The First Full Week 2009

My good night’s sleep I planned to have went down the drain. The sermon yesterday was about how we could better ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically. The speaker pointed out how much more benefit is gotten from hours of sleep before midnight than the hours after. I was so wound up when I went to bed that I lay there with my mind going a mile a minute. I didn’t want to get up so I continued to lay there, wide awake, until after 11:30. That’s when I finally got myself together and took a melatonin. I still didn’t go to sleep right away but at least I was able to relax. My shoulders had been tied in knots.

When my sister in the GNW and I talked yesterday, she told me whenever she dozed off (she naps a lot), she would dream about Ted. I didn’t. My dream, when I did get into a deep enough sleep to dream, was about romaine lettuce. Why, I don’t know. There may be some deep meaning here but it escapes me at the moment.

I called my sister (Ted’s wife) and she’s doing okay. They’d been to the funeral home to make the arrangements today.

When I woke before the alarm went off I was full of energy and got up to face the day. I did some chores and exercised before I started getting ready for work and I actually got there on time in spite of slow traffic.

After a lot of back and forth, I decided to reserve a motel room for DS1 and me for the time we’ll be in NC. My kitchen equipment and raw food preparation can be disruptive to a household, especially when things will be so busy. Not a small thing, too, is the fact that I’ll have access to free WiFi. It will be the first time in many a year that I’ll sleep in the same room as my son. I hear he snores but I can put the pillow over my head and block that out.

Late outpatients kept me at the hospital a half hour past when I was supposed to leave. It was beginning to get dark and even darker when I made my stop at the Pig after Save A Lot. I got reduced price organic spinach and organic spinach blend for $2 each container.

An old friend yelled at me as I was getting into my car. I stopped and we visited for a few minutes. He’d retired but he’s gone back to work. Seems to be the norm. There’s a fellow at the hospital who did the same thing. I may save myself the trouble and just keep working if they’ll let me.

We’ve had rain come down in buckets. For the first time in years, we are out of drought status and into a slight surplus. One unfortunate result is that I now know that my car leaks. It may be from when Bambi hit me. I don’t know. We’d had so little rain it’s hard to tell when it started. It’s mostly on my side and seems to be coming in somewhere under the dashboard. Could the vent not be closing completely? I dunno.

It was COLD out there today and I had to go to the bank/post office. I was planning to leave at noon so the regular person said she’d take the outgoing mail. There was a mandatory meeting of the department managers so I stayed for that. It put me out two hours and 10 minutes past the time I’d planned to split.

I went to the produce place, Bi-Lo, Goodwill and Wally World. My purchases at Goodwill was a pair of black slacks (nice ones, fully lined but I missed the Dry Clean tag), a pair of shoes (brown dress sandals) and a little red purse. The slacks were half price at $2.15, the shoes and purse were 20% off. That made the shoes $3.20 and the purse $2.40. I’m downsizing on my purse. I’ve carried Rosetti purses for years but I need something smaller and CHEAPER. They aren’t expensive by any means but $2.40 is more my speed.

I cleaned the car out and took it to be serviced. I had a nice long visit with the proprietor/mechanic’s wife. We talked about all sorts of things and, eventually, the subject got around to the way I eat. It about blew her mind that I don’t eat angel food cake and BAKED POTATOES! We’d talked about it before but I guess it hadn’t really sunk in. When all was said and done, my car is up to speed on its oil change schedule, the tires are aired up and the tank is full of gas.

My suitcase is close to being packed. I still have to put last-minute things in. And now I’m going to bed. Goodnight.

My aim for a leaving time was off by about half an hour. Not bad, really. DS1 called and said for me to meet him at their church instead of the house. I was able to see my DIL and g’daughter, too, which was nice. We had prayer together and were on our way. NOT! The camera had been left at the house so we went there to get it. I decided to go to the bathroom (of course) and I turned my ankle on the way back to the car.

I needed romaine and we burned up lots of miles, gas and time looking for an Aldi that had some. There was none to be found but they had grapefruit for a quarter each. I got some for me and some for my sister.

After a stop at Wally World to get romaine, we were on our way. DS1 took the wheel until we got to the first bathroom break and then I took over. He took a nap while I drove and woke up when I stopped for the next bathroom. It’s his opinion that I wouldn’t make a good truck driver. That’s when he took over again.

I should have kept the keys. Going through the gorge, he was passing 18-wheelers on those curves. YIKES! The pull on the door and the grab bar over it will forever have the impressions of my fingers.

It was well after sundown when we checked into the motel and went on to my sister’s. It was good to see her and the other family members. She’s doing well under the circumstances.

My night at the motel was rough. Not because of DS1’s snoring. That didn’t bother me. My ankle was hurting from my foot to my knee. Guess it was no longer just my ankle. I’d been able to walk okay earlier but as soon as I got in bed, it was awful! At one point I was tempted to wake my son and have him take me to the ER. I prayed and suffered through it. I soaked in the tub and prayed some more. The last time I looked at the clock was 3:08. I found out later that another sister was having foot pain and went to sleep at 3. Our oldest sister woke at 3 and started praying for us and the rest of the family! Coincidence? I think not!

Saturday night
I’d thought I wouldn’t be able to wear my dress shoes but I could. My ankle was barely swollen. My niece kept telling me to ice it but I can’t handle that. Sorry.

There were several mentions of my brother-in-law during the church service and I saw people I know and met people who were acquainted with DH when he was still in school.

I’d had a quart of grapefruit juice for breakfast and took a green smoothie to my sister’s for lunch. There was a beautiful salad donated by some friends so I had some of that, too. By about 4 o’clock, I was beginning to feel famished. I had DS1 bring me back to the motel so I could eat. Not enough calories today.

The motel is surprisingly comfortable. My DIL (DS2’s wife) had groaned when I told her where we were staying. It’s not the nicest place I’ve ever stayed but it is far from the worst, too.

I’d better stop this while I’m ahead. Good night, all!

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