My Week in Review

It was rainy and messy off and on all day. There was no way I could get out and get some sun. I did check on the garden and the earthworms. The sun would peek through the clouds but before I could do anything about it, the clouds would close up and the sun would be out of sight—again. It was just as well. I spent most of the day on the phone. DD called and we had our Sunday visit in spite of the fact that we got cut off twice.

Later, DS2 called and said my DIL’s computer had died. What could he do about it? I didn’t know. I wasn’t there. We went back and forth for some time and I finally found out he couldn’t get online. I didn’t know he wanted to, to tell you the truth. Turns out he’ll be in a fishing tournament this weekend and he wanted to research related subjects. What a difference a few years make! DS1 is the computer nerd.

I was on the phone off and on all afternoon and time slipped away without my getting a post done. You were saved.

Memorial Day. My celebration consisted of gorging myself on watermelon. I did get some things done so it wasn’t a complete loss.

Twinkle hadn’t gotten her Sabbath treat so it became a Memorial Day treat. I broke down and bought her favorite—Fancy Feast. She was ecstatic.

More rain. I can remember Tennessee when it was like this years ago when I was young. It would set in and rain for days on end. Then the drought years hit and we got ‘way behind on rainfall. But NOW we are just about caught up, I think. I know we are for the year but overall might be a different story.

I was the afternoon mail person. Fine with me.

The office was short a person. It’s vacation time! It really doesn’t seem to end. Just when I think I’m going to be back to full staffing, someone else turns in a request and I’m such a pushover, 99 times out of 100, I’ll say okay.

Rain AGAIN off and on. Not as much as yesterday. Back to my childhood days…My garden is growing like gangbusters. At least I don’t have to water.

Afternoon mail person again. This is getting to be a habit.

This is my grocery shopping day but I’m not going. I still have plenty of food so I’ll wait and do it on my way out tomorrow. I’ll be heading for DS2’s place so I can be with my granddaughter on Friday while her mom and dad both work. I’m looking forward to some time with her.

I got up early and did two loads of laundry before I went to work and another one this evening. There was no way I was able to hang them outside. It was the clothes rack. I moved it into the living room where the ceiling fan would stir the air and possibly get them dry before tomorrow.

Rain off and on again. A little change in the routine. I was the post office/bank person this morning and was asked to take the mail this afternoon but…

With permission, I left work early and went home to get ready to go. I had packed some last night but couldn’t get everything in the suitcase because it was either still damp or I needed to use it. I took some pictures for tonight’s post, too, and got them uploaded. I quickly wrote text to go with them and scheduled it to post tonight.

When I got to DS2’s and family’s, I tried setting up the router (the old one merm had sent me) so I could get online but I can’t get it to work. I’m going to bed.

WELL, I spent a miserable night last night. I could not go to sleep. I should have brought my pillow but I didn’t. Then I realized I hadn’t rebounded so I got up and bounced as quietly as I could for a few minutes. I went back to bed and finally drifted off, probably after midnight. I failed to bring my travel alarm clock so I didn’t know.

Today was Formatting Day but I had to install the DVD drive that came earlier in the week. It was a comedy of errors but, with merm’s long distance help I got ‘er done. Then I started the format process. At one point, I couldn’t get merm (he was on a conference call) so I called DS1 and he advised me what to do.

During one of my conversations with merm, I found out my scheduled post hadn’t posted so I had him go in and do it for me. Handy to have a remote controlled poster.

Back to the computer, I didn’t have experience with a Dell and it was a revelation. Formatting my computer is a breeze in comparison. There are two CDs for my computer and a good half dozen for my DIL’s Dell. THEN, three of the drivers didn’t work or couldn’t be found or something. With Comcast’s help, I was able to get online with my laptop and found the driver for the network card. As soon as I got that installed, I found the other drivers online and we were in business.

The computer took ALL DAY. My thinking I’d spend some time with Granddaughter went out the window. She holed up in her parents’ bedroom and watched TV, only making an appearance for food. I felt bad but she was safe, entertained and I had no distractions.

So now the computer is pretty much back to normal and in need of more software which will be installed, as usual, as the need arises.

I asked DIL for a regular sheet for the bed. It had a flannel sheet and I’d get wound up in it and sweat. It would have been nice a few months ago but I didn’t need it in May. I’m sure I’ll sleep tonight.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
Last year was so wild at campmeeting, DIL decided to forgo it this year. That was okay by me. I slept well last night but I could still use a break.

I ate most of my meals outside and went to visit DS1 and family this afternoon. I left DS2 surfing the web on my computer. Again, I’m amazed!

The Computer Geek surfs as my Granddaughter looks on.

I was in the car ready to go for my visit when I happened to think I needed to record the occasion so I came back and took several pictures. The batteries were low so it wouldn’t flash. It’s a little fuzzy but you can tell he’s interested. And so is she.

At DS1’s place, we talked and talked. I had called just after the two women had left for a little while. DS1 and I had a good visit. Then when the others came back, I had a good visit with all of them. I replaced my batteries and here are the results:

DS1 and DIL

You can see the scar on his cheek from the accident we were in when he was 18 months old is still evident.

My granddaughter’s braces are doing a good job. We talked her into showing the Tin Grin.

The Tin Grin is In!

She is a lot taller than I am. Makes me feel like a shrimp. She’s also getting good on the pogo stick (as is my other granddaughter) and she demonstrated.

Pogo Stick Proficient

And now, here we are. DS1 is watching TV and I’m blogging. DIL and Granddaughter are having Popcorn & Movie Night.

Popcorn and a Movie

I’ve seen better pictures of DIL but I didn’t have any more room on my card. I need to delete some. So…that’s it for another week.

I got a call from one of the ladies in the church wanting me to be back tomorrow afternoon to practice for the homeschoolers’ graduation but there’s no way. Sorry.

Good night!

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