My Week: Lunch with Last Week’s Birthday Girl

The day started out cold but it warmed up nicely. I was out pulling up pepper and basil plants when DD called. It’s so sad when the summer days are gone and winter is upon us but I won’t wish my life away. I’ll be patient and wait for spring. I should be able to get my garden started on time after the weather gets cold cold and it begins to moderate.

I’d been following DD and merm’s updates on Facebook so I had a good idea of what was going on. As it was, we still talked over an hour and a half. After his trip to the PNW, merm was back home and DD was so glad. They were in the throes of packing. Better them than me. I hate to move.

DD had tried to tell me about the townhouse merm found but he did her one better. He sent me video of it so I could see for myself what it looks like. It’s a lot bigger than the apartment they’re leaving and considerably less rent.

Seems the weekends fly by. It isn’t any time until I go back to work. This will be a short week, though. I’m taking Friday off to go to Grandparents Day with my 8 year old granddaughter. She’s in second grade this year. Her other grandparents were supposed to go but they went to Virginia.

It was a fairly quiet day at work. I hate to use that word. That sometimes brings on the avalanche.

Dario is supposed to ship my persimmon order today. He said he’s sending me just about all of the ones that are available plus the usual lemon packing and a pitaya! A pox on whoever stole the rest of the perssies! He said they weren’t even mature enough to ripen so they’ll probably just rot. I’d say I hope they will but that would be lowering myself to their level so I won’t.

I had a click ‘n ship notification from the post office this morning. The persimmons are on their way, for sure!

Not quite an avalanche but busier. The weather is moderating but it’s windy now and still cloudy.

I’ve started back with green smoothies for lunch. I don’t know how well that goes over with the others but some of them heat up stuff in the microwave that smells like cat food cooking. If I can put up with that, maybe they can put up with my smoothies. I know I get more nutrition from the smoothies.

A huge surprise! The persimmons arrived today. One of my friends from church said she’d like to have some so I’ll share a 5 lub box with her. I called and left a message with her husband for her to call. I left them in the car.

My dreaded task took up most of my day. The schedule is a thorn in my side. I’d love to delegate it but there’s no way. It’s my responsibility to piece it together so I do. I’ll have to have it pretty much set before I leave tomorrow afternoon.

A rainy day today. The gauge had .7″ in it when I emptied it.

My sister sent me an email wanting to know if I were going to the concert Sabbath afternoon. I emailed back that I didn’t plan to be anywhere near that place except on Friday. THEN I got curious and looked it up on the university web site. Well, that changed my mind in a hurry! DS1 had told me months ago that it was the year for the reunion of the men’s chorus he sang with forever but I’d forgotten it. So…I won’t have my quiet Sabbath afternoon after all. Thank you, dear sister! I wouldn’t want to miss that one!

Before I left for work, I called the produce place for a box of oranges. I’ll pick them up tomorrow afternoon. The man told me he’d order them this evening and have them in tomorrow morning.

I finally gave up and called my friend. Her husband had forgotten to tell her about the persimmons. She sounded a little hesitant when I told her the price. They are $10 for a five lub box plus shipping so they aren’t cheap but they are so good!

This afternoon, I took pictures of the leaves on the way home. It’s the last time I’ll be coming up the mountain until Sabbath. There are lots of brown leaves that died without turning but there are still some beautiful colors out there, too. Not as much as I’d hoped but not completely absent, either.

Pretty leaves

On the way up the mountain

DD and merm left today on their “Epic Road Trip” as merm likes to call it. I’m sure they will be sharing pictures and videos with me. Not quite like being along for the ride but I think I’d just as soon not, to tell you the truth.

I did a post about chia seed tonight. If I have heart problems I’m doomed because I’m getting addicted!

Tomorrow, I’ll have to get up at my usual time. The program starts at 10:30 so I want to be on the road by 9. Better get to bed!

I was up at 5:31 a.m. and determined to get around and get things done. I was moving along quite well until I got voice mail that my sister wanted to talk to me and then merm hailed me on gmail. A conversation and a chat later and I was behind schedule. I didn’t get away until 9:15.

I’d had part of a smoothie of OJ blended with fruit before I left and took the rest with me. I also packed a couple bananas, an apple, some dehydrated papaya and killed my first Dario persimmon. It was cut into wedges and stowed in a sandwich bag.

My neighbor was getting ready to leave just about the same time I was. I hollered bye to her and said I was supposed to be at the school in an hour and 15 minutes. I had my usual prayer before I pulled out of the driveway.

The “back way” always gets me there more quickly but it soon became obvious that wasn’t going to be the case today. The economy must be getting better because I ran into road construction no once but twice. The second time, I had to sit for several minutes before I was cleared to go through. I could feel my blood pressure rising. It felt like the top of my head was going to come off. I started praying in earnest and asked the Lord to help me calm down. I knew that stewing about it wasn’t going to get me there any quicker and I took some deep breaths. I lived to tell the tale.

This was my first experience with Grandparents Day. My sister has been there several times and is famous for passing out at one of them. Parking was at a premium and I finally had to give up and go park quite a distance away. I grabbed my purse and my tote and left my umbrella since it had given up trying to rain. Hoofing it as fast as I could, I made it to the gym just before 10:30. I scanned the audience and finally found my sister.

I sat down and knew the bathroom was where I really wanted to be but there was no time. A man who looked familiar asked if the seat next to me was saved and I told him no. A young woman came and sat down. I kept trying to remember where I’d seen him before and it finally dawned on me that he is the one DH had bought the organ from years and years ago! I didn’t make myself known.

