The Raw Vegan: Part XC, Coming Home!

The nine months had finally passed and it was time for DD to fly back across the Atlantic. This time, DS1 was able to go along and was I glad! That meant I didn’t have to do the driving. It was still a lot farther than I liked to go in heavy traffic but DD was having a much longer trip. My DIL and granddaughter came along for the welcome home, too.

Before that at the hospital, I had gone to talk to the person doing the interviewing for the job of assistant controller. The person was my boss and would have the last say in who was hired. When I broached the subject, I was turned down flat and was told I was where I was supposed to be. I was to stay where I was. Oh, well. At least I tried.

Since DS1 had the day off, we decided to go down early and visit the zoo. My granddaughter was big enough to enjoy the animals and I hadn’t been to that particular zoo since DH had taken us there when the boys were still quite young. Back then, it was still the Grant Park Zoo.

On the way in, my granddaughter was fascinated by the signs that were placed all around the park. She had to stop and “read” them though she had no idea what the words were. She came up with some interesting interpretations.

"Reading" the Sign

Wandering around the grounds, we found ourselves at a window looking out at what looked to be an endless stretch of vegetation. DS1 was trying to get my granddaughter to look but she was more interested in the other people.

What is that??

Things had changed considerably in the intervening years. Before, it had been a rather stark environment for the animals but lots of improvements had taken place. The animals were now housed in a more natural habitat. This was the first and only time I got to see Willie B. He didn’t do much but stare back at the gawkers from his hammock.

Willie B.

One of the fun things was turning ourselves into animals and DS1 and my granddaughter took a turn.


We were there for hours. The day was hot and sticky and my granddaughter was cooling off with her mom’s soda.

Taking a break,

After the zoo, we went to the Cyclorama. At first, Granddaughter was charmed with the little figures but it soon became old and we hurried on through. The natives were getting restless.

Everyone was pretty hungry and we still had time to kill so we went to a nearby Pizza Hut and ate. There was some new pizza out (of course) that DS1 wanted to try (of course) and I wasn’t against it, myself. We tanked up on pizza and soft drinks.

It was still a long time until DD’s flight would come in but we went on to the airport. This was in pre-911 days and we went through security and to the gate with no problem. We made ourselves as comfortable as possible over by the windows looking out at the taxiway.

Granddaughter was sugared up and tired, all at once. She absolutely refused to take a nap. There was no way you could get her to close her eyes. The only thing to do was to let her burn off her excess energy. Before it was over, she was down on the floor hopping along like an overgrown frog. I tried to get her up but it was no use. I could only hope she wasn’t getting all sorts of filth on her little hands.

Little Frog

DS1 kept going to look at the monitors to see what the status of DD’s flight was and he would come back to report. Finally, we heard the news that the plane had landed. Since it was an international flight, we had to go to a different area to meet DD. There were few seats and there was a large crowd of people waiting for their friends and loved ones as well. DS1 put Granddaughter on his shoulders so she would have a good view and see her aunt come through the gate.

I wondered if DD had changed after her travels. Would our way of life be too tame for her now?

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