Warning! This is LONG!

This has been such a busy week I didn’t take time to make notes—again. Honestly, I felt like I was meeting myself coming back at times. It went by so quickly, it seemed like a blur. My life is passing me by, I’m afraid. Stop the world! I wanna get off! Things move too fast for my taste. I’d rather be able to savor some of the moments and completely dispense with others. But let’s get to the weekly update…

I was waiting for DD to call me when it occurred to me they were still on the Cape where they’d gone to celebrate merm’s birthday. I missed our weekly visit but I did get more done.

It was a nasty, rainy day. I guess that’s what must happen so we can appreciate the nice sunshiny ones. Saturday night, I was up late listening to the rain pelting down. There were all kinds of warnings for wind, storms and a tornado watch but it was just hard, hard rain.

This was the last day I’d have phone service. At least through Ma Bell. I do have Magic Jack.

I’d emailed the seller of the Little House books about the duplication of The Long Winter and he/she was justifiably surprised. I’m going to assign the female gender since so many times the male is used. Anyway, she said she had a set that had a damaged slip case. The books are still good. Not only was she going to send Farmer Boy but she would put in a book by a different author because of the mix-up. Believe me, I’m more than satisfied with that kind of service. If you need to buy books, go to Amazon and look for Lucky Find Books.

My phone service lasted long enough for me to call the produce place and order a box of oranges. Later in the day, I called to see if it would go through. It says something like, “The number you have called does not accept incoming calls.” When I tried to make a call that evening, It kept telling me I had to dial a “1” even though I was calling a local number. So…it’s gone unless I decide to activate it again.

A beautiful day after all the rain the day before. A pity I had to be so busy. I did manage to steal seven whole minutes out in the sun.

I didn’t realize it was so cold until I started out to the car and there was a heavy frost everywhere. My peach/apricot/whatever trees were blooming but they must be a hardy variety because it didn’t kill them. I just wish they were a tasty variety. I’m going to give them one more summer and see how they do. Maybe I could graft onto the root stock and get some really killer peaches. It took long enough to get the frost off my car windows for me to be late to work. Hurts after it’s been nice and warm.

When I got home, my neighbor told me AVG wanted to update their computer. He doesn’t do that because he’s afraid he’ll mess something up. Since Conflicker was supposed to hit the next day, I tried to download 8.5 but it wouldn’t complete for some reason. I came home and burned my download to a CD and installed it that way. More than one way to skin a cat.

Rain was in the forecast but it didn’t do much. Thankfully, it quit in the afternoon so I didn’t have to do my shopping while juggling an umbrella. I was late getting away from work but I still managed to get to the produce place in plenty of time. I didn’t go to Goodwill. I’m going to have to take off early some day and stop in so I can lay in my spring/summer wardrobe.

At Wally World, I asked the produce guy why the mango display was so high. I don’t know how they are at yours (if you shop there) but there are slanted bins and that one is at the very top. I feel like my feet are going to fly out from under me any minute when I’m stretched up and over to get whatever is so far up. He followed me to see what I was talking about. I’d already loaded up my buggy with seven but he was nice and pulled it out so I could reach it more easily. I was able to get the three I still wanted so I ended up with 10. They are nice big ones and priced reasonably at 88ยข each. He said they are sent a diagram where each variety of produce is supposed to be but he’d talk to the manager and see if they couldn’t be a little handier for vertically challenged people like me.

The BiLo manager is proud of his efforts at getting in organic produce but it’s still kind of pitiful. I’m sorry, but wilted romaine, celery, carrots and iceberg don’t make for much of a selection. It’s a start but he needs to go farther and keep the prices more in line, too.

It didn’t rain and it was warmer but the wind made it too cool to get out. It was overcast much of the day. Still busy.

I was also the post office/bank person at both ends of the day.

Twinkle’s food had arrived earlier in the week but I hadn’t brought it in. Now that she doesn’t eat raw any more, I have the luxury of putting it off for better weather.

It didn’t really rain but was kind of misty all day. It was one of those times that I wished it would either go ahead and rain or clear off. It did neither.

