A Christmas Week

Today was sunny but cold. Since midnight, the temp dropped from 54 to 28 degrees. Seems I should be dizzy from the plunge.

I had my weekly visit with DD. She’s looking forward to a busy week in spite of the fact she’ll only be working three days. After we hung up, I called both DS1 and DS2. I’ll go to their houses and deliver presents on Christmas. I won’t plan to stay over.

Talk about a drop! It was 6° F when I got up. I was concerned the water might be frozen but I was able to take care of my ablutions as usual.

I wore layers—lots of layers—to work and it’s a good thing I did. It fell to me to go to the bank and post office.

The supermarket had one box of speckled bananas. I got a little over nine lubs for $3.89 including tax. That won’t quite do me until after the weekend but it will get me close.

The ground was spewed up and frozen so hard I walked on it without crunching. When I tried to get the door open to get food out of my other fridge, I had to force it because of the ice. BRRRRRRRRRRR!

I talked to my sister in Colorado just as she was getting ready to go out the door to get a ride to the airport. She is spending the holidays with her daughter and family. My sister in the Great Northwest is still snowed and iced in. She had a doctor appointment for another intercostal block but couldn’t get out to go.

I washed my coat last night and failed to get it out of the washer. This morning, I hung it where it would get maximum benefit from the ceiling fan and turned the fan on high. It dried in no time but what was more amazing was how much warmer the house felt. I’d been running the fan on low because I didn’t want to create a draft for the gas logs but with the blades turning in a counter-clockwise direction they aren’t disturbed, anyway. Woohoo!

Getting to work was no problem. The temperature was up to 22° F when I left the house. Heat wave! I still dressed warmly.

Bank/post office runs again and rain was in the forecast. After I got back to the hospital and distributed the mail, someone said my mountain roads were iced over. With the extreme cold, freezing rain and sleet had started and there were multiple wrecks. The main road was closed for several hours until help could get to the victims (apparently there were no injuries) and the salt trucks could do their thing.

My neighbors have invited me to their place for the annual family celebration. We’re distant cousins so they include me. They’re very nice so they would include me, anyway. I can take a green smoothie. I’m thinking about making persimmon pudding, too. The female part of the couple loves persimmons.

Christmas Eve
This seems to have gotten here very quickly. It’s hard to believe a whole year has gone by since the last one. I haven’t put up any decorations. The Santa magnet that lives on the front door (inside) is it.

This was grocery day. I went to Goodwill, too, where I found a pair of leopard print PJs for $4 plus 2 pairs toe socks, a pair of tights and a Victoria’s Secret bra. I think the secret is it can’t actually be a “D” cup. It’s more like a “B”.

I went to the neighbors’ home for probably a half hour tonight and had a nice visit. There were a dozen of us there by the time I left. My gift is a bag of fresh off the tree pecans, all picked out and ready to eat and a battery charger with two each AA and AAA batteries. That about blew me away because I was looking for battery charges this afternoon at Wally World! I inspected her projects—a totally revamped bathroom and new windows all around. She got two gorgeous mirrors for the bath for $5. They would have been many times that new and they’re in perfect condition. I ended up not taking anything. I didn’t have time to fix the pudding and I’d already conSOOMED the smoothie.

My sister called just as I got in the house (and I could have drowned in all the rain that was coming down). I called her back and we talked for 20 minutes.

I must get to bed or Santa won’t come see me. Good night and HO HO HO!

Christmas Day
Being of the bah! humbug! persuasion, I didn’t hurry at all today. I took my own sweet time getting ready to go deliver presents to my more or less local children. I left the house around noon after talking to DD. She and merm are in the process of packing to move and that’s the way they were spending some of their day. They planned to go to their favorite restaurant since a lot of the stuff they’d need to cook is packed already. The building where they are living is to be turned into a commercial space and they aren’t commercial. They’ve found an apartment about a block from where they are now. What a way to spend the holidays!

On my way to deliver presents, I took a side-trip to visit Mother’s grave. It had been several weeks since I’d taken time to do it but everything was in order.

I dressed in my black beaded sweater over my charcoal gray slacks. Bad choice. After I visited with DS1 and his family and we gifted each other, I headed to DS2’s place and was greeted by their overly friendly long haired huge white dog. I escaped being covered with hair that time but she got me later.

My youngest granddaughter is a snaggletoothed young lady. She’s lost one of her front ones. The child is growing up. Soon she will have adult teeth in her baby face.

Both places, I left my granddaughters trying to master their pogo sticks. I told them I wanted to see progress when I dropped in again.

I stopped on my way home to get gas using a gift card I’d won in a drawing at the hospital. I’m new at this and I overpaid by $2.70. I’ll make sure next time what the process should be.

Before I’d left, I had an OJ/strawberry smoothie and a blueberry banana spinach smoothie. I took six bananas with me and ate them on the way home. When I got here, I had some Bubbies pickles and finished up my Christmas with a large salad with too much cashew dressing. I was looking for some really raw cashews online and found these on Amazon. They are much cheaper than anywhere else with a subscription. My first order is due to be delivered tomorrow.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I’ve had a mostly do-nothing day. I did talk to my sister (the ailing one) and she sounded better, though she said she was still in pain.

My really raw cashews were delivered to the hospital according to FedEx tracking. I’m debating whether or not to go by and get them after church. Then again, I may just wait until Monday. It isn’t as if I can’t live without them.

Have a happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
Four years ago this morning, my mother breathed her last. She was 100 years, four months, one week, and three days old. I can’t figure the hours and minutes because I don’t know what time of day she was born. It was a ripe old age and she’d lived most of it at home. I still miss her.

Church went well until the closing song. I’d prayed the pastor would change it but when he didn’t, I prayed I wouldn’t mess it up. Well, the Lord chose to keep me humble. The pastor apologized. I’ve told him to PLEASE look at the bass notes of a song and if there is a lot of activity there to skip it and go on to another one. Maybe he’ll remember next time.

I forgot about the cashews so they are still waiting for me in the office.

When I was at DS1’s house, he showed me his TV hooked up to the digital converter box. It’s impressive. He has as good a picture with rabbit ears as I have with satellite. And his is free. I dug out my rabbit ears and was going to hook them up but my Dish is plugged in the antenna hookup. DS1 told me to go to Radio Shack and get a box that will accommodate both. I have no idea what to ask for. Guess I’ll tell them what I just wrote.

I need to wind this up and get to bed. Tomorrow is my last day before a busy week starts even though it will be only four days. Good night!

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