If Wishes Were Horses…

I got more done than usual. My energy level is picking up. I did 10 minutes on the Cellerciser both morning and evening. Not a bad deal, at all. It’s actually kind of fun to just do whatever kind of move I want to as long as I’m bouncing.

DD and I had our weekly visit. There was no invitation to video conference from merm so that didn’t happen. DD told me merm had emailed their landlord about having a garden in the little back yard but they hadn’t heard back yet. I suggested they could tell him they’d share their produce and that might seal the deal. From what she said, that was a given. If all else fails, they have a staircase that goes from their balcony to the ground and they can container garden there. Plus have containers on the balcony.

I’ve been emailing back and forth with my nursing home friend’s daughter to get information for the obituary, etc. I’ve asked her to do a life sketch, too—or coordinate it with her sister.

No sun today. When I got up this morning, it was raining. We need it (again) so that’s okay.

Not much rain but it was overcast and yucky all day. Just the kind of day I needed to wish I could be in the tropics.

Rebounded morning and evening again.

Bouncy bouncy! I’m getting good at this!

There was a minimal amount of rain and it would have been warm if the wind had quit blowing. I wanted to get outside but it wasn’t that inviting.

I woke late, too late to put in any time on the rebounder. I barely made it to work on time.

It was grocery shopping day. I was the mail person in the afternoon so I got a little earlier start which helped but not much. Downtown is having a face lift and the main drag is torn completely up for blocks. I had to turn around a couple of times before I could get all the way through. My detour took me by the jail and the young inmates were in the exercise yard watching the unusual traffic go by. A plus was seeing the beautiful flowers that bloom in one yard every spring. I think they are anemones and I’d love to get them started here. They used to be in a circle around a tree but they have just about taken over the whole side yard.

I’ve had daffodils blooming for weeks and the forsythia is starting to flower here on the mountain. I get to enjoy spring twice. The valley puts on a show first and then the mountain follows. Down there, the Bradford pears and tulip trees have been out for more than a week. Out here, they’re just getting under way. Going down the mountain yesterday, I noticed the purple haze of redbuds for the first time. I love spring!

The last time I’d been to Goodwill, I bought two garments, neither of which had the magic 50% off tags. The cashier discounted 20% off one because I’m old and 50% off the other. I didn’t notice what had happened until I looked at the sales slip when I got home. I went in and told her and she said, “Enjoy!” Insisting I wanted to make it right—it’s for a good cause—she said, “I know you are being honest and I appreciate it. Take the discount and enjoy it!” So I did. I got something for someone else and three sports bras for me. And I got 20% off each item…because I’m old. Age has its advantages.

I spent more than I normally do at Wally World. I’ve offered to do the handouts for the memorial and I had to buy ink for my printer. What makes it worse, I have a brand new printer waiting for me at my niece’s house and I don’t have time to go pick it up. My sister bought one and it was too big for the place it has to live and, rather than send it back, she’s giving it to me. That is so sweet of her. I tried to pay her for it but she wouldn’t hear of it.

I saw one of the ladies from the town on the other side of the mountain and told her I’d been out in the sun for a half hour total. She took a good look at me and said I had some pink and it looked good. She’s into eating healthy and getting exercise and pronounced Vitamin D from the sun goes right to the bone!

As soon as I went into the produce place, the female part of the couple who run it yelled at me. “I want to see your pictures!” I laughed and asked who’d been talking. I’d shown the pictures to her mother (yes, DS1, I’m bragging again) the last time I was there. She had to go make a sandwich for a customer but as soon as she was free, I pulled them out. Her husband was roped into looking at them, too. After a series of Q&A about my being a raw vegan, they closed the place and I left.

Got home too late to rebound. Too bad.

I’ve been out of it all day. I was so wired when I went to bed, I didn’t go to sleep right away. Then I woke needing to go to the bathroom about 3 and never dozed off. I got up about 4 and took a melatonin. The forum had been pretty much neglected (by me) lately so I figured I’d update a little until I got sleepy. Never happened.

