Time Flies Whether I’m Having Fun or Not.

OR I Envy My Cat. She doesn’t have any responsibilities. She gets her food served to her, her cat box cleaned out. She can lie around or bounce off the walls at will (or me) and she has no pressure in her life. Of course, her greatest excitement is if a wasp or a lightning bug gets into the house and her predator instincts take over. Maybe I don’t envy her, after all, but I would like to be able to get all the rest I need.

In the night, I had to get up and go potty (of course) and I heard rain on the skylight in the bathroom. With the bedroom door closed and the window shut, I couldn’t hear it in there. It was still raining when I got up to stay. I was hoping it had rained here, too.

I didn’t want to make too much noise with people still sleeping so I ate some of the good watermelon. Later I had some grapes and half the mango my friend had given me. DS1 ate the other half. He shared in my fruit smoothie, too, but there were no more takers. The mango was scrumptious. This is a previous one but it’s about the same size compared to a store-bought one.

Homegrown and Commercial Mangoes

It had taken a long time to get the air out of my air bed. I couldn’t get it folded up to fit in the box I had it in when I got there. There’s no way I can get it into the carrying bag it came in. There was a mattress on the floor. It was off my granddaughter’s bed. Thank goodness they had gotten her a new one. That one was miserable. I had it propped against a wall so, after I got the air bed up, I pulled it around and put it back where it was before.

The others were watching a movie when I snapped this picture. It was unusual for DS1 to be home on a Sunday.

DS1 & Family

Sophie was snoozing. She more or less sleeps with one eye open, though, so she can make sure she doesn’t get caught napping by Benji. She appears to have more black fur in “real life” but the flash lightened it.


I couldn’t get Khatoul to look at me no matter how hard I tried. He was watching Benji and was constantly moving.


Benji was just across the hall but he had mellowed out to the point he let me take his picture.


My help loading the car came after I had most of it done but it was welcome, anyway. I checked through the house and was sure I had everything. My granddaughter had prayer for my safety and I left for DS2’s.

DS2 and my granddaughter were cleaning house while my DIL was preparing for a presentation for work.

Cleaning Up

I watched my granddaughter swing.

Just a'Swangin'

I also took pictures of the Topsy Turvy Tomato plant. Some of the first tomatoes had to be discarded because of blossom end rot. Sad but true. I told DIL to put a couple of tablespoons of epsom salts on top of the dirt and water it, then add some coffee grounds to offset the nitrogen-robbing action of the salts. She thought she had some but couldn’t find it. I hope they can rescue them before it’s too late.

Topsy Turvy Tomato


On the way in, I had seen the people on the corner had some tomatoes and I planned to stop on the way out. When I got back, there were none to be seen. I pulled in, anyway, thinking they might have more somewhere. The man came out and said yes, the tomatoes were on the table out front. Well, it was no more. It had been rigged and a gust of wind had blown it over. The tomatoes were on the ground. He told me they might have soft spots. I found seven that were still decent and he gave me a box lid to put them in. I asked him how much and he said he was giving them to me because they would be bruised. I picked out three more and thanked him.

There were several stops before I got home. The cashier in the university supermarket was telling me about an exotic fruit she loves and I can’t, for the life of me, remember what it was. I told her about durian and she’d never tried it. She isn’t familiar with the area and had no idea where the Asian market is.

I asked the greeter in Wally World if it had rained here and he said it had. When I got home, I saw my neighbor in their garage and she told me it had rained quite a bit. She had come over and took the lids off my containers so they’d fill up. Bless her heart! She also has a couple of five gallon buckets at their place to catch more. She’d found a pump but didn’t know if it worked or not. She’ll bring it home and see. I have some more stakes now, too. The garden looks so much better with the rain!

The clock was chiming 7 when I got in the door and it was much later when I got everything unloaded. It had started sprinkling just as I was bringing in the last load. Then it opened up and rained!

One thing I missed loading at DS1’s was the lid to the blender container. Boo, hiss!! I called and said I’d pay to have it sent to me. I can use my giant container but I prefer the smaller one. DS1 said they’d take care of it.

No post tonight! I back-dated my weekly one for last night and I’m going to bed.

Monday, Monday. There was a face sheet on my desk with a simple note that turned out to be a morning-long problem. I literally spent half my day on it, plus some in the afternoon. Things like that can be interesting but wearing. At least the office was fully staffed but it’s the only day this week that will be.

The pump hadn’t worked so she bought a new one. I told her if it will do the job to let me know and I’ll pay her for it.

I got the rest of the stakes set and the tomatoes are all tied up now. Captives!

The produce man told me he is having cataract surgery tomorrow and he won’t be in town for his normal Friday. I told him the watermelon I’d gotten from him was the best I’d had all summer and I think that made his day.

