Spring Forward? >:P

In case you’re wondering, the three characters on the right make up an emoticon that tells you I’m not happy and I’m sticking my tongue out. I would rather go to the dentist than spring forward. I have a few hours left of Standard Time and I’d like to hoard every one. Since there is no way to hoard them, I’ll mourn them instead. But this is supposed to be my weekly update. I’ve already done more than one treatise on Daylight Saving Time and its threat to civilization.

I didn’t do much of anything except try to recuperate from my cold. DD called and we had a good visit. She was looking forward to snow. I was looking forward to nothing special, weather-wise.

I felt enough better to get up, exercise (!) and go to work. I should have stayed home. It was a horrendous day and I was tempted to cut out early but I didn’t. I felt terrible by the time it was over.

I didn’t sleep very well and woke feeling like I was back at Square One. I called in, holed up, and tried to get over whatever I had.

When I opened the front door later on in the afternoon, I discovered the First Installment of the Fruit of the Month Club from Harry & David that DS2 and his family gave me for my birthday. I was all primed for the plums I’d been promised but here’s what I found when I opened the box:

First Installment

I was a little disappointed but the apples have a good flavor. And that’s from someone who isn’t an apple person. The pears need a few days.

Since the Gifters had been wondering when the order would arrive, I called and let DS2 know I’d gotten the first box.

Amazing how the body will bounce back. I got up and did my BodyFlex, showered and loaded up all my loose change I had been saving for, literally, years. I went in and worked half a day, then took my change to the bank to deposit it. I had to leave it so it could be counted. From there I headed home and then on to the other side of the mountain to get food. I was all but out of bananas and no one had any ripe ones on the work side. I went to Goodwill for the first time in weeks and got a two piece silk dress and a silk jacket to go over it. I need to call them. The cashier mistakenly undercharged me.

I worked a full day and made it through. I even had enough time to get out in the SUN for 15 minutes. It was so nice to feel the warm rays on my face.

The bank had posted my deposit and there was enough to get the rebounder I’ve been wanting for so long. I went to eBay and ordered it, then to Amazon and got Twinkle some canned cat food for a treat. I still have some money left but it will probably just go to buy food.

The sky was overcast all day until ‘way up in the afternoon so I couldn’t repeat my sunning. It was a big disappointment. Put in another full day.

Lo and behold! Twinkle’s food arrived already. That was quick!

Got an email from my sister forwarding a message from her son about their misadventures with a stolen car. He was on the news earlier in the week. I didn’t know it so I hadn’t seen it but I did look it up on the TV station’s web site. Here’s the text and here’s the video.

Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
Church was short and sweet. There were so many out for one reason or another that we had only a couple of dozen people present. A lot of the members are sick. I still sound like a fog horn but I feel better.

When I got home, it was warm, sunny, and balmy with a light breeze blowing. I put on a camisole and a pair of shorts and went out for half an hour. I wanted to stay longer but I have to remember not to roast my skin, too.

Tonight, I spent some of the eBay gift certificate merm and DD gave me for my birthday and ordered more memory for my laptop.

There was a notice in my Inbox that the rebounder shipped yesterday and is scheduled to be delivered the 12th.

I’ve eaten fewer calories than I should but I have to be careful to save some ripe bananas for tomorrow. It’s hard to find any that aren’t glow-in-the-dark green. I did have the first pear out of the box and it was good.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy but warm. Maybe the sun will make an appearance long enough that I can lay out again. I can hope. There’s a wedding in the afternoon but I won’t be going. It’s many miles away from here. I still haven’t gotten a present for the couple. I’m sure there are other people in the same boat who will do it later. Maybe that’s what I can do with the other loose change money? I’ve been cashing in my PAL (paid annual leave) to pay insurance, etc.

Here’s to Standard Time! And good night.

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  1. Cassandra March 8, 2009 at 3:59 pm #

    Congrats on ordering your rebounder! That’s exciting! Sounds like you had a busy week!

    • Tommie March 8, 2009 at 8:28 pm #

      Thanks, Cass! It is exciting. I can’t wait for Thursday! And it was a busy week. Hope you and your DH had a good one.

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