My Week: Here and There

Last night was another weird dream night. This time, one of the doctors wanted a boiled egg. I offered him mine (?) but he refused to take it, not wanting to deprive me of it. I told him it was okay because I still had my peanut butter (again “?”). Now, what makes me dream of boiled egg and peanut butter? I could understand bananas and mangoes but not things I haven’t eaten for years ‘n years.

It’s been dreary all day today. I got up to cloudy and left for my granddaughter’s third night in “The King and I” in rain after I had my visit with DD and posted my giveaway for the month. I’d looked for my umbrella but couldn’t find one. I’d left my regular one at the hospital but I have a couple more at home. When I went to let my neighbor know that I’d be gone until tomorrow, he handed me his umbrella. I told him I might not get back with it. It’s a Dale Earnhardt ‘brella and both DS2 and my DIL are big fans.

The cemetery is almost right on my way so I stopped to make sure the picture was back on. It was.

Mother's back!

It had been raining and the picture was liberally covered with droplets which is what makes it look so strange. If you look at the original on Flickr (and it takes a while to load even with DSL) you can see the raindrops.

I was going to stop and go to the bathroom at the university supermarket but it was already closed. When I got to the academy where the play was to be, I was just about desperate. I called my DIL and she agreed to meet me at the front of the building with my ticket. What a relief to get inside and find facilities! I had made sure not to eat or drink anything too juicy after my breakfast smoothies but I still had plenty of ammo.

The play was good and well performed and, of course, my granddaughter was the best princess in the whole production. The preliminaries began shortly after 7 and it was after 10:30 when we got out. I managed to make it through without having to excuse myself but I made use of the intermission. It’s beyond me why buildings are designed with so few potties. With so many women in attendance, the automatic flushes finally gave up and quit.

I need to go brush my teeth and get ready to call it a night. Later, Dudes and Dudettes.

What a day this has been! It was strange not to have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off like my DIL and granddaughter were. That’s usually me in the morning. Last night, my DIL was alarmed that I didn’t bring any food into the house. I told her I had some in the car and not to worry. She was relieved. I could have had a lot of fun out of that one had I thought.

My DIL’s computer had come back to life but she still couldn’t get online. I fiddled with that for some time and got online with mine so I knew it wasn’t the cable or the modem. When I got done, I packed it all up and left.

On my way, I stopped at the university supermarket, Aldi, Wally World, the produce place—all the usual suspects. At the last stop, I got a box of decent tomatoes. At a decent price.

It seemed like Monday. However, it was pointed out to me that Monday had already passed without me and there were more registrations than we’d had for a long time. Seems flu season has hit.

I was the bank/post office person which worked out well except for one hitch. There was a piece of mail that had to be signed for and it took forever to get to the counter to do it. By that time, I was in misery and made it to The Pig and used the facilities. Nothing in there called to me. Mangoes were $2.99 each and were quite small. I think not, thank you. My bananas at home are smoothie bananas so I stopped to get some that aren’t quite so ripe and they were 29¢ a lub. I had three of them for lunch along with three small apples. Big switch from watermelon.

Speaking of watermelon, my sister sent me a copy of a picture our cousin had sent her. It is of our Grandmother Minnie, my Uncle Floyd is next to her, then my Grandfather Dow (with the mustache), a couple of unidentified boys and my grandmother’s brother, John, in the front. It proves I come by my love of watermelon honest. Should that be honestly? We always said, “She comes by it honest” so I’ll leave it the way it is.

Family and Friends

I was over at the nursing home today and I always stop to visit the remaining birds. Evidently, the one that was “hiding” was actually on a nest because there’s a young one in there now. That’s an exciting turn of events! I wish they could find the others and get them back.

Another bank/post office day but today it hardly took any time at all.

The sun was out and I would have loved to sit in it for 15 minutes but it wasn’t to be.

Not as busy as it was yesterday and the day before so I got some work done on the schedule. That’s a dreaded task. I’ll have to have it finished by Friday and tomorrow is going to be different because I have to go do my backup chores in the nursing home.

