My Week: Too Sweet Mango??

Fred's Mom's SaladI didn’t know such a creature existed but it does—or they do. The first time I encountered one was last Sabbath. I know, I know. I didn’t blog about it that night. I had so much to write that I didn’t even think of it then but I’ve had several since and that put a stamp on my mind that wouldn’t quit. I always sample a mango before I do anything with it so if it’s a good “eating” mango, I’ll put it away and save it for a Fred’s Mom’s Salad or just immediately eat it by itself. I tasted that first one and thought, “Wow! That’s really good! I’ll not put it with anything but a bowl and a fork!” Well, folks, I chunked it up and started in on it. I ate maybe three bites but the sweet was too overwhelming. I ended up making mango/tomato soup with it and its siblings as the week wore on. I didn’t have to put any agave nectar with it. Anyone telling me that a mango could be too sweet would have been laughed off the block but I’m a believer now. But on to my week…

It was a usual Sunday. I had my visit with DD. The unusual thing was, I made the arrangement for Mother’s grave. I’ve told all about that here.

I’d noticed holes in some (most) of the cucumbers lately. I showed one to my neighbor and was wondering what made it. If I let it lay for a few hours, pulpy stuff would come out the hole. He suggested that I cut into the cucumber and find out what was making the holes. So…I did. I cut from the other side so I wouldn’t destroy whatever it was that was enjoying the fruits of my labor and here’s what I found.

Pickle Worm

I Googled it and found that it’s a pickle worm. The picture I took perfectly matches this one. Next year, I’ll get my cukes out earlier so I can eat more of the worm-less ones. It’s a pretty little worm but I’d just as soon not see any more of them. I have an idea I’ll see the damage they cause, though.

The best laid plans…Work was a bear but not as bad as the week before. Not only was I able to get out and do THREE laps around the buildings, I went to get some watermelons from my newly raw friend. She and her daughter were studying math but she took time out to get me my change and tell me about the green smoothie she’d made. She had put too many greens in the only other one she’d tried and was turned off by it. Going by my directions, though, she made another one and was amazed. It was delicious! I told her people look at mine and think it’s horrible but it tastes good. They don’t know what they’re missing. Yummy and makes me feel great, besides. More for me!

After I left the hospital, I headed over the mountain to the cemetery as planned. I placed the arrangement on the grave to honor Mother’s birthday and attempted to put the anchors into the ground. It was too hard. I took off my shoe and used the heel to pound it in. No good. It wouldn’t go. Rain had been predicted but hadn’t yet materialized. I took some pictures,

Mother's Grave from a Distance

A Closer Look

Mother's Stone

put the arrangement back in the car, apologized to Mother and left.

While I was doing my shopping, a shower came and I decided I’d stop back by the cemetery to see if it had been enough to do any good. It hadn’t so I came on home. Not much evidence of its raining here.

Another day I got to get out and walk! Amazing! I did three laps once again!

Not much went on today. I hate to use the “Q” word but it was quiet at work.

DD’s grade school classmate had sent a box of Romas down by her grandfather but I didn’t have time to do anything with them. I had to do my Sad to Raw chapter.

There was something a little different in my eating, though. The watermelon I got yesterday turns out to be one of the best, if not THE best, melon I’ve had this year. It isn’t dark red inside. Actually, it doesn’t look very red at all but more of a pink but it is SWEET! And it’s sweet clear into the rind. I just had to take a picture of it, too.

Sweet Sweet Watermelon

The flesh is firm and juicy. It set me back $6 but it was well worth it and huge to boot! I’d had to take some of the previous melon out of the fridge to make room for it. I took it to the neighbors because it wouldn’t have been enough for my lunch, I didn’t want to eat it right then and it was too good to throw away. When I took it in, the female half of my neighbors needed to talk to me so I stayed and yakked for awhile. She also showed me the front porch she’s turned into an office and it is only too neat! I’m jealous.

There were problems today from the time I walked in the door. I had to get out and walk. Another three times around the buildings, I think. I had to wait for a Robert Orr Sysco truck so I wouldn’t get run over and I lost track. At least it took me just a hair over 15 minutes so maybe it was only two, what with the waiting.

It was a relief to get out. I stopped at Dollar General to get some dental floss and while I was there, I found some neat stuffed animals on sale. I picked out five monkeys that scream when you push a little button on its arm, one for each desk in the office.

After the drive up the mountain, I stopped for gas and asked the proprietor to check and see when my next oil change was due. The sticker was so faded, we couldn’t agree on what it said so I set up an appointment to go in tomorrow.

