Talk About a Giveaway!

I was wandering around the WWW today and happened upon a really cool giveaway but it takes more talent than I have to win it. Entries could be turned in as early as November 1 and the deadline is December 31. That gives you most of two months to get ‘er done.

$10,000 Grand Prize! - $20,000 Total Prizes!

Win the $10,000 grand prize in Vita-Mix’s Pitch Me! contest! Vita-Mix Corporation created the very first infomercial in 1949. Now, they are looking for the next Vita-Mix Demonstration Star who is best able to sell their powerful machine in web videos and maybe even television! Just grab your camera, your Vita-Mix machine and submit! Go to right now for all the rules and details. There’s over $20,000 in prizes. YOU may be the next Vita-Mix star!

If you don’t already have a Vita-Mix 5200 and you don’t have a friend to borrow one from, you can get one with free shipping! That, in itself, is a nice little chunk o’ money. I’ve had a Vita-Mix for the last 20-or-so years and the 5200 for more than a year and a half. If I had the wherewithal to do with, I’d buy another one to replace my L’Equip and to take along when I travel.

So…grab your camera and crank up the Vita-Mix. Win some money! If you do, drop me a line and let me know about it. I’ll be proud you heard it from me first!

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