The Heat Descends!

I woke early and remembered I had a business meeting at the church this morning. For a wonder, I got everything done I absolutely had to and was out the door and the first one there. I’d had the beginning of breakfast (OJ blended with mixed fruit) and made a blueberry/banana/spinach smoothie to have when I got home. Wondering if I’d gotten the date/time wrong, I went to the church and called one of the members and was assured I was right. When I came out, the parking lot had sprouted more cars. The pastor had promised the meeting would be short but that just doesn’t happen. I got home and was glad my next meal was in the fridge.

But! on the way home, I had to take advantage of my new camera being so easily accessible. Here is a picture of the mist that was resting over “my” mountain.

Last Sunday

And here is the road I travel almost daily.

The Road I Travel

DD and I had our visit while I hung out clothes and started digging up tomato plants from the seed I scattered. Before I got through, there were 26 of them. They are a sad looking lot in need of some sun. I had promised them to several different people but I may have to rescend my offer because they look so bad. It isn’t a lack of nourishment—it’s a lack of sun.

I didn’t lay in said sun because I had gotten so much already. Under my eyes is already pink.

My wireless, being out for days, had necessitated my stringing the cable (so thoughtfully provided by merm) through the house. I got online and asked him to go ahead and yuuguu in if he had time and he did. He couldn’t do anything since I would have to unplug the network card to fix it but he gave me detailed instructions which eventually solved the problem.

Back to work! It seems the weekend is here and gone before I can turn around.

There was a huge influx of outpatients that kept everyone busy today.

My supply of oranges is getting low enough I need to get another box. I contacted the produce place and ordered some of the juice variety to pick up on Wednesday. A friend is supposed to pick up some romaine and frozen pineapple at Aldi for me but I haven’t heard from him yet.

I called the doctor’s office to get a prescription written for my thyroid medication but I didn’t get over there to pick it up.

I thought it would take longer for my kiwifruit to ripen but one was ready this afternoon so I slaughtered it. It was decent. I’ll post a picture of it on my fruit and veggie page when I get a round tuit.

We had the full complement of registrars today which made life much easier. I wish it could be that way every day. Every record has to be audited for registration errors before it can be let go so whatever the registration report says can be doubled to come up with an estimate of the work load. THEN there are those that have to be accessed multiple times. Enough of work talk.

I’m going to have to get to bed earlier. I’m gaining weight and I think a lot of it is because of my sleep habits—or my lack of sleep habits. I’m a case in point when it comes to proving that sleep has something to do with how much a person weighs.

I got word that I had one bag of pineapple (I’d asked for three but that’s all they had) and four packages of romaine so, with my boss saying it was okay, I left work and went to pick it up. I won’t have to buy romaine this week! One package from there lasts far longer than the organic hearts I get from The Pig.

I’ve been Googling again (Bing-ing doesn’t sound as catchy so I’ll stick with Google, thank you anyway) and found that the other Chinese gooseberry is golden kiwifruit. One of them was ready today so out came the knife. It has a milder flavor and is sweeter than the green-fleshed one. I don’t know that I like it better. Likewise with putting it on the fruit and veggie page. So…that’s the end of Harry and David for me.

It was 82 degrees F in my bedroom when I finally was able to hit the hay last night. My latest chapter of my life kept me up—again. Anyway, back to the temperature. I decided I would need to get a fan. The two I bought last year have died. I don’t know if it is the adapters that are bad or what but they will run for a little while and then cut off. This time, I’ll go for a basic fan without bells and whistles. What good are b&w when they don’t work?

Let’s see. It was Monday when I asked for my prescription and it was today before I got to the office to pick it up. It’s within easy walking distance so that can’t be my excuse. The FNP had written it two ways—90 days with one refill or 30 days with five refills. I took the 90 days. I can get that at Wally World for $10 while the 30 days would cost me $4 each. Hey! That’s $2 savings every three months! Don’t laugh at my penny pinching!

As soon as I got off work, I headed for the other side of the mountain. There had been a couple of brief downpours and I just knew I’d be caught short without my umbrella but I lucked out. No rain.

I picked up my oranges and some pretty peaches and went to Goodwill next where I got a Land’s End tankini for sunning. It emphasizes all my lack of sleep transgressions. For $2, though…I assured the cashier I will NOT be seen in it in public.

Wally World had Ataulfo mangoes!!! I say “had” because I bought 10 of them. They were 50 cents each. I could have missed them but I was looking at the organic cherries and they were on the next shelf down. WOOHOO!! I’m gonna feast.

