My Week: Squeakin’ By

This week was one that didn’t get chronicled every day or even noted. It’s been largely an unenthusiastic week and I think you can figure out why if you have been following my Square Foot Garden updates. There hasn’t been a whole lot about my tomatoes that’s been encouraging. I’ve been searching far and wide on the WWW via Google to find out how to kill the blight in the dirt before I plant again next year and it seems I will have to use some really strong stuff that isn’t anywhere close to being organic. If anyone out there has a resource that’s more eco-friendly, PLEASE share. And no, I don’t plan to plant tomatoes in the same place two years in a row. I’m going to rotate my crops.

So…here goes my attempt at remember my week. I may get things out of order but no one will know it—maybe not even me.

Sunday, DD and I had our visit. I do remember that and what day it was. I’d gotten up early that morning and treated my tomatoes with corn meal “tea” and straight corn meal. For a day or two, it looked as if it might work and then blight took over again.

Monday, it was back to work. Seems it’s getting to be the usual thing for me to go in to problems, problems and more problems. If I remembered all of them and put them down in black and white, only the small portion of the population that deals with such things would understand so I won’t do a recitation.

I was the bank/mail person all week which gave me a reprieve for a little while.

Tuesday, I visited the produce man and got a couple of watermelons. One of these days, he’s going to quit coming to town because of all the garden truck coming in and I want to have melon to do me until mine are ready to eat.

I do remember that I went to town on Wednesday. I’d used the last of my oranges that morning and I’d called earlier in the week to make sure they’d have a box for me when I needed them. There was Silver Queen corn that was pretty so I got three ears to see if I really didn’t like it. That evening, I fixed one ear, ate it, and took the other two to my neighbor. BLECCH! I didn’t even used to like it cooked.

Wally World actually still had the mangoes in both an upper and middle bin. I had been very vocal about how hard they were to reach because I am vertically challenged. In addition to that, I lodged a complaint on their web site and they listened!

Sometime during the week, I had to go to the gas station. My car has no plans to quit drinking. It does have a terrific rattle and squeak that someone told me is a loose heat shield. I looked it up on the WWW and, sure enough, I do believe he was right. The man at the station said he can’t do anything to stop it so I can’t sneak up on anyone any more. I asked if it were anything serious and he said no, it’s just noisy and that I should be able to get another 100,000 miles out of it, easy.

My favorite produce person quit The Pig! I asked the manager about her because I hadn’t seen her in there and he said yes, that she wasn’t planning to work anywhere. He’d tried to talk her into coming back but she wouldn’t agree. Later on in the week, I saw her and she said she couldn’t get any help (and she worked hard) or more money. We’ll all miss her. The produce section is going to pot. She had a nice selection of organics and it’s down to mixed baby greens. Big whoop. The stock isn’t rotated like it should be. Guess it will be back to Wally World on a weekly basis again.

Friday, I got yet another watermelon. Fortunately, even though my tomatoes are just about toast, a couple of my office-mates have spouses who have a special touch with tomatoes. One of them had brought cherry tomatoes earlier in the week and the other had pity of my condition and brought in some regular tomatoes. I don’t know what the men in the families do but their tomatoes are extra sweet and good.

I went to my newly raw friend’s place and got three ears of corn. It turned out to be two sort of yellow (light yellow—my friend’s husband thought it might have crossed) and one white. I fixed the yellow and it was okay but nothing like that delicious corn that has spoiled me for anything else. I took the white one over to my neighbor.

My melons and other things in the lower box were looking droopy yesterday so I stretched the hose across and started the water up. I’ll probably stop it tomorrow. It should be good and soaked by then. I didn’t bother to water the tomatoes.

Today’s been warmer than the last few days have been. It was cool enough early in the week that I had to plug my waterbed heater in. I won’t need any warming tonight!

The pastor was back at church after being in a concentrated master’s program for the last three weeks. We did okay with them gone but it surely was good to see them!

I haven’t gotten out in the sun much this week. I did for 15 minutes at work once and I got in 25 minutes here today. Guess I should have waited a little later because I felt like I might burn if I stayed longer.

Just had to go turn the light on in Twinkle’s bathroom. She doesn’t like to eat in the dark. I don’t blame her. Neither do I.

It would be so nice if there were an Aldi close by. I’m tired of unsweet romaine. I had some today that just wasn’t very good at all. It was organic but it makes me wonder if it had any nutritional value.

I saw that Food Network had a program about My Life in Food so I set the DVR to record it. The one about diabetes and the Tree of Life was supposed to be on next month but it was this week. I haven’t watched it yet but I’ve seen the documentary. While I don’t agree with the lack of simplicity in the diet, at least it’s getting the concept of eating raw food out there. The one that was scheduled for this week will be on who knows when. Part of it is about a raw foodist runner. I’ll just record ’em all and MAYBE that way, I won’t miss it.

If I’ve missed anything stupendous, no one will ever know unless they’ve been following me around. If they have been, I do hope they won’t die of boredom.

2 Responses to My Week: Squeakin’ By

  1. Cassandra July 29, 2009 at 4:15 pm #

    You’re lucky to be finding watermelons! This town seems to be all out of the decent sized ones. They just want to sell the tiny personal sized ones for $4! I think not…

    Is romaine lettuce supposed to be sweet? All the ones I’ve had are bitter.

    • Tommie July 29, 2009 at 9:02 pm #

      There are watermelons everywhere, including my yard! The ones in my yard aren’t ready yet, though. Sorry you can’t find some, Cass. I eat watermelon every day.

      Oh, yes! Romaine can be so sweet and good. Aldi has the best romaine around. Look for leaves that are deeply crinkled before they shoot up into green. Washed the heads in hot water (not hot enough to cook it) and then put it in a container in the fridge. Really crisps it up!

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