I Owe My Car an Apology

Might be you remember, three weeks ago tonight I accused my car of making me sick. I went into all sorts of reasons why I thought it was my poor little automobile that was causing me to feel puny. There was the lightheadedness and headaches, the general “out of it” feeling, the wooziness. I was definitely not doing well and it was more pronounced when I was driving (scary!).

I’d planned to take the car to a muffler guy and have it checked over but the old bank account was (still is) on the puny side, too. Christmas, DS2’s birthday, my first Medicare Part B quarterly payment (WHY can’t they let me pay it monthly?), car insurance, and property taxes all come in December, January and February. So…there was no way I could see putting a trip to the muffler guy on top of that. The weather had warmed up so I drove with my windows either down or cracked. Seemingly, that made me feel better.

Now, I don’t know. I think my B-12 deficiency had affected my body more than I thought at first. I believed that, as soon as I started taking the lozenges, I would be okay. I didn’t get deficient overnight and I wouldn’t get back to normal that quickly, either. There was a pronounced difference after that first night I took the B-12 but it has taken weeks to truly feel better.

I no longer feel lightheaded when I’m driving. I’ve self-analyzed and I’ve come to the conclusion that it showed up more then because I was basically in a cocoon that insulated me from the outside world. Deep, huh? True, I was concentrating on driving and maybe even more so since I was trying to get either home, church, or work without wrapping me and my car around a tree. However, it’s always my goal to get where I’m going safely. That’s nothing new.

Another thing that would help is if the sun would make an appearance on a nice warm day when the wind isn’t blowing. I do need some rays. I’d ordered some vitamin D3 from a firm I won’t name on February 12 and it still hasn’t shipped. I’ve asked for the money to be put back in my PayPal account twice. I’m still waiting to hear on the second request. I was assured I’d be given a $5 coupon on the next order. I don’t need it. There won’t BE a next order.

Confession is good for the soul. Guess I’m dizzy on my own.

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  1. Zucchini Breath February 27, 2009 at 12:17 pm #

    Well, thankfully, it’s NOT your car! I was wondering how that all came out.


    • Tommie February 27, 2009 at 6:37 pm #

      You aren’t nearly as glad as I am!

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