My Square Foot Garden: It’s Hard to Give Up

Even though my tomatoes continue to look very sad, I’m still getting some now and then that are solid and taste good so I’m not going to give up yet. For example, here’s one of my Pink German Queen tomatoes (for size comparison, I’ve put one of the large cherry tomatoes next to it). I ate what I could salvage of its sister, the weird blossom tomato, the other day. But let’s get to the other pictures.Goliath and David

It wasn’t pretty but it was out of my garden and it was pretty tasty, if I say so myself.

The cucumbers are doing well. I picked three and gave them to my neighbor today. I’ll have to start taking them to work pretty soon.

Cucumbers Going Strong

The watermelons are taking over the place.

Watermelons Everywhere

There are lots more Crimson Sweet melons besides this one.

One of Many Crimson Sweets

Now to the tomatoes ::sob, gasp, snort:: Here are my tiny, tiny cherry tomatoes. I’ve had to take so many of the diseased leaves off (and I see I missed some) that, if the weather turns really hot again, they’ll probably bake in the sun.

Little Cherries

And now to the real disaster area. I read online and heard at work that baking soda kills blight. I asked how to mix it but the person I talked to said he just mixed it up and it worked. So…I mixed a half cup to a quart of rainwater. Probably too strong but desperate times call for desperate measures. I found out that the fizzy stuff bubbles out the top of the sprayer and doesn’t take many pumps to make it come out in a fine mist. Here are part of the tomatoes with a baking soda film.

Poor Blighted Tomatoes

Here’s another view of Devastation.

Blighted Tomatoes

I need to get out there and clean them up some more but, hey! I gotta eat sometime. I could spend hours out there and still not be done. My neighbor was telling me that a friend had come over and said that when tomatoes get that bad, all you can do is pull them up and replant. I wouldn’t want to plant more tomatoes in contaminated soil and the latter part of July is a little late for tomatoes to produce and mature.

More Blighted Tomatoes

The plants are still blooming and setting on fruit and, as long as I can get something, I can’t see pulling all of them up. Maybe a few more but not all.

Now for a look at the gap where four tomato plants used to live. Those were beyond all hope whatsoever.

Four Plants Gone

Guess I may be too stubborn for my own good.

Now for a pepper picture. Finally one that is in focus! Since it’s living with the tomato plants and they are related, I doused it with soda water, too.

A Good Pepper Picture

You can see the end of the soaker hose in that last picture. I still haven’t had to use it. It’s been raining right along. Not every day but it rained some yesterday and last night. It’s there when I need it. That’s what counts.

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