Ataulfo (Champagne) Mangoes

Speaking of feasting, I have been having watermelon every day but one that I can remember. That means a lot of watermelons have met their fate and, so far, I haven’t had a bad one. My plants are really growing in the garden so I should be having my own one of these days. I’ll have to be patient. I can’t make them grow any faster.

I got a 10″ fan to have in the bedroom. I don’t care for it blowing right on me so I haven’t figured out yet where to put it. For $5 more, I could have gotten one on a stand but I really don’t need that. I wish I could find one like I used when I was at DS2’s. It has a thermostat that shuts it off when it gets cooler.

Gotta go bounce!

The fan kept me awake until I got up and moved it where it was higher and not blowing right over my bed. It masked a lot of the outside noise so I won’t be using it unless I absolutely have to. I like to be able to hear the rain. It had been lightning off in the distance but it finally got close enough to rain at my house. I took some time to empty all the containers into the “rain barrel” before I left for work.

I ran out of the aforementioned time and didn’t get my romaine washed for my lunch smoothie so I went to The Pig and got some bagged romaine (I know—EWWWWwwwwwwwwww!). It had raddichio in it and I wasn’t sure how that would do but it was acceptable.

The cashier told me she had been at a hospital with her son where she’d been hoping to finally get on my blog but she had little access to anything. Blogs and her email were blocked. Do you suppose I’m considered EVIL?? She told me she WILL get on eventually and leave me a comment. I said to surprise me.

I got away from the hospital a little late but not too bad.

It was so hot in the house I had to turn on the a/c for the first time since a hot spell in the very early spring. I let it run for, maybe, an hour before I turned it off. Why run it longer than necessary? I was plenty comfortable.

Today was the day for my update on my garden so I won’t write about that.

After the update…I’m wilting fast so I’m going on to bed. That’s enough for tonight.

It was just minutes after 10 when I turned off my light last night. I’m feeling the effects of not enough sleep for weeks and weeks and weeks. What I see in the mirror looks pretty rough, too. Before I got a better night’s rest, I wasn’t sure I would be able to go to work today. I felt that bed. It was better today, though, and I made it just fine. It was a busy ER day but we all made it through. I manned the office by myself a lot but that’s to be expected when the staff is so short.

The thyroid scan I had with the promised CD didn’t pan out. Seems it has to be a genuine doctor-ordered radiologist-read for them to give me one. It had been deleted from the machine. Oh, well. Life goes on.

I actually am going to get to bed earlier tonight than I did last night! You’re going to reap the benefits since this day’s update will be brief. Had to turn on the a/c again. There goes my electric bill!

Good night and happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
Here’s what I saw when I started for the living room this morning.

Sabbath Morning--Let Me In!!

My camera wasn’t in the bedroom so I shut Twinkle out again and she obliged by repeating the maneuver. It isn’t often she cooperates.

The tiger lilies were so pretty outside my car window, I had to succumb to the temptation to take their picture.

Tiger Lilies

And here’s a shot using the telephoto feature.

Next to My Car

This afternoon, I noticed I have a bloom on the yellow watermelon vine!

Watermelon Bloom

After I took that picture, I saw a lot more buds but this was the only one that was fully open. I saved my tomato to ripen some more. Maybe tomorrow?

My sister in NC emailed me my sister visiting my niece here in TN had been trying to call me so I called her this afternoon. They were getting ready to go walk through a lily garden so we didn’t talk long.

Along toward mid-afternoon, I read a message from merm that he was sending me some video of their garden. They have two apricot trees and two plum trees—what I wouldn’t give!! Their containers are looking good but I believe a shot of mushroom dirt would help the little plot in the corner.

He visited with his neighbor who seems to be quite the farmer. He has fruit trees and grapes as well as the usual herbs, lettuces and tomatoes. I thought his method of planting tomatoes and keeping them corralled was interesting. He cuts the bottoms out of five gallon buckets, sinks them in the ground, and plants in them. DD said she didn’t think merm would mind if I posted a picture of them.

The Neighbor's Garden

Nifty, huh?

That’s about it for another week. I will add that I have run the a/c for probably a couple of hours today. Last month’s bill was $59. I’d hazard a guess that this month it will be more.

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  1. Cassandra June 23, 2009 at 11:20 am #

    Everything is so gorgeous where you live. Here it’s just dirt and sand and cactus. Ick.

    We turned on our AC for the first time last night. It was 93 degrees inside our apartment with all the windows shut tight and all the blinds drawn. It was time. I really don’t want to see our bill next month though. It will probably jump from $80 to $140.

    • Tommie June 28, 2009 at 11:56 pm #

      I know what you mean about the temp. My bill last month was $59. I dread the next one.

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