Seven More Days GONE??

It was a pretty busy day. Bedtime last night was midnight for no good reason. I got out and sunned for half an hour and then started in on stripping my bed so I could hang the sheets outside. I threw my other linens in with them and turned the water temperature to hot because I was also washing the towel I keep on top of the carpet to protect it from hairspray. When all was said and done, I was having my visit with DD. I hung the phone on my top and we talked while I hung the things on the line. The sun was out in full force and it was evident I’d gotten a full dose.

I didn’t get much else done. When I’m spending my days at home, I need to make myself a schedule so I can maximize my use of the time and get enough to eat. Breakfast was around noon.

Roger emailed me about being on a call with him, his girlfriend, and a couple of other raw foodists. It is to be hosted by Fred. We went back and forth about my Magic Jack and he finally said to try it and see if it would work. If not, he would fill in my 10 minutes.

Along about sundown, I went out and reset a couple of tomato plants that had come up volunteer. If they are what I think they are, tiny delicious cherry tomatoes will be on my plate one of these days.

The scanning of my granddaughter’s artwork went swimmingly. You can see it here.

Getting out and checking the garden made me late to work. I “freed” one of the Ralphs.

The kitchen staff had a large container of coffee grounds ready for me. The cooler I’d taken last week ended up leaking so I’ll need to line it with a plastic garbage bag before it’s used again.

I sat in the sun for 15 minutes.

When I got home, I busied myself opening the package with the 1,000 foot cable (more or less—mostly less) merm had sent me. He told me to plug the router directly into my computer and disable the wireless card. That was to make the quality of the call better on the Magic Jack. I was trying to eat, too, and be through in plenty of time to get on the call at 8:30.

The call took place as planned and I chattered on and on about how eating raw food has changed my life until Roger finally stopped me. I was able to give out my URL.

It was over at 9:25 when Fred started a Q&A. I got off the line and started on with other things. I still have to rebound.

Had an email this morning from Roger thanking me for taking part in the call. I had one last night from “Karen” saying she looked forward to reading my blog. I wish her luck. There are over 1300 posts now.

I was down to one lonely banana for my breakfast smoothie. I don’t remember when I’ve let myself get in this shape. Guess I could read back and see but I won’t.

Today is when my 16 GB card came! I’ll have a GOOD time! Wish it fit my other camera, too. I could get an adapter…

I did two laps around the buildings and sat in the sun for five minutes.

I did my first “real” video this afternoon. I synced it to merm and he said he and DD are impressed with how my garden is growing.

My bananas weren’t really ripe enough for a smoothie but I used them anyway. I would have felt deprived without it and, as a matter of fact, would have been. Before noon, I went to The Pig and got some speckled bananas for lunch. Save a Lot bananas were all still too green.

Early afternoon, I sat in the sun for 15 minutes. I should have walked but I was too lazy.

When I got home, I worked on getting the title and credits on the movie and had to do it over and over until I can sail right through it now. I got it all done and uploaded to youtube and it looked and sounded HORRIBLE. It was around 245 MB to begin with and Movie Maker had shrunk it to 19 MB. I deleted it and started from scratch.

That’s taken most of my evening. I’m going to bed and try it again tomorrow morning.

Well, morning came very early. I woke around 2 and got up to work on the movie AGAIN. I should have this process down for next time. While it was saving (in a better quality format) I busied myself washing greens and cutting up half a small watermelon for lunch. When I went back to bed, the movie was uploading to youtube.

I overslept and didn’t get up until 7 o’clock. Rain was beginning to fall so I ran out and took the lids off the not-full-yet containers. I didn’t have time to shower or bounce on the rebounder.

I was looking forward to seeing my creation on youtube but it had errored out. I tried it a second and third time and it errored. I spied merm on gmail so I told him what was happening and he suggested using Internet Explorer and NOT on wireless. Why won’t a Google site like youtube work with Google Chrome? Well, I did what he said and stretched the merm-supplied cable through the house. It was uploading when I left.

All the coffee grounds the kitchen staff had collected went into the compost bin yesterday afternoon. The next will go in with the mushroom dirt. I took in a large container this time so it still isn’t full, I guess. At least I haven’t been told to come pick it up.

The video did, in fact, upload. You can see it on my blog post along with the results of the rip-roaring storm we had today.

Before I left work, I called AT&T to find out my user name and password so I can get on the basic wireless that comes with my DSL. It’s in different places all over the country but no one can access it without a login. When the rep got me all set up, he said I’d need to put the info in my modem. Since I wasn’t at home, he gave me the information I’d need to get into it. I was able to get online with no problem so maybe I’m okay after all.

I hope to get to bed earlier tonight. We’ll see. This having two full-time jobs plus a house and garden is killer. Doubt I could keep going if I ate cooked.

I got to bed earlier last night and boy! did I sleep! I overslept again but I showered anyway. This was when I had the problem getting online. I fooled around for a longer than I should have and finally was able to get my login done but I had to string the cable again. My router isn’t working. It was past time for me to be at work when I left the house so I called and let them know. I doubt they would have worried but I figured I owed it to them.

I wore yet another “Hawaiian” shirt. One of the girls didn’t think it qualified but it has palm trees, boats, huts, and sun so I think it does. Who is to disagree with the leader in that valley? Guess that what I say can go since I am the authority there. Yeah, right. Here’s the picture my personal photog took and then one of the detail on the shirt.

Hawaiian Shirt

Shirt Detail

So…tell me! Is this not a Hawaiian shirt? It was a real deal, too. I got it at a resale shop (not Goodwill) for $1.

Getting home, I had an expected surprise. I knew it was going to be here sometime but I didn’t know when. It was my last shipment of fruit from Harry and David. I knew it was to be kiwifruit but I didn’t know it would be two kinds. There of four of the more familiar and four of the unusual.


As always, a leaflet describing the fruit with how to ripen came with it. I think merm will be interested in it. He loves kiwifruit. Rather than put the leaflet on my blog, I scanned it as a pdf. You can access it here.

The router still doesn’t work. I’ve been picking merm’s brain but he has no idea what the problem is.

I’m going to bed. Have a good night and sweet dreams, everyone, and Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
I’ve been dreaming about DH a lot lately and last night was no exception. He’s, inevitably, going somewhere and I don’t hear from him. Maybe telling about it will make the dreams go away. I hope. They aren’t scary but they can be disturbing.

I didn’t have time to drink all of my fruit smoothie this morning so I put it in a jar and took it with me. I went out to the car during class and finished it off. I hated to miss the discussion because it was a good one. We have some excellent teachers and this was a guest filling in for his brother-in-law who is in Cuba.

The pastor had an interesting experience to share. He’d taken a class and thought his sponsor was paying for it. He ended up being billed for it—and billed more than he was originally told he owed. It was over $2,000 and he is still in school along with pastoring two churches full time. Upshot is, the university and the conference will each pay 1/3 and leave him with the other 1/3. That’s still a lot of money but not as much to begin with.

After church, I shared with the pastor about my camera. He thought it was pretty cool. So do I!

This afternoon, I had my smoothie and 1/3 of a watermelon. I spent half an hour in the sun with a biting fly enjoying my flesh every now and then. I’ve put some comments on Facebook and posted on the forum. I’ve eaten more but still not enough. I seldom get sufficient calories on Sabbath.

The next step in the router saga will be to reset it. If I can get it going, merm has agreed to yuuguu in and redo the settings. I doubt I’ll try it tonight. I don’t want to stay up too late.

Well, folks, that’s it for the last seven days. Time flies, doesn’t it? I want to be where time has no meaning and we’ll live for eternity.

Good night!

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