My Square Foot Garden circa 2009

This will be (I hope) a quick update for this year’s Square Foot Garden. Several Sundays ago, I planted onion sets, basil, and spinach. The basil and spinach haven’t made an appearance—and I’m beginning to give up on it. I think I’ll have to replant. The onions are going like gangbusters, though:

Green Onions in my Square Foot Garden

There are a few bare spots where either the onions haven’t come up yet or aren’t going to. My neighbor gave me some more the other day so I could fill in those spots with them.

Last Sunday, I was finally able to set out the romaine plants that had been hardening off for, definitely, long enough:

Baby Romaine Lettuces in my Square Foot Garden

I need to clean the leaves that are lying down and will do that this coming Sunday if the rain that is predicted lets up long enough. It tried to rain today but never really got a round tuit. I don’t know where all the male mosquitoes are coming from. I don’t have any standing water outside.

There’s one lone tomato plant that hasn’t been planted yet. I forgot to take its picture so I went out after dark (just a few minutes ago) and took it. Something was walking around in the woods so I didn’t linger to get a better shot.

My First Tomato Plant for my 2009 Square Foot Garden

And now for a couple of plants that aren’t part of the Square Foot Garden but they are edibles.

First is my mint. There’s lots more but this was the most photogenic so far:

My Never Say Die Mint

It makes a very nice addition to a banana/blueberry/spinach smoothie. I have to remember that a little goes a long way.

And now something that I’ve read is edible though I’ve never tried it—Hen & Chickens:

Hen & Chickens

If you have eaten it, let me know and tell me how it should be fixed. Can it be eaten as a raw food or does it have to be cooked? Share!

That’s the sum total, so far, of my gardening efforts for this season. I talked to my neighbor last Sunday and again today about building two 4’x8′ boxes just below the clothesline. She said she’d get the materials soon and bill me for them later. I got out the weed barrier I’ve had since last summer and I may have to rethink the size. I think it’s 3′ wide instead of 4′. It’s 24′ long, though, so maybe it could be pieced. We’ll see.

Stay tuned, folks! There’s more to follow!

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  1. Carolie May 1, 2009 at 10:03 am #

    Found your blog via a friend’s link on Facebook, and am enjoying reading through the archives! Just a couple of suggestions for your garden: I had tomatoes with the rot yours had, and it turned out to be blossom end rot, and was fixed by adding calcium to the soil, oddly enough! I don’t know if it goes with a raw food lifestyle, but you might consider adding bonemeal and bloodmeal to your garden. Both can be found organic, and both can be found from non-cruel sources. The bonemeal adds calcium, the bloodmeal adds nitrogen and potassium, and also keeps deer out of the garden. I also used hair sweepings from a barber shop — sounds gross, but not only does the hair add nutrients to the soil, it also keeps slugs and rabbits out of the garden!

    I did square foot gardening and LOVED it. I planted enough of a variety that if one thing didn’t do well, it was ok, because something else WAS doing well!

    Oh…also most beans are delicious raw when they are young, and beans add nitrogen to your soil. One last thing…if you or anyone you know smokes, make sure hands are well washed before touching your tomato plants, as they can very easily get tobacco wilt.

    Good luck….and I will look forward to hearing if you find recipes for Hens and Chicks!

    • Tommie May 1, 2009 at 8:40 pm #

      I’m glad you made it over, Carolie! And many thanks for the tips. My blossom end rot was “fixed” by side-dressing with Epsom salts. I had intended to plant the ‘maters with some in each hole but forgot it. I used to use bone meal and blood meal but I’ve heard some scare stories about inhaling it and getting mysterious diseases. I’ll consider it, though. As for the hair, when I was getting mine cut yesterday, I thought about asking for them to save me clippings. I’ve seen “mats” made from hair that are unrolled on a garden and then the plants are set through them.

      I do like raw green beans and raw peas but don’t eat a lot of them. The beans are toxic when they aren’t cooked. Of course, I could always give them away…

      My neighbor smokes. I never heard it called tobacco wilt. I thought it was tobacco mosaic. Oh, well, whatever it is, it isn’t good.

      I’m kind of chicken about eating my hen & chickens. I enjoy looking at them too much. To me, they’re eye candy.

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