Time Stands Still for No One

While I was having my weekly visit with DD, I put a load of clothes in to wash. The cycle I put it on is supposed to wash them for 15 minutes, then spin, then rinse and do a final spin. Far longer than the 15 minutes had elapsed when I checked it and it was still washing. The dial hadn’t budged a hair. I advanced it myself and went through the rest of the cycle manually. I guess the timer has gone out on my washer (if it has one). I’ll keep doing what I did until I get far enough ahead to afford to get it fixed. It’s ‘way down the list as far as my priorities go. “Gloom, despair, and agony…” Not really. I can deal with it. I eat raw food.

It was a busy busy day. Fortunately, I had everyone that was scheduled to work. There were lots of fires to put out and I guess that helped to keep me out of trouble.

I woke early this morning to the sound of rain. Oh, no! I had parked in the yard in front of the house. When I went out to go to work, I prayed I wouldn’t be stuck but the Lord didn’t see fit to answer in the affirmative. I did manage to get several feet from the driveway before I was stuck for sure and had to go for help. My neighbors came to my rescue, as usual. I don’t know what I’d do without them. I’d called work so they weren’t expecting me to come in at any definite time. I made it an hour late which wasn’t bad under the circumstances.

Besides being late and having a registrar off with a medical emergency, there was a death in the family of someone close to us. Some of the girls had already planned to go to the funeral so a friend and I went to visitation instead. When we got back, the dam had burst and it was patient after patient. One of the staff who had planned to go elected to stay and help and I really appreciated it. Things can get intense even when there are enough people to cover.

Guess where I parked this evening? IN THE DRIVEWAY! I didn’t take any chances.

My blogging took longer than expected so I’m getting to bed late.

The rain was coming down harder this morning. Since one side of the yard was a sea of mud from yesterday’s episode, I went to the car on the other side. The wind was blowing hard enough that I was a little wet before I could get the car door closed. I ain’t salt nor sugar nor nobody’s honey—I didn’t melt.

Along about mid-morning, it turned to sleet and snow. My favorite TV weatherman, Bill, had predicted that might happen but it would be shortlived. Three of the employees, at least, took the opportunity to leave work early anyway. I sat it out and it wasn’t long before the sun was shining brightly. I bet they feel silly. Maybe they wanted a day off.

Today was my laying in supplies day. I hit Goodwill where I got two beautiful sweaters, the produce place, and Wally World. Re: Goodwill—I need to stop shopping in general and concentrate now on what I really need. Next order of business is summer clothes and I don’t see any of them yet. I thought about going to Bi-Lo but I still have Campari tomatoes and that’s about all I get there.

My neighbor had parked behind her husband’s truck so I took advantage of her usual parking spot. It’s on a rock that doesn’t have any MUD on it and it’s where I could shine my lights so I could get to the house. I’d failed to leave the outside light on. The rain had finally stopped but it is still sloppy mud.

My exercising is going down the drain. I got up too late to do anything but get ready for work. I’m getting flabby. This is getting to be ridiculous. I’d like to get a rebounder but I can’t see my way clear to do it right now. One of the girls on the forum got a used Bellicon which is a super expensive one. I’d settle for a Needak or a ReboundAIR. I’ve searched craigslist but the only ones on there are ‘way out of my area.
Mid-morning, we had department head meeting. It was short and sweet. Not much news and what there was wasn’t surprising. More budget cuts and tightening of belts is the trend.

It fell to me to take the mail in the afternoon. Okay with me. I’m to do morning and afternoon tomorrow and Monday. I went by the post office and then back to Save A Lot where I got a supply of speckled bananas.

The forecast says snow for Monday night. I’ll have enough to get me through if I don’t get snowed in for days and days. Only 2-4 inches is predicted for the mountains and I’ll be surprised if we get any at all.

My phone is hanging on by the skin of its battery. I went by RadioShack the other day and they didn’t have one that fit. One is completely dead and the other is going. Oh, well. Something else will go belly up. Story of my life. I do have another phone I can plug up but who knows how long it will last?

Today was spent on trying to get forms filled out, email after email, etc., etc. Another day at the office. I did take some time out to call two of my sisters. It was nice to hear their voices.

With that, I’ll wish everyone a very happy Sabbath.

Saturday night
For a wonder, my friend from the nursing home showed up at church. It’s the first time in many a week she’s been there. I can understand she doesn’t want to come out when the weather is nasty, though.

Church didn’t last as long as it usually does. One of the ladies had it and she had a lot of assistance from the young people which was nice. When it was over, I took my friend back to the nursing home.

The day started out cold. It was down to 21 this morning but it got up to 51 this afternoon.

Guess I’ll wind this up and get ready for bed. Good night!

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