to someone who can.

One of the lubs of chia went to my friend in the nursing home. She was tickled to get it.

My sister (the one I sat with at Grandparents Day) didn’t go back home as planned because she has been having some health issues. Are we all falling apart?

I was nominated to be the mail person this afternoon. After I dropped it off, I came on up the mountain. I hadn’t had arugula in my salad for some time and it was looking good so I picked some and it did brighten up the flavor. Wish I could grow it this mild year ’round. It tends to get as hot as the weather in the summertime.

My camera has been quiet this week. The leaves have been largely disappointing. A lot of them turned brown without being colorful between that and green. Most around my part of the woods have fallen off the trees showing the skeletons. I know they have to go dormant for the winter months but it’s still kind of sad. I like the renewal part but I don’t want to wish my life away, either.

It isn’t even close to bedtime but I’m going. Good night and Happy Sabbath.

Saturday night
It was 8:15 when I turned the light off last night but it was around 9 before I went to sleep. Something had triggered the light and it was on. It’s supposed to go off after a few minutes but it stayed on. Just before 9, I got up and turned it off. I sure didn’t want to but I couldn’t go to sleep with it shining like daylight outside my bedroom window.

It was 8:15 when I got up this morning so I was in bed for 12 hours. I’ve done something to my back now. What next? Who knows? It’s mid-back and “catches” when I move too quickly. I had the heating pad on low on it most of last night and the night before. It’s better but it makes me feel sorry for anyone who has chronic back pain. It can be debilitating.

I got to church with song service already in progress. Someone had requested “Once to Every Man and Nation” which isn’t easy to play on the organ so I took my time getting inside. It’s one of those I’d like to practice before I play it in public.

Last week, I drank my OJ/fruit smoothie before I went to church. This week, I had to take it with me. After I finished it (during lesson study time), I went into the bathroom to get warm. The pianist came in and we visited for a long time and compared notes about our children. When I got back to the sanctuary, I found out the organ had been making funny noises so someone had turned it off. I turned it on to play it and then turned it off again so it wouldn’t interrupt the speaker. I hope the pastor gets in touch with someone to repair it soon.

The sister of the pianist was visiting and I asked her if she would play the organ. Her answer was a resounding “NO!” so I did it.

A young man had the church service and did well, considering. I believe he will make a good preacher if that’s what he decides to do.

Coming home, I got behind a log truck with the top speed of less than 10 mph. I managed to get by that one and then got stuck behind a long line of cars following another log truck. That one was going more than twice as fast (?) as the first one. It should have pulled over when we got to the top but it didn’t. Another sign of the economy improving. Not the slowness of their driving but the fact they are on the road again.

I’ve been wondering when I would be favored by more videos. I hadn’t checked the folder since yesterday so I did tonight and lo! there was Day Six. If the ride had smoothed out any, it was hard to tell. The scenery was nice but I would have liked to see more people. There was a glimpse now and then but no sign of a cat. However, I got to see as they pulled into the street where their new abode is and my DD’s introduction to their “new to them” car. She thought it would be more retro but Honda pretty much sticks to what works so the new ones aren’t that much different from the older ones. I appreciate that, myself.

It’s been a quiet afternoon. I ate another of Dario’s persimmons. They are going to be gone much too quickly this year. I tried to call my niece’s house so I could talk to my sister but it rang and rang and rang and no one ever picked up. I didn’t even get voice mail. Maybe tomorrow…

Speaking of tomorrow, I want to get a good night’s sleep before I face it so I’ll hang this up for tonight. The next post will be the giveaway so don’t forget to check it out!

Good night!

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