My Week Without and With

Well, here I am. No Internet and I’m having withdrawal. I keep thinking of things I need to do online but then I think—there’s no way to do them! I went out to the car and got my Bible and quarterly (Sabbath School lesson study guide published four times a year) since I can’t get on ssnet. My Bible is hard to read (printwise, not wordwise) and I remembered I’d downloaded eSword several months ago and never really used it. I pulled it up and was, once again, daunted by it. After I spent a few minutes familiarizing myself with it, it wasn’t so bad. I ended up with a six month plan to read the Bible through plus I easily looked up all the verses in the lesson. The version I downloaded is the KJV with Strongs Hebrew and Greek Dictionary. I’ll download just the Bible next time I can get online. Strongs is good for in-depth study but I’m reading through, taking the pastor’s challenge to do it quickly. I’m not doing it as quickly as he says but I’m doing it. Already, I can see his point. I got a much better feel for what was going on from the first 14 chapters of Genesis that I read this morning than if I’d taken it a chapter or two at a time. Even the “begats” were interesting.

Twinkle is getting low on food. That’s something else I was going to do this weekend. I thought, “I’ll email merm to get on the forum and let everyone know what’s going on” and then I thought, “DUH!!” If I could email merm, I could get on the forum myself. That’s like watching TV by candlelight when the power is off. Doesn’t work too well.

In the meantime, there’s no scheduling my day around DD’s phone call and no getting online so I have the first load of laundry about ready to hang. That’s earlier than usual. I’ve rebounded and am drinking my most delicious OJ/mixed fruit smoothie. While I rebounded, I watched part of “My Life in Food” about a raw vegan athlete (wonder if his girlfriend, Tera, is Tera Warner? It’s her color hair but I didn’t get a good look at her face.) and a couple who is practicing calorie restriction. I must say the raw vegan people look healthier. Tim, the RV, said he tells people it isn’t about what he eats, it’s about what he DOESN’T eat. That’s true. I concur 100%.

My three loads of laundry were on the line when the rain started. I’d checked the weather on the Weather Channel and the radar showed Tennessee to be clear and dry. I didn’t wait to see what the forecast was (I miss WeatherBug!). I got the sheets and towels in but left the rest on the line. The raindrops were big but far enough apart to dodge. When it let up, I went out and brought the rest in thinking I might have to put it all in the washer and do another spin but I could festoon the house without doing that.

I’ve gotten more than usual done today. ‘Nuff said.

The neighbors aren’t back yet. I don’t remember hearing how long they’d be gone. The cat (yes, the male part of the couple started feeding a stray) came around meowing the other day so I put some food out but it was ignored. Then it was gone, saucer and all. There was another saucer and it disappeared. I have an idea that one of the relatives is coming by to check on things.

When I was reading the portion of the Bible as assigned by eSword, I came across the word “olive”. Out of curiosity, I put my pointer on the reference for it and here’s part of what it said, “An olive (as yielding illuminating oil)”. Now, I wonder, who was the first person who said, “I think I’ll taste this lamp fuel.”? Whoever it was really started something.

Since Twinkle won’t let anyone in the house she doesn’t know, I had to figure a way to get the repairman the information he needed. I went into all that here.

I was the bank/mail person today and I will be tomorrow. It was nice because it got me away from the problems I ran into when I went in the door this morning. I fear it will be Another One of Those Weeks.

The neighbors home when I got here but they were unaware anyone had been around. The repairman had done his thing and gone before they pulled in. I took the extension cord back and they hadn’t even missed it. It’s nice to be back in business.

My last day for who knows how long to be the B/MP. I went by and got a watermelon from my newly raw friend’s place. Her husband is farming in a big way this year and has hundreds of melons. I’m thrilled with the few I have that aren’t ripe yet. She treated me to some watermelon juice. She’d blended seeds and all and then strained it. Not as good as watermelonade but refreshing.

Another problem day. Not surprising any more.

No time to get out and walk today.

When I walked into the bedroom, I was greeted by a red light on the modem where the Internet is supposed to be a steady green. I unplugged and plugged and (whew!) it was okay. Then I went over to get my neighbor online. I do enjoy fooling with computers.

It rained last night. I was so glad to hear it. I’d stretched the hose out and had the drip going but rain is so much better for the garden.

For the first time this week, I managed to get out for a few minutes and do two laps around the buildings. I am at my desk most of the day unless something pulls me away. I do have to take bathroom breaks and I think everyone would want me to do that. Except for walking, I don’t take breaks. Not even for lunch. I eat at my desk and answer the phone plus make myself available so the one(s) left to hold the fort will have a backup while the lucky one who can leave the office is gone.

Speaking of lunch, I took a container full of the watermelon I bought yesterday and it was full of so many seeds, it took two and a half hours to eat it. I went back this afternoon to get a different kind. The one I got yesterday was solid dark green. Not exactly like the Black Diamonds I have planted. These are round like watermelon balls. Today’s is green striped.

One of the ladies at church had told me she’d bring me some corn this week and she did today. I was amazed she’d remembered. She’s always busy doing something. There were eight rather small ears of Candy Corn. I gave one to the pickiest eater in the office. There aren’t many things I can give her that she likes but she does like corn. I had two ears fixed Creamed Corn with Basil style. It was a little puddle of it in the bottom of the bowl. Not much to it but it was good. Oh, the lady told me she’ll bring me some more corn to church.

