Did anybody even miss me? My DSL was down when I got home from church Sabbath and this is the first I’ve been online at home since then. I took my laptop to work so I could let my sisters know what had happened and, sure enough, they were concerned because I hadn’t posted my weekly update. It will be there before the night is over as will last night’s post, too. I have them both almost ready to go. I know everyone is waiting with bated breath. Even though my Internet was down, I could still write. Most of my weekly update was “in the cloud” but I wrote my Sunday night post in WordPad yesterday. There isn’t much that can stop a dedicated blogger.

This morning, I put the modem in a freezer bag in a WalMart bag on the telephone box interface thingy at the end of the house. Then I loosened the screen on the bathroom window and threaded the telephone cord outside. Not knowing where my heavy duty extension cord was, I pilfered one from my neighbor’s garage. I put it through with the phone cord.

The repairman called me at work and I explained where everything was and he was impressed. He asked if my modem were a little gray Motorola. I said yes and he said he’d replaced several of those today. When I got home, he’d replaced that one with one just like it! As long as it works…

So, now onto other things. Later, dudes and dudettes!

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