And it came to pass…

That was Mother’s favorite phrase in the Bible: “And it came to pass”. She’d say, “It didn’t come to stay.” Sometimes, I wish It would. Like the weather today. There was a little wind but not much and it was almost balmy. In the sun, it was warm warm warm. I was in ecstasy and I was hard put to be anywhere else.

After my outside activities, I came in and it wasn’t long before Google Voice alerted me I had voice mail from my DD. The Magic Jack doesn’t stay plugged in so I found the cable and connected it. In a few seconds, I had a dial tone and we were in business. There was one time it started breaking up and actually lost the signal but I think it was AT&T’s fault (more on that later) than the MJ. We talked, total, for well over an hour.

My Internet connection has been iffy ever since merm remoted in Friday. I asked him to put it back the way it was and it turns out he didn’t really do anything to make it any different. He’d had me turn the router on its head and do a hard reset and it had gone back to the factory defaults. This evening, he remoted back in and changed it to a different channel. How or why, I don’t know. He’s the tech. I’m the user. There’s lots I can do, mostly to mess things up, but he’s my Support Person.

During the remote session, after he changed the channel, merm pinged my modem, router and my ISP. Turns out the fault is with AT&T. Now, I’m not supposed to be paying for bad service—am I?

I’m sore. My gardening put me to bending over for a long time and I’m not used to that. My muscles are objecting.

Work is work. I’ve been asked to be the mail/bank person every day this week. Not that it’s anything earthshaking but if I have to look back and see when I did it, it will be documented here.

One of the scheduled registrars called in sick. The day wasn’t particularly busy, numbers wise, but there was something wrong with just about every other order that came in the door. It made it seem like there were twice as many outpatients as there really were.

DS1 called several times. The second time, he asked me for my sister’s area code. He remembered the rest of it but knew the AC had changed. I’ve talked to him more today than in the previous month. He’s going to his alma mater for Alumni Weekend and he’ll be staying with my sister.

The Internet connection is much better. It’s a relief because merm was sure the router was dying because of my hooking it up incorrectly.

The weather has turned cool again. And nasty. The wind has been blowing hard enough that it seems more like March than April.

I’ve spent a lot of time today on Medicare and its multiple forms. Emails and phone calls have been flying back and forth. What a tedious way to make a living! I do have a job and that’s more than a lot of people can say these days.

It’s Annual Orientation again. We are the only facility in the Health System that has to have it every year. At the Mother Ship (and the other campuses) they have orientation on being hired or rehired if a certain amount of time has passed. Then we all have online learning we have to do every year by a deadline. Unless it’s department specific, that’s all the other employees have to do. It’s makes it a real hardship to schedule everyone, especially if one is out. There’s another set of sessions in October, too, that I could shift some of us to but the person(s) would have to go in both April AND October to make the move. It’s a Catch-22.

In spite of the cool weather, the produce man showed up. I got some cucumbers. He’s had some good ones lately.

When I got home, I was surprised to find a box from Amazon on my doorstep. I couldn’t remember ordering anything and Twinkle played dumb when I asked her. It was baffling when I opened the box and found 50′ of networking cable. I knew it had to be merm. Here’s our exchange on Google Talk:

me: Why do I have 50 feet of networking cable?
5:15 PM
merm: That way you won’t have to move the computer or modem into the other room when you need to work on it

just string the cable.

Also, it’s just what you’ve always wanted for a present.
5:16 PM
me: I just didn’t know, huh? Why string the cable when I have wireless?

merm: Well, when/if your wireless goes down and you and I have to work on it.

Saves time from going back and forth.

me: Oh, okay. I get ya.

merm: Also, a long network cable is just good to have around.
5:17 PM
You just never know when you might need it.

me: Okay. I asked Twinkle what I’d ordered from Amazon and she didn’t know. Ah

me: Thought I was losing my mind.

merm: Well, she’s the one who told me that it’s what you’ve always wanted.

me: I just hadn’t read yours.
5:18 PM
Oh. Well, she’s very perceptive.
merm: Yeah.

me: So I’ll put this in a drawer until next time.

And that’s where it is. It was really very thoughtful of him. I had to string phone line through to the kitchen and move the modem whenever there was a need for merm to work on it. This way, all I’ll have to do is plug one end in my network card and the other into the modem in the bedroom.

