The Third Awesome Rawsome Giveaway Winner Is…

Diet MythI made a visit to to find out who won the Third Awesome Rawsome Giveaway and what do you know! The pointer landed square on someone absolutely new! I’ve had three giveaways now (didn’t I already say that, sort of?) and I have three different winners. The outcome might have been different if people had taken advantage of the extended deadline but the winner can be glad they didn’t. Procrastination can work to a person’s advantage.

Come on down, Sharon, and claim your prize! You won with this comment. I’ll be emailing you to find out your mailing address so I can send you your book. So, heads up! It will be in your hands soon!

All the rest of you…I’ll be putting up a new giveaway next Sunday (barring another hacking incident or a server outage) so check back and enter!

Until then, keep eating raw vegan food! It’ll do you good!!

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