My Square Foot Garden: Water!

It is terribly dry. There’s a chance of rain this weekend (sorry picnickers) but you know how that is. The chance can be 100% and still not pan out. I was hoping not to use up my store of water until it gets really really dry but it’s already really really dry and I’m down to my last gallon or two. Maybe three. I’ve been watering the watermelon, cucumbers, peppers, herbs, arugula and basil and the tomatoes that are back in the shallow boxes but leaving the other tomatoes in the bigger box to fend for themselves.

The other day, I was talking to my neighbor and he mentioned the spring-fed cistern that is under their house. I knew it was there but I didn’t realize it was spring-fed until today. I thought there was a inlet that let the rain fill it up. He said the last time he measured it, the water was 14′ deep. The pump for it had been taken for another use so there was no way to get it out.

I went over this afternoon and talked to him and told him I’d be willing to go the cost of a pump if they’d be willing to let me use the water. He had no problem with that and said he would talk to his wife. He thought they might have a pump that could be used.

This evening, I went out and took a picture of my ripe tomatoes and took her the one on the left.

Second Fruits

I had to knock on the door several times. I considered leaving it outside for her to find but a critter might get it so I didn’t. She finally came to the door and I asked her if her husband had talked to her about the pump. She said he had and it was fine with her. She also mentioned she might have one but where would I want to put the line? I asked if hoses might work. I have a couple that have never been used and she said yes, she could probably make that work. She’ll see about it soon. Praise the Lord and my neighbors!!

Earlier this week, I dug up some volunteer tomatoes and one I had rooted and took them to work to give away. They were pretty healthy looking. The ones that came up from my scattered seed are nowhere nearly as nice.

Giveaway Tomatoes

Next week, I hope to do another video. I hadn’t planned to post anything tonight but I had to share the prospect of some good news. I have to get up early early in the morning so I’ll let this be it for tonight.

4 Responses to My Square Foot Garden: Water!

  1. Mary Jane July 3, 2009 at 2:31 pm #

    Aren’t we thankful for good neighbors?! One of mine is mowing my lawn right now!

    Your ripe tomatoes are beautiful–mine are still green, but one of these days…

    • Tommie July 3, 2009 at 4:35 pm #

      Amen! I’ve picked the ripe ones plus a few green ‘uns to take to my chilluns.

  2. James July 9, 2009 at 5:26 pm #

    Wow, what a great garden. I love the smell of home grown tomatoes! Can’t wait for when mine are ready.

    To Your Health!
    James Reno (editor)

    • Tommie July 9, 2009 at 8:56 pm #

      I’ve got several that are almost ready to pick and I’ve already picked some. I LOVE SUMMER!!

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