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My B-12 Issues

Who would have thought my B-12 deficiency would have sparked such a discussion on the forum? It has brought up more questions than answers and it may be that my having almost bottomed out will be a blessing in disguise. As with many blessings, it is well masked. A B-12 topic already existed but it […]

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A Slow Start

Sunday Today is when I’m supposed to have a post about some deep subject or a raw food recipe but I’m suffering from a king-sized block. I have no idea what to write about so I won’t write anything. Except for a brief summary of my day. It’s been a quiet one in this part […]

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Happy New Year! Your B-12 is Low.

My story starts last Monday but since today is the New Year, I’ll hold to tradition. Actually, I guess it starts before Monday when I called my doctor’s office and asked for a repeat of last year’s lab work. They were swamped with patients trying to get in before the year was over. Instead of […]

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