My Week: Don’t lick a sharp knife!

It has been the coolest last couple of weeks that I’ve ever seen for this time of year. Also the greenest. By the end of August, the grass is usually brown and crisp but not now. Not that I’m complaining. It’s just an observation that Things Are Changing. I heard katydids when I was at DS1’s place for my granddaughter’s birthday. That was July 3. Based on what Old Wives say, that would put the first frost a couple of weeks ago. It didn’t happen. If we can’t trust the katydids, who can we trust?

Last week, I failed to tell about some accidents I had. First, on Monday, I was hurrying to get to work. After an unfortunate incident years ago, I always watch the car in front of me rather than the oncoming traffic when a turn is coming up, but…I didn’t that morning. I started to take off and there was a sickening THUD. Horrified, I saw a black car ahead of me. A young woman got out and took stock of the situation. There was no damage to her bumper but when she looked at mine, she indicated that there was a ding on mine. She got back into her car and we both continued on. I drove very carefully the rest of the way to work. When I did my inspection, there was a small spot that had the paint stripped off. Enough to make it match the back bumper.

The next day, I was walking to the car to come down the mountain and stepped in what appeared to be a dog’s calling card. I didn’t get down to smell it and make sure. It took several minutes to get it off. I certainly didn’t want to track it into the car.

I was eating my breakfast watermelon when I noticed Twinkle with her “hand” over her eyes. I carefully reached for my camera and snapped a picture. I knew I would only have one chance since the sound and the flash would wake her.

Leave me alone!

Sure enough, I was right.

 Yep! She moved.

Reason why I ate my melon early was to try to get it out of my system so I wouldn’t have to get up to go to the bathroom so often tonight. Will it work?

And now for the reason for the title. I put some frozen mango in my OJ/fruit smoothie this morning and used a chef knife to break it up. There was juice on the knife and you can guess the rest. I licked it off and cut my tongue. It bled a little but, for a wonder, it didn’t hurt when I ate. Go figure. So…you’ve been warned. Don’t do what I did.

Even though it was rather cool and overcast sometimes, I was able to get my laundry out on the line and dry. When I went to bring it in, here’s what I found hanging by two clothespins.

Woody Woodpecker

I went and asked my neighbor if he’d put it there and he rolled his eyes and said, “Noooo.” Finally, I pinned him down (figuratively) and he admitted he’d created it but his wife had put it where I found it. I did ask him about Mother’s picture and he said he’ll give me some stuff to re-glue it the next time I go down.

DD and I didn’t have our visit as early as we usually do. I was outside when her voice mail came through and I didn’t see it until much later. We had quite an interesting conversation and it was nice to catch up on what they’d been doing. She and I both want to see Julie & Julia but we agreed we’d probably wait until it comes out on DVD. I’d read some on Julie’s blog and she doesn’t mince words. A lot of Julia’s fans took offense at her offhand attitude.

I found another watermelon that had a brown stem. I washed it well and put it in the fridge. I asked my neighbor how the one was I shared with him the other day. His take on it was a lot different than mine. “It tasted like PUMPKIN.” I didn’t think so. If this one is yellow, I won’t share.

Nice I didn’t have to go anywhere today.

Didn’t work. I got up more than usual if anything. Oh, well. Watermelon season won’t last forever and then I can sleep more uninterrupted.

I got out and walked three laps today!!

Someone told me the Produce Man has cancer. I asked what kind but there was no more information than that. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s lung cancer. He smokes like a chimney in spite of the fact that he has asthma. People kill themselves with tobacco. Those coffin nails are getting more and more expensive, too.

Went by and checked on the availabilty of said watermelons and there weren’t any but she said there would be tomorrow. I still have enough of the 28 lub one for lunch. I delivered the next shipment of agave nectar and my friend was thrilled. She has a son in Colombia and she’ll send him a bottle.

I had to break down and buy spinach at The Pig. I like to get the bigger containers of it but they’ve dropped the price on the smaller one by 50¢. Better than it was before. I got some apricots but not as many as the other time since a lot of them were bad.

I talked to DS1 about his birthday present so he knows what he’s getting.

Three laps again! And, boy! I need it. It makes me feel much better and less stressed.

When I went to the house to see about melons and get more tomatoes, there was no one home. A nice-looking young man told me his parents weren’t there. I assured him that all I needed was produce. I picked it out and left. I got three ears of corn but only ate one. The other two were too mature. If the female half of the couple next door had been home, I wouldn’t have had to pitch them but the male half doesn’t eat corn. Guess my corn-eatin’ days are about over for this summer.

This pillow is one I got at Goodwill months ago. Twinkle wouldn’t have anything to do with it for the longest but she has claimed it for her own.