I was going to tough it out and not ask for help on anything unless it killed me. I had to admit I was dying and made the dreaded phone call. There was one step that wasn’t included in my notes but it is now. I don’t like being backup for something I rarely to never do. After that, everything went well and it was soon over and done with.

This week has flown. I hardly know what day it is any more. Of course, I didn’t work Monday which made it seem shorter.

Thank goodness, it wasn’t terribly busy today. There was one registrar and me. It would rain off and on but finally the sun came out and stayed longer than a few minutes. I kept making excuses to go outside.

I didn’t wear my newest Hawaiian shirt. While the other one is huge huge huge, this one is snug. I’d have to pin it in one spot across my chest and since I was going in an hour early, I didn’t take the time to do it.

After work, I stopped to see my raw friend. She was on the phone with one of her relatives so I didn’t stay long.

My neighbor came back from Florida. She brought me two huge avocados. I tried to give one back for her to take to her husband but she wouldn’t. I decided I’d make guacamole for the dinner tomorrow. They’d go bad before I’d eat them if I kept them. One would do me for four meals and I don’t eat avocado the same day I eat nuts. I’d gone over after work to see if they were able to get online and we were talking about the avos and I had to confess I wasn’t going to eat them by myself.

I’m kinda sleepy so I think I’ll call it a day—er, night.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
It rained cats and dogs last night. It was interesting and a little disappointing to see how much was in the rain gauge. It was less than a half inch. There were tornado warnings out, too. I’m still here and so is the house.

I was a little late to Sabbath School this morning. Making the guac took more time than I thought it would. The avocados were beautiful and it made a pretty mixture. I put the juice of a small lime in to keep it from turning dark.

We had Communion today. During the foot-washing, I asked one of the ladies I’ve known all my life to take part with me. Mother taught her two daughters in church school. Bless her heart, she has some trials and tribulations. I don’t know how old she is but I’m not much older than her children.

People were shocked and amazed that I was staying for the fellowship meal. Besides the guacamole, romaine and red sweet peppers to put the guacamole on, I’d taken some Barhi wet pack dates from The Date People. When I was looking at their site tonight, I saw they’d posted this video about the date harvest:

Guess I’ll stick with my desk job. That’s some catchy music, though.

Anyway, when all was said and done, everything I’d taken was licked up. One of the ladies took some of the guacamole home with her and another was eating the rest with a spoon. I’d eaten five of the dates, myself, and was going to bring the rest home but there was no rest of them. I’d rather it would be that way. A couple of things—a. If people don’t eat my food, I think it doesn’t appeal. 2. I don’t like to have to bring stuff home and put it away.

One of the fellows said he didn’t eat any of my guacamole because he didn’t see any chips for it. Honestly, I had intended to buy some yesterday to cater to that segment of the population but I forgot and that means I had three or four more dollars in my pocket. That dried out stuff is expensive!

I’d had three bananas plus the dates at the dinner and NO ONE commented on how I was eating. I think what I told one of my friends got around. I said one reason I didn’t stay was because I was kept busy talking about my food (or lack of it) and went hungry as a consequence. When I got home, I had a smoothie, some “soup” (besides the unleavened bread and the grape juice, it blended longer than it should have so I might not have been 100% raw today) and a huge salad. Oh, and a Bubbies pickle.

My niece’s daughter was diagnosed with H1N1 Wednesday. I called this afternoon to see how she is doing and she’s better. They immediately started her on Tamiflu.

Tomorrow is a big day. Hopefully, I won’t have to go in to work Monday. If the sick one is able to go back, I won’t. Otherwise, I will. We’ll see…

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  1. Lila October 11, 2009 at 11:30 am #

    Hey, Tommie, I didn’t know Abby had made her stage debut at the academy. I’m sure she did well. Sounds like quite a performance. Glad you could be there!

    • Tommie October 11, 2009 at 2:04 pm #

      It was the other granddaughter but you’ve figured that out by now. She sang her little heart out with the group. No speaking part. I didn’t recognize her with her hair sprayed black and slicked back. Her dad had to point her out to me.

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