It’s Almost July?!!

My sister had asked when I could come see her at her daughter’s house. I’d told her not Sunday because I had too much to do. Then…I ended up getting very little accomplished that I’d planned. I did get out in the sun for almost a half hour, then worked on the gardens. DD called when I was in the bathtub for a much-needed soak. I heard the phone ringing but I finished up and blended a green smoothie before I called her back. She has offered to change the theme on my blog if I want her to. I told her I’d think about it. I like it as it is but she believes another theme would improve it. From what she says, it wouldn’t change the overall look—just the functionality. That would be okay.

She and merm had been to see Food Inc. and she said it was mostly going over things she already knew but there was one she learned but she couldn’t remember what it was. I looked it up on the WWW and watched a couple of clips. It looks interesting.

We also discussed the way my tomato plants are sprawling. DD thought I should try to cage them but they are so huge, it would be difficult. I need stakes but I don’t want to go out and buy them since my neighbor has promised to cut some for me. I couldn’t get any today, anyway.

I had my first ripe tomato. After I cut it up, I took it over to the neighbor’s so I could share but he didn’t come to the door. More for me!

I pulled up the arugula and planted some of the organic seed I ordered on eBay.

Other than that, it was eat, wash dishes and blog. My Sunday post is telling about how I plan to get my current weight gain under control.

The longest day has passed.

This morning, I moved the trellis from where I had it to an actual cucumber plant. I could’ve sworn I planted the cucumbers where watermelon is coming up and vice versa. Guess I should’ve marked the spots.

Mid-morning, I was able to get out in the sun for a few minutes. I kept dozing off so I guess I’m still sleep-deprived even though I’ve been getting to bed earlier every night.

Another hot sticky day. In the afternoon, a rain storm with very little thunder and lightning came up. Why do we always put the thunder first? Seems it should be lightning and thunder since there would be no noise without the flashes and bolts. When I stopped for gas out on the mountain, the station owner said we got, probably, a half inch out there. I know my garden needed it. I had watered it from my precious store yesterday. Things looked refreshed. The garden has grown since I did the video here.

No time to get out in the sun. I was late to work because I’d been out in the garden(s) again.

I went to town before lunch so I could get some cucumbers to have with my tomatoes. The produce man wasn’t there! I went to The Pig and got some romaine (I’m down to one package of what I got from Aldi) but the tomatoes were $1.69 a lub. Won’t pay that. Sorry. On to Save a Lot. The sign said the tomatoes would be $1.99 a lub if they had any which they didn’t. I didn’t even try for cucumbers either place because they sell the ones that could pass as green baseball bats.

There was one last place I knew I could get cucumbers but I didn’t think their tomatoes would be ready and that was at the home of one of the church members. They have greenhouses plus garden truck outside. I knew they’d been in Florida and wasn’t sure they were back yet. I had to knock twice before anyone came to the door. It was the lady of the house and she said she was glad to see me. She wanted to know all about eating raw food. Lately, she’s been feeling under the weather and she thinks that raw food might be the answer. I fielded her questions as best I could and told her I’d bring her some books (The Raw Secrets and The 80/10/10 Diet) tomorrow. I bought tomatoes, cucumbers and banana peppers and was told they were grown using organic methods. She gave me a mango from her father-in-law’s tree. It’s a Tommy Atkins but I was assured it will be delicious. I hope so. I haven’t had very good luck with that variety. When I got home, I got the things ready to take to her.

After I had my soup, I went out to get some basil and dill to make a batch of Matt’s dip and my neighbor drove up. He came over and inspected my garden with me and gave his approval. He asked me if I needed some stakes and I said YES!! He had some from previous years that he brought out, then he took them into his workshop and cut the ends so they would be pointed and go into the ground easily. I’ll take care of that tomorrow. He’d been to get gas for the mower and cranked it up to mow around the boxes. I put the watermelon vines into them so they wouldn’t get cut. By the time I got into the house and made the dip with onions he’d pulled from his garden spot and given me, it was too late for my salad. I put some in a bowl and ate it with romaine leaves and it was the best ever! Must’ve been the fresh herbs and fresh from the ground onions.

