Square Foot Garden: Urine or Mine?

I will go to any lengths (within reason) to have good results with my Square Foot Garden this year. Last year, it was too much in the shade plus I don’t think it was an excellent mix, either. With my neighbors’ help, I believe this will be much better. Sometimes it needs a little more, though, and that’s where free stuff comes in. This will gross some people out but bear with me and read on.

I know that good old common pee has nitrogen and there are lots of people who use it on the garden and add it to the compost pile as well. In my research, one site touted it as free and readily available year round. So…

I have started using a bucket to collect it. I must add before I go on that, if you have an infection of some kind, hold off until you are over it. It isn’t good to put bacteria laden urine on your garden or compost pile.

Here it is with a good collection already. I’ve started putting the paper in there, too, since it breaks down quickly. I’ll spare you a picture of that, though.

Pee Bucket

I’d also heard that “marking” my territory would keep critters away.

Pee Squirt Bottle

‘Taint so. I’ve found dog paw prints in there since I squirted the liquid around the boxes full strength. My neighbor says some garden centers sell “Panther Piss” which I will buy and use if I can find it. Then, again, there are some that say it will attract big cats and I don’t need that, either.

Another use for it is foliar feeding. Dilute it with water (I’ll use rain water if it’s ever needed) 20:1 and spray the plants with it. Use it before it’s more than a day old because it will convert to ammonia any older than that. That’s when you put it on the compost pile.

Here’s my dedicated equipment used for that and nothing else:

Pee Equipment

And now to show you how my garden is coming along!

Watermelon, Peppers and Arugula,

I may be sorry I planted watermelon around the edge. We’ll see how it does. It may be one of those live and learn things.

Remember how small the tomato plants were in my post some time back? Look how they’ve grown! Mushroom dirt rocks!!

Growing and growing!

And here are my tomatoes!


And some more in the making!

More Tomatoes!

And let’s not forget the basil. You can see it in the picture, too.

Here are my cilantro seedlings along with arugula at the top of the picture and watermelon alongside. The dill is still too wispy to be seen very well.


I hafta tell you—no, show you—how the romaine has made a comeback. You can see the mothballs at the bottom of the picture. So far, so good!


So…that’s it for this week in Square Foot Garden world.

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  1. Cassandra May 30, 2009 at 11:04 am #

    Tommie, Tommie, Tommie. :O :O :O Did we really need the visual?? 😉

    Happy Sabbath!!

    • Tommie May 30, 2009 at 12:56 pm #

      Of course! It would be difficult to imagine. Happy Sabbath to you, too!

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