I finally got around to putting in my application for the renewal of my notary. It’s been kind of nice to be able to say, “Sorry, but I won’t be able to notarize anything until sometime in April.” The bond paperwork got lost somewhere and kept me from renewing before now.

There was a package on the front steps when I got home. It was the April installment of the Harry and David Fruit of the Month Club. From the weight of the box I could tell there wasn’t much inside. Here’s the take:

Harry and David April 2009 Fruit

The grapefruit is probably a 40 count, the orange a 56. The pear is pretty large and the apple is about average sized. I’m sure they will be tasty. I love citrus, especially. It does seem stingy for what it costs.

Saturday night
When the sun came up this morning, I covered my head and went back to sleep. I still managed to get to church on time.

The school principal stopped me at the car and told me the students were having the church service. I would only have to play the prelude, introit, the prayer song, “Jesus Loves Me” for the Lambs’ Offering, the dismissal and the postlude. There was to be a special number while the offering was being taken up so I wouldn’t have to play an offertory. Wouldn’t you know I chose to run to the bathroom during that time and didn’t make it back to play for the Lamb’s Offering? Well, I usually have to play it 42 times, anyway, so maybe I have some rounds stored up to make today right.

Usually, the bulletin secretary emails me about the hymns. She apologized for not doing it this week but I understood. Her mother isn’t doing well and she’s been busy. No problem.

After church, one of the men started talking to me about my eating raw food. He wanted to know about my juicing. I thought I’d told him before I don’t juice but I may not have. I did today. I told him I blend. He wanted to know if I have a VitaMix and I told him yes. He said he does, too, but he hardly ever uses it. He also told me he still hadn’t looked at my blog. I said that was okay. Most people in the world haven’t. Then he wanted to know what I write about. That’s hard to explain. My life, what I do, what I’m thinking about. The sun felt good so I took my leave saying I was going home to indulge.

Indulge in the sun, I did. It was cooler here than in the valley but I got out for a little more than 20 minutes. When I came back in, I sat with a throw over me. Twinkle was relaxing at my feet. I got up and threw the cover over her. She stayed long enough for me to get a picture but she was none too happy:

Twinkle isn't pleased.

I finished watching the close to 60 videos merm sent me via Windows Live Sync and looked at the pictures he sent the same way. He was surprised it took me so long to see them all. Some of them were only 10 seconds long but others were longer. Everything totaled over 2GB. Not too small. It was fun seeing what they were seeing. They were in a little shop where DD was looking at watering cans. He didn’t know it but I’d sent him one for his birthday. He was complaining that no one had gotten him the one he wanted. Yeah, right, merm! Rave on!

I could rhapsodize about the printer my sister passed on to me but I won’t. I need to get to bed sometime. All I’ll say at this point is it’s the easiest all-in-one I’ve ever used and the results are great.

With that I will sign off from yet another episode. Good night!

4 Responses to Warning! This is LONG!

  1. Connie April 5, 2009 at 7:48 am #

    I love that watering can! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Tommie April 5, 2009 at 8:23 am #

      Pretty neat, huh? I got him a subscription to a permaculture mag he wanted, too. When I run out of food, I can just move in with him and DD! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Brenda April 5, 2009 at 5:17 pm #

    Hi Tommie,

    You had me laughing at your depiction of picking out the mangoes at wally world. My store has the avo’s at the very top. It has wheels on it so I’m afraid when I stretch to reach to the top I going to set it in motion and go flying down the aisle.
    Pineapples are usually in a hard to reach spot also – I”ve been known to ask some taller male to get one for me!!


    • Tommie April 5, 2009 at 9:12 pm #

      There are wheels on this, too, but they lock. I have to get in a very awkward position to get a mango. They had some I could have handily reached in the refrigerated section but a chilled unripe mango doesn’t do too well. Everything else I’m interested in buying is in the easier to reach bins. I get a tall male (or female) to get things for me from the top shelves but I like to pick out my own fruit.

      Glad I gave you a good laugh, Brenda! That’s the best medicine, you know! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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