I did my chapter in the ongoing saga of my life. It was supposed to be four parts, but its up to like 78. I’m going to rebound and go to bed.

Happy 4th raw food anniversary to me! And happy 42nd birthday to Roger!

I woke early early this morning thinking about my friend from church and couldn’t get back to sleep. I took a melatonin and nodded off after too long. I woke late but was able to get around and leave for work just about on time, stopping to put the watermelon vines where they belong. I was well on my way to the hospital when I realized I didn’t have my purse. A mile or two more down the road, I turned around in the only driveway on that side of the road and went back to get it. I was about 20 minutes late, all told.

In addition to the books, I copied The Raw Secrets in a Nutshell and the complimentary copy that came with 80/10/10. I loaded up some B-12 lozenges, agave nectar and Tajin, too. There was a small container of Matt’s dip I put in for good measure. She was glad to get all of them and asked how much she owed me. The truth is, if I charged her, she couldn’t afford it. I told her daughter they need to put the table that’s on the porch out under the tree so it’s more visible. She’s a smart young lady and she agreed. She made a new sign, too. They need a large one with some eye-catching colors.

I set the stakes and tied up the tomatoes that needed it the most. I need more stakes! I had to sacrifice a T-shirt for strips to tie them. It looks like lots of little flags of surrender. I hope this will help them do better. There’s fungus on the lower leaves and I think it’s because the sun never gets down there. If I’m not sore tomorrow, I’ll miss a good chance.

Seems I am having more and more trouble getting to work on time. I don’t know what it is but the hours between getting up and going out the door just fly. I had to turn around and go back for my purse one day, too, which made me that much later. I’m trying to get everything that HAS to be done, done, so I can leave when I’m supposed to. Not work in the garden, not answer email, etc.

The UV index was high but I got out early for a few minutes. Under my eyes is very red.

Things weren’t as busy as usual but the day went by pretty quickly anyway.

Got home and took pictures for tonight’s post that you can see here.

It was back to 11 when I got to bed last night. I was up fairly early and was STILL late to work. I’m in the process of figuring out where I’m going wrong.

I had a message on Facebook before I left and it was a sad one. The cat I’d been trying to give away for a friend came in after two days’ absence all torn up again. The vet asked them to make the hard decision to put her down so she is no more.

Rain was in the forecast and it looked like it might pan out this morning but nothing. I hadn’t brought my umbrella and hoped that would bring on the storm clouds but it didn’t. The sun shone most of the day but I thought better than to get out in it. My left eye is looking fine but under my right eye is a place that looks like I’ve been bitten or something. I put coconut oil on my face after my shower and later, tea tree oil on that one spot. It doesn’t hurt but it looks like it should.

On my way back from the bank/post office, I stopped to deliver some bags to my friend from church. She’d been so dragged out on Tuesday that it really bothered me. Her daughter let me in and when my friend walked into the room, it was like night and day. She was glowing. She had been reading The 80/10/10 Diet and started eating raw ON MY ANNIVERSARY and already feels a difference. I can testify, myself, that it can do it that quickly. She’s on fire and has that evangelical spirit. One thing she suggested is that we could do a seminar. I told her the pastor’s wife had wanted me to do one early in my experience but there must’ve been second thoughts. She looked disappointed but she agreed that was possible. Her sister has been wanting to learn about raw, too, so she’s going to share the good news with her. She gave me a huge mango (she’d given me one the other day, too) and promised me some more. Woohoo! I cast Matt’s Dip on the waters and it came back as a mango! BTW, she loved the dip/dressing and asked for the recipe. I told her it’s on my blog.

I did something terrible today. A confirmed fan of a certain university had left the office and I changed the wallpaper on the computer from that one to a competing university. Boy! Did I get my title read clear! I have changed the name on my phone (it displays to anyone I call or anyone calling me who is inhouse) to “MUDD”. I said I was going to tell anyone who asked me about my eye not to tagle with that person.