Queen Twinkle

I didn’t have time to eat my salad since tonight was my Life Story blog post.

Three laps! This is getting to be a habit. I needed it more today than ever. I feel like I’m swatting at problems off and on all day long. Mostly on.

DS1’s hummingbird feeders came today. They’re tiny little things but they are what he said he wanted. I’ll get him some sugar, too.

Another good watermelon. This one is very juicy and ripe but not quite as sweet as the last one. It was the exception rather than the rule, though. I can’t expect all of them to be that excellent.

Speaking of “another”, I peeled another good mango and put it in the fridge. Much too good to put in soup. I used a not wowee peach instead and it was different. Good but different.

I need to get my TSH checked. I’m feeling kind of wiped out. Could be the lack of sleep is catching up with me, too, though I have been getting to bed earlier. Like now.

I forgot to go by and get some spinach yesterday so I had a banana/blueberry smoothie sans greens. If I’d had time, I would have used romaine but none was washed and ready.

Three turns around the block—er, buildings. I had to dodge a few raindrops but it never got heavy enough for me to have to cut my walk short.

One of the girls brought some delicious little grape tomatoes. Some were very small and some even tinier. They were big on flavor, though. I snacked on a few during the day. I don’t know if anyone else did.

Speaking of tiny, I bought some champagne grapes along with two containers of spinach (marked down to $1.79). Those grapes are miniscule. They have a good flavor but are tedious to eat. They’d make a pretty garnish, though. I’ll take some to work tomorrow.

When I got home, I went out and picked the cucumbers I could find. I shared with my neighbor. They are showing their lack of water. Some of them have holes running almost the length of them and not many are without pickle worms. I just cut those places out and use the rest.

The rest of the tomatoes came home with me and I put them in my salad.

Tiny sweet grape tomatoes

I’ve been getting to bed earlier and it does help.

Forgot the grapes but took some peppers. One was red for the girl who likes them the way I do and the other two were green. I had a time giving them away. It’s hard to share when people don’t want them. The Red Pepper Girl took a green one, too. I left the other one for the late shift person.

This is the first day for several that the sun has been out in force. I can tell that the average temperature has been lower. The water is much cooler when I finish my shower in the mornings and I’ve had to plug my waterbed heater in from time to time. I read in the local weekly paper that July 2009 was the coolest since 1967. I can believe it. Now I wonder if August has set a record…

One of the employees (besides me) wore a shirt that looks very much like a Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirt. I asked if she’d mind if I took a picture and she said, “NO!” Now, with the way I phrased the question that would mean it was okay but I checked to make sure. Yes, she would object. Oh, well. I guess people are afraid of Facebook and my blog. At least I wasn’t the only one so garbed. I don’t have evidence. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

A side note: I found out earlier in the week that the Hawaiian Shirt Group Creator has left and gone to a college in Alabama or somewhere. That’s okay. Facebook is EVERYWHERE.

I had my TSH checked. When I got the order, I had to call and get a revised one. It had hyperthyroidism down for the diagnosis and I’m hypo.

Another three laps down today, this time in the sun. It was nice to feel the warmth.

The patio has new furniture. I don’t know if it’s for residents only or if employees can sit on it, too. It’s very pretty and there are pots of mums around. I didn’t see the lounge that was planned, though. As long as the weather is nice for walking, I’ll walk and not sit.

A former employee from years ago has moved back home. She spent the last several years in Florida. I hope she can be happy. I’m sure her family is glad to have her close by. She’s a very intelligent person and used to do people’s taxes. I don’t know if she still does that or not but I wondered what she’d think about the changes with H&R Block. We were talking about old times and she said she remembered when I was so sick (she reads my blog, bless her!) and she said she and the others were praying hard for me. They were afraid I’d die. I felt like I would a few times. I appreciated their prayers.

When I went by to get my tomatoes and melons, I was concerned to find out my newly raw friend is having problems come up that she thought raw had solved. I’d think it was detox except for the severe pain and other symptoms that aren’t detox symptoms. I spent a lot of time talking to her husband. He’s justifiably worried about her and he was talking about taking her to the emergency room.

Later on this evening:
I called my friend and she has decided to put off her trip to the ER. I hope she gets some help soon.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
My great niece got married today. I didn’t go because it was too early in the afternoon for me to make it. I’ll see my sisters while they are over from NC, anyway. I’m sure that will be sufficient. I sent a card with a gift card earlier this week.

The person who has come home doesn’t currently have access to her own computer so I called her to see if she would want to use my older laptop. She was happy to say yes so I told her I’d take it by after church. I picked some basil for her on the way to the car, too, because she loves it.