You would have thought it was Monday again. Another problem day. That one took me until 11. At least it wasn’t as long-drawn out as the one before.

A Wasp Got MeOne of the girls in the office told me she’d bring me a watermelon she’d bought for when her daughter and grandkids came in and never cut. She doesn’t care for it and her son wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. She brought it in today and, as I was going out to the car to carry it in, a wasp came sailing along and bounced off the inside of the storm door which I was holding open. It landed on my upper-inner arm and retaliated by stinging me. It was in a perfect spot for me to be able to lick it. Have you ever tasted wasp venom? It’s bitter. I briefly sucked it, too, to try to get more of the poison out and then I spit. It swelled up some, anyway, and got hot. It didn’t hurt that much, though. I didn’t even think to take a spoonful of vinegar. Good thing I’m not allergic, huh?

I was the mail/bank person for the first time in a long time plus I had to go to the main campus for a meeting. It was even longer ago that I’d done that. I told about some of the happenings on my Thursday post.

When I went to the Human Resources building, I went to the desk and told the lady that people told me I needed a new badge. She took one look and said, “You certainly do! Hand it over.” I did as I was told and another person standing there looked at it and said, “You sure have lost a lot of weight!” and then “How did you do it?” I told her I only eat raw food. “Fruit and veggies?” Basically, yes. The other lady said she didn’t think she could do that because she likes to chew. I told her I chew. “But I like food with some resistance.” Apples don’t have resistance?

She had me sit in a chair and smile and that was that. A few clicks of the mouse and my badge was printed. She asked if I wanted my old picture and I said sure so she cut it out on both sides of my old badge and marked out the info on the back so no one could impersonate the old me (and why, I ask, would they want to do that?).

I gave each of the ladies one of my cards and that was when I went to see the Groupmeister.

My first stop after that was Aldi where I thought I had enough money to cover what I bought. I came up a couple of dollars short and the man behind me wanted to make up the difference. I had a package of romaine taken out and, as I was looking for change to pay for the rest, the man insisted on, at least, doing that much. I told him how much I appreciated it and took my humiliated self out to the car.

It was a long rest of the day and I didn’t have enough to eat but I survived. I’d hoped to haul off some garbage since the place where I take it is open only certain days and Thursday is one of them but I didn’t have time. I’m getting stacked up with it.

On my way home, I spied tomatoes on the table at the roadside stand. I’d been watching it but, so far, all it had were cucumbers and squash. But, tomatoes! I wheeled around and went back. I had to write a check to put in the vase on the table since Aldi had gotten my last dollar and four of my precious quarters.

Just for fun, I put my “before” picture on my badge over my new one and then moved it beside it.


Can you see there is a difference? Raw food rocks!!

I was excited when one of my co-workers walked in with a Hawaiian-ish top on. Before the day was over, we nabbed someone to get behind my camera and take our picture. With her permission, I put it on Facebook tonight. She also said I could post it here.

Hawaiian Shirts

My DIL sent me the lid to the small VitaMix container. Since I was forced to use the big one, I’ve found it does better for things that need to be blended on high speed. I still like the small one for smoothies, though.

I’m going to bed. It’s been a long week. Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
By taking most of my OJ/strawberries/mango blend with me, I made it to church on time. It was Communion but no one had sent me the hymns so I could practice if I needed to. I glanced at the bulletin and thought the hymns were both familiar so I didn’t worry about it.

The service progressed as usual until the closing song. Oh brother! I had never seen or heard that song in my life! It was #211 in the Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal.

It surely didn’t sound like this when I played it. Later, I was talking to the pianist and she said it was the first time she’d seen it, too. Turned out the speaker had intended to choose “Watch Ye Saints”.

He said he didn’t know music so he had no idea until I started playing that it wasn’t the right song. I told him he needs to learn to read—music. An embarrassing experience and very humbling.

The lady I took part with in the foot-washing was apologetic that she can’t eat more raw food. I wish people didn’t feel that way. I don’t expect everyone to want to eat raw food or even do it if they would like to. They have to be fully committed if they are going to actually be successful at it. After church, I was talking to my neighbor’s brother-in-law and he had much the same attitude. Guess it goes with the territory.

I came home and immersed myself in a large bowlful of watermelon and then lay in the sun for half an hour. I picked some arugula for my salad and a cucumber. I’d given my neighbor a cucumber this morning. Nice! Mine turned out to have quite a few large seeds. Guess that’s because it didn’t have enough water to grow right when it was young.

After sundown, I went out and watered some of my plants. There’s a chance of rain tonight. I hope it pans out.

In the meantime, I’d better hang this up until the morrow. Good night and sweet dreams!

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