My sister was wanting my Healthrider so I was going to load it up this afternoon to take to her on Sunday. I called her to make sure she still wanted it and she said no, she had decided she didn’t have anywhere to put it. Glad I called before I struggled out to the car with it. Later on, I called my other NC sister and she said she has a piece of exercise equipment similar to it and didn’t need it. She suggested I should try to sell it. Maybe I will…

I took pictures of me after I got home. It was my first attempt at using the “eight second look” setting on my new camera and it was a surprise.

Here’s me all posed.

First Shot

The camera unexpectedly kept shooting.

Second Shot

I didn’t know what to do so I kept standing there looking a little abashed. Three shots and it was over. Pretty neat.

Third Shot

I came in and took a picture of the detail of the newest purchase from eBay. You can see how the pattern is matched where it buttons up. Beautiful!!


The only problem I have with the shirt is that it would have fit well a couple of months ago but I won’t be wearing it again until I slim back down. Which I won’t any time soon. The first mango my friend gave me was ready to eat so it met its doom and is nourishing the old bod.

Yummy Chunks of Mango

She told me she loves the Tajin, too, and puts it on salad. I tried it this evening and it’s double tasty!

Well, it’s getting on toward 9 o’clock and I still have to rebound so this will be it tonight. Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
It’s been almost a week since the longest day but they’re still plenty long. I don’t want to be up late tonight with such a big day ahead of me tomorrow. If the people who think to change times and laws would leave well enough alone, I think we’d all be better off. Just my opinion but that’s the way I feel. At least I don’t feel dragged out like I used to before I started eating raw food.

I got up about the usual Sabbath morning time even though I was only planning to go to church and not Sabbath School. We were meeting at our sister church this week. It had been months since I checked on Mother’s grave. I’m always in such a hurry but I was going right by the road that leads to the cemetery so I took a couple of minutes to drive by. The place had been recently mowed and I looked forward to seeing how nice Mother’s grave looked. Even before I got out of the car, I could tell that all was not as it should be. I had my trusty camera with me (which, by the way, is still operating on the batteries that came with it) so I whipped it out for some pictures.

Mother's Grave

This was taken from just behind Mother’s stone. There was all sorts of dried grass thrown by the mower on her stone and I brushed it off. She would have been so distressed.

The Poor Sad Arrangement

I tried, unsuccessfully, to pull up the foundation of the arrangement but I’d anchored it too well. I was steamed until I started praying for the people who keep the cemetery up. I went on to church and thought I’d go back by to pick up the mess. Then I changed my mind and decided to wait until tomorrow when I can get some greenery to replace what was destroyed and build another arrangement.

When I got to the church, I went to the Fellowship Hall to leave my contributions. I wasn’t staying to eat but I felt I should take food, anyway. I had a watermelon, some Cherry Berry tomatoes (the last I’ll buy until the tomato harvest is over) and cucumbers. I parked under a tree because it was supposed to be a scorcher.

In the sanctuary, I spied and older couple and sat by them. I gave them my new phone number since I no longer have a land line.

I’d left my glasses at home on purpose so I COULDN’T play the organ. There was someone else ensconced on the bench that did a much better job getting sounds out of that poor instrument.

I was proud of myself getting through the whole service as well as a baptism without having to go to the bathroom. While they were waiting for the baptized one to come back in, I headed for the facilities. Imagine my shock and dismay to see an out of order sign on the bathroom door! I had to hoof it to the Fellowship Hall (which seemed about two miles away) but I had the nice company of one of the men from our church who had the same thought. I got back in plenty of time for the closing exercises.

After having a prolonged conversation with a couple of men (one of them complimented me on my eBay dress), I came on home and that’s where I’ve been ever since.

We had a few drops of rain but not enough to wet anything completely. There’s a little in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow but it’s widely scattered. I took the top off my rain “barrel” in case but it’s probably just evaporating what’s there.

My neighbor told me I’m welcome to pick the poke growing at the edge of his property so, DS1, you’ll get your wish! And maybe some cucumbers and tomatoes!

If you’ve waded this far, you are either brave or a glutton for punishment. I’m signing off here for this week.

PS—On a whim, the other day I plugged up one of the fans that had quit last summer and it worked! I tried the other one and it worked, too. Don’t know why. Maybe they figured I had bad-mouthed them and they’d show me! I’m glad they are both working, though. They are neat little fans…

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