When I was getting the tank topped off, it started sprinkling. I didn’t have my umbrella with me and when I pulled into the driveway and parked, the heavens opened up! I was trapped! I took the prices and stickers off the monkeys and sat and waited for it to let up. It took, seemingly, forever but it couldn’t have been that long. Finally, I thought it had slacked off enough and made a run for it. I still got a little wet but not bad.

Later, when I thought the rain had stopped, I went out to pick cucumbers and it started in again! I’m in for the night.

I’d shared what I could of the Romas and set to tonight to get them taken care of. You can see what I did in Thursday’s post (a week from tomorrow).

I handed out the monkeys when I got to work and they made a hit. I told the girls that when they felt like screaming (which, in that place, it’s possible quite often) to let the monkeys do it for them. I also cautioned them not to keep them where children could see them and want them. I got them for all of us and no one else. If a kid wants one, his mom, dad, grandma or Aunt Matilda can buy it for him/her or he/she can save his/her money and buy it himself/herself. I’m not being selfish. It’s a stress reliever and in that capacity, it’s medication. And children shouldn’t be taking the grownups’ meds. I have spoken.

Three laps around the building! This is getting to be a habit again and it’s a good one.

I emailed my boss and asked to leave an hour early and she approved the request. I headed straight for the service station. The owner motioned me to drive up on the rack so I did. He was grinning and pointed to the right so I barely steered to the right and on to where he motioned me to stop. When he raised it up, he started trying to find the source of all the noise it’s making and isolated it to the muffler. He told me to let it get a lot worse before I do anything about it. It isn’t doing any damage so I’ll put it off until I can’t stand it.

I got out and went in to visit with his wife while he serviced the car. We had a good talk, interrupted now and then by other customers. She wanted to know if I still eat raw and I told her yes. It’s the way I eat and I can’t imagine eating any other way.

After about a half hour, the car was ready and the owner had me back it off the rack. I thought that was strange because he usually does that and has it outside waiting for me. He was grinning again and this time he told me why. He said I did better driving on and off the rack than anyone else he’d ever seen do it. Since he’s been in business for years and years, I told him I’d take that as a compliment.

I came home, ate, and did my Square Foot Garden update.

Three more turns around the buildings and this time I had company most of the time. When I was walking through the clinic parking lot, here came a floppy eared hound and she joined me. She was/is a big, rawboned dog. Solid brown and obviously a mother at one time though not currently. Her claws clicked on the pavement and she would trot along beside me until something would catch her attention and off she’d go. The first time, I thought she was gone for good but soon I heard “click click click” and here she came. It was that way for 2.5 laps and then a couple of other dogs confronted her in the parking lot and that was the end of it. They were all inquisitive and there was no fighting but I couldn’t compete. I finished my walk alone.

After work, I stopped and got two more watermelons and was gifted with a little one that’s smaller than the one I picked yesterday. I also got three ears of corn (it was good!) and some tomatoes. I counted 20 tomatoes for $3.

I’m sleepy. I’m going to bed early tonight. TGIF for sure, DD. That’s what she tweeted today. Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
Maybe 15 minutes before I had to leave for church, I remembered that it was fellowship meal day. Too bad. I didn’t have time to fix anything. As it was, I had to take my OJ/mixed fruit smoothie with me and I went out and drank it after song service was over. It was cold in the church but I had remembered a light jacket today. I would have preferred a parka.

When I went to the bathroom, there was a tiny tiny ant trying to carry a piece of something that was about 50 times its size. I watched it for awhile and went back in, praying that no one would step on it. Later, I went back in and there was the burden but no ant. I guess it had given up. It surely was persistent for a long time, though.

I asked for prayer for my sister with post-herpetic pain. I tried to call her last night but got her answering machine. I left a message for her to call me today.

The sermon was a video “Cosmic Conflict” by Doug Batchelor. It was very good. I’d picked out the songs for it and I was amazed at how well they fit. “I Sing the Mighty Power of God” and “Jesus Paid It All“.

After church, I came on home and fixed a green smoothie, then had the rest of the Most Excellent Watermelon. I cut the tiny one but it wasn’t good so it went into the compost bin. The rest of the afternoon was spent in, mostly, eating. It’s turned coolish and I had to put on warm clothes when I ate my melon.

My neighbor can’t easily get by the sprawling melon vines to mow in front of the house so I have a nice patch of wood sorrel.

Wood Sorrel Patch

I picked some of it to go into my supper salad.

Salad with Wood Sorrel

It made it pretty but I think I prefer it alone.

I tried to call my sister again with no luck. I hope they are both okay. Another sister tried to call her, too.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Lots more happened but you have the highlights. Tomorrow, we all find out who won the giveaway!

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