I did put in 15 minutes on the rebounder. I had plenty of time, that’s for sure.

So…I went to work with maybe four hours sleep and not too perky from the melatonin. The day turned cloudy, windy, and cool. No chance to get out in the sun. I would have conked out, I’m sure. I was supposed to take the mail again but there wasn’t any. I managed to make it to 3:55 and left five minutes early. Later, I found out that’s when all you-know-what broke loose and the lone registrar was swamped.

I managed another five minutes rebounding and I’m going to bed fairly early after I get through writing my second rebounding post.

To be perfectly honest, I truly believe I wouldn’t have been able to do just about any of the day’s activities if I weren’t a raw vegan. Eating raw food is what gave me the stamina to get through.

I slept last night!! And I rebounded this morning. And again this afternoon.

The pastor still hasn’t gotten the order of service to me. I’m going to have to spend a lot of my weekend time working on the handout. I’ve asked him to do a lot of things that he’s either taken care of or delegated. Guess I shouldn’t complain. I told him I won’t be giving him any assignments next week.

Happy Sabbath!

Saturday night
I don’t normally exercise on Sabbath but I bounced while I listened to the Sabbath School lesson discussion from Pineknoll. I need to sleep tonight.

There was a rousing discussion in Sabbath School class about diet and what should and shouldn’t be eaten. I sat and listened and nodded sagely when I agreed. The one time I raised my hand, the teacher didn’t call on me. Later, I accused him of chickening out but he insisted he had failed to see me. What I had intended to say was, “It’s a progressive thing. It took until I was 61 years old before I was able to change the way I eat.” I went on to tell him I might be dead now if I hadn’t done it. I’d been having chest pain radiating up into my jaws. I remember sitting very straight and breathing through the episodes. I knew I either had to get healthy or go to a cardiologist. I got healthy.

During church, the head elder was introducing the speaker of the day who is one of the ladies. He is very careful in his speech and usually doesn’t make any kind of gaffes but today was a winner. He said something like, “Our speaker today is the husband of David.” He caught himself but it was too late. The congregation went into gales of laughter that lasted for several minutes. He was totally embarrassed. The speaker said something to him and he said to the congregation, “She said he does wear the pants in the family.” It was definitely an ice-breaker.

After the service was over, a group had gathered and was discussing the Sabbath School lesson. A good friend of mine said she was disappointed I didn’t speak up. I told her I’d tried and was ignored. Then I told her what I’d planned to say. I think she was a little disappointed I hadn’t intended to go into more detail. When I first started eating raw, I thought everyone should jump right in and do it, too. I was a raw evangelist but I’ve learned most of the people in the world don’t want to change. Now I keep my mouth shut. I also told her the reason I don’t stay for fellowship meals a lot of the time is that I spend so much of the meal answering questions I don’t get to eat. Everyone else is eating while I go hungry. Well, not exactly hungry, but I don’t enjoy my food with so much distraction. I didn’t tell her this but when a certain couple is there, I’d as soon not stay anyway. The woman always corners me with the latest scary stories about I’m going to die if I don’t eat some cooked food. Maybe from over-nourishment?

And now for the title of this post. If I ever said, “I wish”, my mother would say, “If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.” Well, merm and DD are riding. Their landlord said yes to the garden. They still don’t know how much of the yard they can use. It won’t be as big as the South Lawn at the White House but it will be an actual garden! The email from merm said, “We’re quite giddy at the moment as you might imagine!!!” They’ve started planting indoors so they can be ready for the first warm days when they can transplant.

Signs of Spring

Always thinking green, they’ve made their own pots from old newspapers.


I hope merm doesn’t mind my using his photos. I don’t think he will.

Well, still nothing from the pastor. I think I’ll call him. Well. This is embarrassing. I’d downloaded IE 8 and had to restart and hadn’t opened my email back up. The pastor was puzzled I hadn’t gotten his message with the attachment yet. Yep. There it was. He needed to run some things by me, anyway, and I had a few questions for him so it worked out well.

I think this takes the cake for one of my longest posts. And now I’ll say good night and have a good week.

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