The program was preceded by 20 minutes of announcements so I could have gone to the bathroom and been comfortable. Grade by grade, the children performed and, during one of the numbers, I got up and went. I never could pick out my granddaughter but my sister and I both spied her grandson.

After that was over and it did go over, we headed upstairs to find our grandchildren. She knew the layout and we found her grandson’s room with my granddaughter’s right across from it. However, no granddaughter was in sight. We traversed the hallways a couple of times and both of us were given sack lunches. I gave mine to my sister. There was nothing in it I’d want to eat.

Rounding a corner, there was my granddaughter holding onto the hand of one of the assistant teachers, I guess. We’d found each other! We went to the room where she had her lunch and I unpacked mine. I ate one banana and offered her the other but she refused. She munched on Cheetos and gummy Lifesavers while I ate my persimmon.

We talked and she gave me a letter and the card she made me.

The Letter

Back of the Letter

My card

Card inside

I met the boy who sits beside her and her best friend.

After lunch was over, she took my hand and directed me to the book fair. We wandered through and she showed me the poster she’d bought for herself. Then she started looking at other things. Everything was overpriced, of course. I showed her a horse and a little book that went with it, but horse-crazy as she is, it didn’t interest her. She picked out a pointing hand and I was going to get it for her until it was supplanted by a pen with a little cat perched on top. She was holding both so I asked her if she’d rather have the pen. She put the hand back. We checked out and went to the playground.

She showed me how she could traverse the monkey bars (and she is really good at it) and then went off to play with her friends. By that time, I was in need of a bathroom again so I went over and asked her if she wanted me to put the pen kitten on her desk. She informed me I couldn’t get back in without a card. Oh, woe! I told her I was going to have to leave.

I went to the university supermarket and, on my way to the bathroom, I saw the wife of a former pastor. She motioned to stop me but I was on a mission. I told her I’d talk on the way back and fled to the facilities.

We had a good conversation and I met her sister-in-law. I did my shopping, then went to Aldi, Wally World, Bi-Lo and the produce place. It was about 5:15 when I got home.

The rain gauge had .9″ in it.

I’m tired and I’m so thankful it’s Sabbath. Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
It was Homecoming this weekend and I would usually have been at the university for that but I stayed and played the organ for church. The subject was “The Five Diets of the Bible”. It was very interesting but, had I stayed until the end, I would have been late for the concert. I’d told the pianist I would cut out before the closing song if the speaker went over and he did. So I did.

Speaking of the subject matter, he and I disagree on one main point. He interpreted Genesis 1:29 to mean fruit, nuts and grains while I believe “herb bearing seed” means leafy greens. It doesn’t say the seed is food. It says the “herb” is. The grain has to be cooked (except for corn) and I don’t think Adam and Eve cooked in the Garden of Eden. Just my two cents. I don’t think either of us could prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Anyway, after stopping at home and guzzling a green smoothie, I grabbed an apple and headed down the road. This time, there was no construction and I got there in plenty of time. My sister had said she was planning to be at the concert but I never did see her. I found my DIL with no problem. My granddaughter had stayed at home and I didn’t blame her. It had already been a long day.

The concert was wonderful in spite of the fact that they didn’t do “Cantique de Jean Racine” which is my very favorite. My friends who wanted the persimmons sat behind us and I had to give the female half a look when they sang,

The greatest want in the world is the want of men.
Men who will not be bought or sold
Men who in their inmost souls are true and honest.
Men who do not fear to call sin by its right name.
Men who’s conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole.
Men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.

The piece is based on that quote by Ellen White from the book Education, pp. 56, 57. My friend had mentioned it in Sabbath School one week.

The group was made up of at least 97 men that I was able to count and I probably missed some.

They were all going to eat together and DS1 told me I could go along and eat a cucumber but I begged off and came home after I delivered the persimmons. It had been a full day. I did stop once to take a picture. It had been cloudy all day but just before sundown, there was a split in the clouds that let the sun through. It made it look like there was a spotlight on the hills ahead of me.

The cloudy sky and sun "spotlight"

I saw a couple of groups of trick or treaters in town but I never see any at home. Fine with me.

I have written much of this on Sunday and that’s why it didn’t get posted last night. My clocks still had the same time when I got up this morning except for the atomic clocks and they were right. Oh, my computer clock was, too.

I’ve been watching DD, merm and Pixel’s progress across the US. DD drove for about “that” far and turned it back over to merm. I don’t blame her. It’s a 22 foot Penske truck. The first day, the cab shook all the time. That night, merm let the company know and someone was sent out to assess the situation. It was determined that the tires were out of round so the two front ones were replaced while the driver(s) slept. That was good service, I’d say. I asked merm if he had any help driving and he said Pixel had his paw on the gas so all he had to do was steer.

And here is where I sign off for another week.

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  1. Mary Jane November 1, 2009 at 7:59 pm #

    Apparently Katlyn was happy to have you at Grandparents’ Day!

    • Tommie November 1, 2009 at 8:12 pm #

      I think she was. She acted quite shy which isn’t her way but maybe it was the situation.

  2. Nanna November 2, 2009 at 5:15 pm #

    Oh dear they always do that at school – but it’s so cute to see them on THEIR turf instead of at home.

    What a busy week you had!

    • Tommie November 2, 2009 at 6:26 pm #

      Yes. It’s one I wouldn’t want to repeat. It’s nice things come on one by one instead of all at once.

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