The Last Seven Days (including today)

I got up, had my devotions, exercised for most of an hour and then started in on My Project. It was Format Day. I started searching my hard drive for the things I wanted to keep and burned DVDs. I ended up with most of three. It took longer than I thought it was going to. My computer was supposed to be organized but there were files buried in spots I had to sleuth out.

DD called me at her usual time and we had a good visit. After we hung up, I started the irreversible task of erasing everything off my hard drive. Maybe a government agency could recover the information but it’s beyond what I can do with my resources. I took a deep breath and prayed that everything would be okay. I’d told merm my computer can smell fear.

The first thing I chose to install was AVG. I didn’t review the system requirements so it was a surprise when I was informed that it wouldn’t run on mine. I was back to Windows XP SP1 and it needs SP2, at least. On one of my trips to DS1’s house, he’d downloaded and copied SP2 onto a CD. At that time, I was still on dialup and he wanted to help me out by making updating less tedious. Evidently, there was something that happened with either his burner or I picked up the wrong CD. It showed up as blank. It still does.

I didn’t want to go without AVG so I did a search and found some older versions. I downloaded one of them and installed it. I don’t know if it let a virus in it couldn’t handle or if it came with one but it wiped out a lot of my operating system. I tried to uninstall it but I no longer had a Control Panel. I reinserted my Windows CD and chose the fix that wouldn’t change anything but would restore everything. It was getting late. I uninstalled the old version of AVG and downloaded Avast. It will even work with Windows 95.

When I checked this morning, 61 updates had downloaded including SP2. What a blessing to have DSL! That would have taken several DAYS on dialup.

Work was extremely busy. Seems like every time I turned around, I was either fielding questions or emails. On top of those, I had the budget to do. Mine is simple compared to some but it’s still stressful. I hadn’t gotten it until Friday and it’s due Wednesday.

At least I got a break by going to the bank and PO and the PO in the afternoon.

This morning turned up 31 MORE updates as well as SP3. I hear that I need to download the last service pack because XP support will be going away for anyone but commercial users eventually.

This morning it was the bank and PO again but not in the afternoon.

When I got home, I downloaded AVG again, uninstalled Avast, and reinstalled AVG.

I was busy computing (it takes forever to get my computer back the way I want) when DS2 called. He wanted to know how old he was when he went to camp. Between us, we figured it out. It was in Nebraska and what I remembered most was it was 106 degrees in the shade the day I took the brothers and dropped them off. We agreed it was cooler there than in TN when it’s 85 the same time of year. The purpose of the call? It was for me to tell him I thought my granddaughter (age 7) is too young to go to camp. I told him to let her. She may get homesick but that’s part of it. He was disappointed I backed up my DIL.

There was a reminder from Google calendar to start Twinkle’s worming tomorrow. That’s a handy little application.

Third day in a row, it was the bank and PO in the morning. I needed a break so that was fine with me.

Mid-morning was the Department Head meeting. I announced we have scanners! All of us are well on our way to learning to love them!!

I was down to the wire turning the budget in. Glad that’s over and done for another year. Now it’s seeing what will fly and what won’t. I’ve dropped one of my memberships and didn’t budget for the associated conference so maybe those cuts will save the other requests.

It was a relief I didn’t have to go shopping today. I don’t feel good. I have a terrific (for me) headache and my very bones are aching. My throat is irritated. My sister called while I was trying to choke down a salad. She was having computer problems and needed Support. I helped her as much as I could. I don’t know if work will be a possibility tomorrow or not. I told her to pray for me. She’s the one who prayed for me (unknowingly) when my ankle was hurting so badly.

After an hour or so last night, I relaxed and my head and bones quit aching. My sister’s prayers are powerful! I had a good night’s rest and went to work as usual. I still don’t feel 100% back to normal but better.

I’d been thinking about the budget and went to see if it had been picked up. It hadn’t so I got it and added a note and changed the wording on one other thing. I copied it again and put it back in the box.

TGIF! I’m back to feeling puny again. I woke early this morning and took a melatonin. I was soundly slumbering when my travel alarm decided to cry aloud. It’s turned off all the time but randomly blasts out. One of these days, I’ll set it to go off during the day if it chooses to do so. I ended up oversleeping and didn’t have time to exercise.

I had a strange email from Amazon thanking me for claiming my Amazon gift card. I haven’t had one to claim. I contacted customer support and was more confused than ever when I got off the phone. I don’t have a gift card but was being notified for the future or something. I dunno. I made sure it wasn’t a phishing scheme, anyway.

It was the bank and PO again today. Both morning and afternoon. The weather was sort of nasty but I didn’t even have to use my umbrella. From the looks of things, there had been a downpour in the valley.

I called my DIL to get an update on the camp situation. My granddaughter is definitely going.

I’m not feeling good again. One of the women in the meeting on Wednesday said that the Bug starts with sneezing and then the nose pours. I’ve had the sneezing but not the nose involvement so much. Some but not so much.

The decision not to try to go to church didn’t come easy but when I called to let the pianist know, she said she wouldn’t be going, either. Her whole family has it.

Saturday night
It was so nice not to feel like I had to get up and go this morning. I certainly didn’t feel well enough to and the pressure being off made my situation a lot less stressful.

It was 51 when I got up and it’s down to 37 now. There’s supposed to be winter storm warnings out but it looks like the county where I work and the county where I live are going to miss the good stuff.

My day was quiet and peaceful. I listened to the Sabbath School discussion on Pine Knoll and Ranger Bill. I wish I could listen to back episodes. I still don’t know what happened with “The Man Who Couldn’t Remember”. I could read the script, I guess, but that isn’t like listening to the performance. It’s kind of strange that I’m hooked on Ranger Bill but I’m a strange person. I dozed and had several shots of vitamin C. I think I’ll sleep tonight.

Good night, everyone! Hope you’re doing better than I am!

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