Got out and walked again today. I’m feeling like I have more stamina. When I started back walking, I had to push myself to do the two laps. Maybe I can make it to three next week—if I have time to walk. There are two days a week, at least, when only two registrars are there in the morning and I don’t feel free to leave the office with fewer than three. Next week, there will be more days that we’re short so I may get out even less. It’s rough when I have to keep the hours at 32 and under.

Went by after work and got two more melons of the striped variety so I’ll have enough for the weekend. I want to get my food strainer out and try making watermelonade with it rather than the blender. It would take forever to get rid of all the seeds before I blended it, otherwise. Mine isn’t exactly like that one. It’s a Victorio I got in Denver many many years ago. I used to make huge quantities of applesauce with it. No more.

I had two ears of CC/B this evening. I haven’t had a salad (except for the dab last Sabbath) for almost two weeks. That’s pretty bad.

Even though there were only two registrars this morning, I had to take a break and get out and walk. Stress is getting to be more the norm these days. Yesterday, a transfer to us wasn’t discharged at the other facility and was still in a bed in the system. Since one patient can’t occupy two beds, I called and requested the patient’s discharge. Whoever did it, did it at the current time instead of early enough for an admission at our hospital. I called back and asked for it to be corrected. We are used to doing all the functions but they are so fragmented, the person who had done the discharge didn’t have access to correct it. I left the phone number with the girls when I went out the door for the day. They found out that the problem had to be handed off to Admitting and then no one there could do anything because a supervisor had to handle it. Finally, at 9:25 last night, I got a phone call wanting to know what to do. Without a number, little could be done for the patient. No tests. Maybe some medications if they could override the Pyxis. What a mess! I stuck my neck out and said I would authorize the correction myself and I stayed on the line until it was done. I figured I’d hear about it today but not a peep.

I won’t go into the other problems I had. They were bad enough but didn’t impact patient care like the one yesterday.

It was nice to know I wouldn’t have to go back until Monday.

I stopped and bought some tomatoes from the man who lives over on the highway. His wife came out and collected the money. They’ve had problems with people stealing produce and money. That’s sad. We started talking and I found out she goes to church with some of my cousins. Small world. I came home and had the last three ears of corn in CC/B. I’m getting addicted. I’m glad I’ll have some more corn tomorrow.

Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
I forgot to take a jacket this morning and the sanctuary was cold enough to hang meat. Men could take off their jackets but NO! During Sabbath School class, I went out and sat in the car to finish my OJ and mixed fruit and soak up the heat. When I went back in, I sat as far away from the ceiling fans and a/c as I could. The bulletin secretary noticed and was kind enough to ask one of the deacons to turn the fan down that blows almost directly on the organ. I was actually quite comfortable after that and I really appreciated it.

During prayer request/praise time, I said my garden is doing well except for the tomatoes and, after church, the lady who came to my rescue gave me a bag with four tomatoes. The young woman who graduated 8th grade with DD said she can bring me some Romas. I told her that would be great because I want to dehydrate some for this winter. God is good.

After church, I got into a conversation with one of the men while his wife patiently waited. I was standing in the sun and it felt so good. People who eat cooked are amazed that I can soak it up. Everyone is sweltering. My newly raw friend had on a beautiful coat dress and thought I was being sarcastic when I told her she was smart to wear it. She knows where I’m coming from, though, when I say the heat doesn’t bother me unless it gets really really hot.

No corn today. I don’t know if there wasn’t any to bring or if she forgot. She did tell me she’d bring some to me at the hospital.

I had my first salad in a long time with some of Joe’s Dressing on it. It was pretty good but it would probably be better if I hadn’t had to substitute really raw cashews for the tahini. I have some tahini in the fridge but it’s only about four years old. Guess I should pitch it. Anyway, I tasted and decided a slice of ginger would help and it did.

There’s been a message on WordPress to update for several weeks. I finally did it tonight.

There’s lots more I could tell but I’ve about had it and you probably have, too. Good night!

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  1. Kaysie August 19, 2009 at 9:24 am #

    I use and love e-sword as well! I bought the NIV pack for it just because that is my regular study bible that I bring to church but some other cool ones that you can download for free are the MKJV which is the KJV without the thees and thous and begots. Also the ESV is free and that is similar to the NIV. I love seeing fellow believers that are living the healthy raw lifestyle… its such an encouragement!

    • Tommie August 19, 2009 at 6:20 pm #

      I am using the MKJV for my morning reading-through-the-Bible-in-six-months. I was still using the KJV when I wrote this post but I’ve switched since. I have the NIV that DH gave me the last Christmas we were together and I carry it to church. I’ll have to check out the ESV. Nice thing is there are lots of free versions in addition to the others. One of these days, I’ll either invest or make a donation. The pastor was talking in church about the resources available online and introduced us to e-sword plus plus. It was great for the computer geeks in there but I felt a little sorry for the older members who wore puzzled looks. When he got through that part, they relaxed.

      Are you a raw vegan, too? You should pop over to the forum and check it out!

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