Church was powerful today. The speaker is a nurse but he has a dual calling. He would make a good preacher full time but that would take him away from his other vocation. He’s excellent at both.

Three people talked to me today about raw food. One told me he’s eating raw except for boiled eggs (sounds like how I started out). He drinks raw goat’s milk. Not exactly vegan but he definitely looks better than he did the last time I saw him. The woman is the speaker’s wife and that surprised me. She hasn’t been exactly enthused about anyone eating raw. I was quizzed about what I eat for breakfast, lunch and supper. I tried to give her an idea of what I’m doing a lot of these days though that will change when winter comes on. Oh, woe! Winter! The third was a man who has talked to me several times. I gave him my card months ago but he doesn’t know where it is. I got his email address and told him I’d send him some links. Little ripples in the water…

I went by, as promised, and got the laptop set up and connected to the available wireless. I’d loaded Windows Media Player and FFDShow not realizing that the last time I formatted, I hadn’t installed the DVD burner. I’d taken some DVDs but didn’t say anything about them since they wouldn’t play, anyway. She was thrilled with the laptop and the basil, and I guess that was enough. She was talking about how good I look. That was music to my ears. I’d look better if I hadn’t gained so much weight which made me remember I hadn’t gotten my lab results yesterday. I left her with the laptop and came home.

Food was the order for a lot of the rest of the day. I checked Facebook for the User of the Laptop and didn’t find any evidence of her being online. I thought she might have had computer problems so I called. She had a boatload of company. That was nice to know. That’s better than a computer, anyway.

I checked on the large watermelon and finally found the stem. It’s brown. I don’t know how long it has been. The melon has a place on it that’s rotting. I emailed my neighbors to go ahead and pick it. I don’t have room in the fridge for it and I don’t know that it’s worth fooling with, anyway. Next year, if I plant any melons, it won’t be nearly as many. They have taken over the place and eat up a lot of room. If this year and last are any indication of the availability of good melons, I won’t have any problem getting what I need. I can use that space for other things.

Well, It’s past time for me to go to bed. I wanted to get some more things done ere this but haven’t so I’ll bid one and all a fond adieu.

6 Responses to My Week: Don’t lick a sharp knife!

  1. Gardenia Coleman September 6, 2009 at 12:13 am #

    Hello Tommie,
    I really found your blog very informative. Your posting on ‘How to Kill a Young Coconut’ is priceless. The last time I tried to cut a coconut it was the brown hairy king. I did the best I could but let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty. Next time I’ll get the right kind and use a cleaver. I have a lot of recipes that call for coconut but haven’t tried them yet. Do you have a good raw ice cream recipe?
    thx again and keep up the blogging. Gardenia Coleman

    • Tommie September 6, 2009 at 8:05 am #

      Thank you, Gardenia. The brown hairy kind is mature and altogether different. You can pierce its “eyes” and put the ‘nut on a glass to drain then take a hammer to it. Some people whale away at it with the dull side of a cleaver.

      I happen to like my Coconut Ice Cream though it’s more like an ice milk. Or, you can put peeled whole frozen bananas through a Champion with the blank in place. If you want to flavor it with other fruits, you can mix in diced frozen peaches, strawberries, etc. Nothin’s better, IMO, than Mango Sorbet. I haven’t made any this summer because I haven’t frozen my ice cream maker bowl. I still haven’t tried just the cubes blended.

  2. Cassandra September 6, 2009 at 3:16 pm #

    Your cat is gorgeous! And don’t lick knives! 😉

    I hope you have a great week!

    • Tommie September 6, 2009 at 8:33 pm #

      Thanks and thanks and I won’t! I promise! 😀

  3. Gardenia Coleman September 13, 2009 at 6:21 pm #

    Hi Tommie,
    Thx for your reply. What do you think about using the coconut milk that is offered at Whole foods? On HiHo Rosie’s blog she said its really good but I have a feeling its pasteurized. Have you ever used packaged coconut milk in raw recipes?
    Let me know.
    I’m starting a raw food blog myself. I’d love your feedback. Pls check it out.
    the Raw Journalist

    • Tommie September 13, 2009 at 6:35 pm #

      I’m not sure what brand they sell but, to my knowledge, even the coconut water is flash pasteurized. For that reason, I’ve avoided it. To answer your question without any misunderstanding, I have never used it. I have only used water and meat from fresh young coconut. If you want the actual milk, you have to use a mature coconut, shred it and soak the shreds in hot water. Or you can put the peeled flesh, chunked up, in the blender and blend in hot water. Then it has to be strained. I can’t speak from experience doing this. If you try it, let me know how it turns out!

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