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I forgot to exercise this morning. I’ve had so much on my mind that it was the last on the list, I guess. Exercise is necessary and I know I need to do it but I’d juiced my oranges and blended them with some mango. Couldn’t do anything but drink it at that point. My body will complain later. I did do 10 “desk pushups” but that’s it. Those were after I’d blended but before I drank. Or sipped. It was so good I wanted it to last as long as possible.

It was supposed to be overcast for much of the day but the sun began to burn a hole about 12:30. By 1, I’d had my green smoothie and took myself outside for almost half an hour. It was so nice and warm I dozed off a couple of times.

I’d taken the phone with me but it didn’t ring until I came back in. DD and I had our visit then my neighbor called to update me on her father-in-law. He’s scheduled for a triple bypass on Tuesday. Then she said they couldn’t get online and could I come over to see if I could fix the problem. I laid hands on their computer and left it working. She gave me some in-the-shell pecans for the girls at work.

You can read about my own computer minor miracle here.

She showed me her Magic Jack to have phone service through their computer. Hmmmmmmmmm. Started me thinking. That’s a dangerous thing.

I did laundry and dishes and that was about as exciting as my day got.

Walked a total of four laps—two in the morning and two in the afternoon. It was beautiful out. It got to 69 degrees in town and 71 at home? I think that was in the sun, though.

When I got to work, I discovered I’d left my reading glasses at home. There was no way I could make it through the whole day without them so I went to town to buy a pair. One place had lots of them from a diopter of +1.25 on up but nothing in a +1.00. Someone commented if I needed a pair that weak, I didn’t need them but they do make a difference. The next place I stopped had two pairs of +1.00. Neither one made me look beautiful but I needed some that made the computer screen/reports look better, not me. I got the lesser of two evils. They were $14 glasses on sale for $4.99. Not too bad. What made it even nicer is the result. These are the best I’ve ever had.

Another positive result was the one stemming from my B-12 test. I’ll have to write a post about it.

Note: I did. You can find it here.

My walks yesterday made me sore. I’m woefully out of shape. I am so sore I have to stand a few seconds before I can walk and then I limp a little. The day was overcast and cooler so I didn’t get out any. I think I’m getting SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Sometimes I don’t like my job at all. There was a gang-up on me today and I had to take care of a very disagreeable situation. I’m not at liberty to say what it was. I can say it didn’t involve my staff. Just know that I felt like The Scapegoat.

This morning, I went to The Pig to get some arugula. The regular produce person was off and a very nice young lady was filling in for her. She was in the process of marking the arugula down to 99¢. I got three containers and told her I buy a lot of produce. She told me her brother and his wife or her sister and her husband (I don’t remember which) are doing a juice diet to try to get healthy. I gave her my card to pass along.

I’ve been sleeping on my back with pillows under my knees. I’ve heard of doing that for years but only recently tried it and it’s surprisingly comfortable.

My neighbor’s father’s bypass surgery scheduled for Thursday was moved up to today. I haven’t heard how it went. His wife’s business partner’s daughter had surgery, too. I don’t remember what it was for but I prayed for her, anyway. The father, too.

Our tech from IT came early in the day and brought scanners for the registration area. He worked long and hard without a break. Several times, he had to crawl around under desks and gathered a collection of dust bunnies on his nice black slacks. He left just before a Code Black was called for possible rough weather. There were tornado watches and high wind warnings. I looked out and the rain was coming down in sheets and blowing sideways. By the time I got off work, the sun was out and the only clouds were close to the horizon.

I did my weekly shopping. Bi-Lo has more organics now and the fellow I usually collar in produce was justifiably proud. I got three packages of organic romaine. I went to the places I routinely visit except for Goodwill. It was the only place I didn’t NEED to go and I opted for more time rather than more clothes.

My neighbor was at her vehicle when I went out to dump my collection of peelings. They’d gotten a phone call at 1:30 this morning saying her father-in-law had come through his surgery with five bypasses necessary. Whew!

The day was spent figuring out the scanners. I’m sure there will eventually be someone who will come up to train us but they are really no-brainers. I had them figured out for the most part and called one of the people at the Mother Ship to get my questions answered. She faxed me instructions, too, which will help the others. Our paper usage will go ‘way down. For a change.

I called my sometimes hairdresser to get an appointment and told her my hair was down to my waist. In truth, it was longer than it had been for eons. She offered to have me come in if she had a cancellation but there wasn’t time. I did appreciate her thoughtfulness.

I GOT MY HAIR CUT!! After a day of scanning and trying to eat (I had to dump the last cup of green smoothie because I didn’t have time to finish it) I went to the shop and got shorn. I could have stayed in the chair at the shampoo bowl and had my head scrubbed the rest of the afternoon. It felt good. It also felt good to get all that excess growth off.

One of the girls from the office had gone in at 1:30 (my appointment was at 3) and she was still there. It takes a long time to do all the things she has done every few weeks. I’m glad I gave up everything but haircuts long ago. It simplifies my existence.

The other day, I started looking at the Magic Jack in earnest and decided I could invest in shipping to try it out. It came today.

Saturday night
I should have left the Magic Jack in the package until tonight. I caved to temptation and got it out and plugged it in. It kept locking my computer up. There’s online chat with a support person so I got on that. Josh is who I ended up with and he was very patient. More than I was. At 10:30, I told him I was going to hang it up for the night and go to bed. I also asked his forgiveness for making him work on Sabbath. He said it was okay but it wasn’t. I didn’t feel good about it.

This morning, I clicked on the upgrade Josh had me download last night after I had deleted the folder Josh had had me delete. It upgraded and did what it was supposed to do and I now have another phone. We’ll see how it works over the next four weeks. After that, my credit card will be charged if I don’t send it back. So far, so good.

There was a fellowship dinner scheduled. No way could I stay. I didn’t get anything fixed for me but I did get ready stuff for a salad to contribute. Church had two speakers—the pastor gave a short talk about Valentine’s Day and giving our hearts to the Lord and then a man from the conference spoke.

The conference man’s wife and a friend of mine were talking after church was over as I was leaving. I told my friend where the salad stuff was and she was surprised I wasn’t staying. She explained to the other lady that I eat all raw. I ended up pulling out my “Before” pictures and gave her my card. DS1 would say I’m bragging again.

In spite of eating myself out of house and home this afternoon, I didn’t get enough calories. My tomato soup blended too long and got warmer than I usually let it. I didn’t think it was cooked so I ate it anyway and it knocked me out. I had to go to bed for a nap and that’s something I rarely to never do. I still feel groggy. I’m vegan but am I raw?

Think I’ll get ready for bed—again. Good night.

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