Today was my grocery shopping day. It was cooler than ever and just about as windy. I got more romaine plants. I’ve been setting the first ones outside during the day. The perfect spot (if there is such a thing) is behind the neighbors’ garage.

Otherwise, my shopping trip was uneventful. The mango display was back at the top of the tier of bins and I got my revenge by moving a lot of them to lower ones as I sorted through. I got one of those sales slips with the survey and hoped they’d modified it so I could leave a comment but no way. I can hope I’ll win the $1,000 gift card…

Today was a beautiful day! I was able to steal time to sit in the sun both morning and afternoon. I’m pink again.

The cashier at The Pig was curious when all I bought was Brussels sprouts. She said, “Surely that isn’t your lunch!” I told her no, that I planned to put an illustrated recipe on my blog. She was interested because she wants to start a blog, herself, for families with a member who has a challenging condition. She also said she’d have to go on mine and look at the recipes. At that point, I had to confess she might not be that excited when she found they are for raw food. I gave her the URL, anyway and she was even more curious that I don’t cook or eat anything that is cooked.

I spent almost 30 minutes and talked to four people before I was able to get info to send the !@#$% cell phone back to AT&T. When I got home, I printed off the return label and boxed it up. It’s in a bag hanging on the front door so I won’t forget it.

Nothing else noteworthy.

Another lovely one. I didn’t get outside in the morning but I did this afternoon. I don’t want to push it. I should probably try harder to do mornings than afternoons. Since the staff starts leaving early afternoon, I don’t have enough people to get out later and end up too close to midday.

When I went to the post office, I dropped off the phone so it’s on its way back. Thank goodness.

My Hawaiian shirt was delivered Monday and I wore it today for the first time. Since I’m the Leader in my work valley, I should be official. The group is “The World Would Be a Better Place If Everyone Wore Hawaiian Shirts on Friday”—and that’s the short name. I got my personal photographer to take my picture:

Hawaiian Shirt Friday

I’d taken my laptop so I could check the pictures and make sure we got a good one and The Photog really got into it. She’d taken several inside and more outside. We settled on this one and it’s currently residing on FaceBook.

I’ve been checking The Pig for Roma tomatoes. A couple of weeks ago they were 99¢ a lub then went to $1.29. I still bought some but not as many. This week they were up to $2.39 and I let them be. I’ll use regular tomatoes for my tomato/mango soup.

I still had cucumbers but bought more for some reason and I found out why when I got home. There were four nice ones up in the fridge and when I started to peel one for my salad, it was frozen solid along with the other three. The earthworms will get them. It’s disappointing but not a total loss.

There was an email from my sister that DS1 had arrived and he was mowing her lawn. I was a little concerned about his asthma acting up since he was supposed to sing for the evening meeting. I tried to call him several times but it always went to voice mail. I trust it went okay.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
I made it to church a few minutes early only to discover I’d left my glasses at work. When I got back from the hospital, they were well into the song service. I did manage to miss playing “Seeking the Lost”:

For those with dialup, this is a rousing midi rendition. It sounds better if you download it and play it locally.

The song is difficult. The pianist quit playing sometimes and the congregation had to sing without an accompaniment. She was apologetic when it was over. I announced it isn’t an easy song to play. People who don’t play a keyboard instrument have no clue.

We were supposed to have a guest speaker but his father had died suddenly yesterday. He felt he should stay with his family and I think he made the right decision. The head elder filled in and did a great job. He’d caught me outside during Sabbath School (I was thawing out in the sun—it was cold enough inside to hang meat) and he let me know how apprehensive he was. Communication is his strong suit and I assured him he’d be okay. After, I asked him if I were right or not. He agreed it went well. He invited me to come home and eat lunch with him and his family but I said I don’t eat like anyone else. At that, he wanted to know what I was planning for my meal. A cantaloupe and spinach smoothie. He asked a couple more questions and I came home.

It was so nice in the valley but the mountain was a different matter. It was too cool to be outside comfortably so I didn’t venture into the sun.

I was finally able to get in touch with DS1. He’d sung as planned and it was all good. I told him I’d been praying for him when he was practicing and also during the meeting.

I’ve been getting to bed late every night. I’d hoped to do better tonight but it’s already past 11. It caught up with me this afternoon and I went to bed and slept for about an hour. This is where I’ll say good night and sleep tight!

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