Get a Dog

I can’t because Twinkle would never tolerate one. Cats might not be as accepting as dogs or as adept at unconditional love but she and I relate well to each other. While I had my breakfast this morning, I watched part of Ben Stein’s monologue about dogs. I like Ben. I remember him from The Wonder Years as the teacher who droned on and on. (WHEN is the series coming to TVLand??)

Anyway, Ben made me think of my friend, Shari, who lost her beloved dog Ziggy to cancer a few months ago. I’ve posted the link to the video on her journal in the forum but you can watch it right here, right now. Shari, this is for you.

At first, Shari couldn’t even think of getting another dog but she’s started looking. I’ll be surprised if she doesn’t end up with another little fur-ball. That’s progress.

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