And Another Week is Gone

My visit with DD was a lot of listening to her cough, sneeze and blow her nose. She blames merm for her maladies and said garlic lemonade doesn’t work for her. It might if she drank more than one cup. She said she’d see how she felt in the morning and decide whether or not to make the three hour commute to work for a total of 11 hours away from the apartment. I advised her to stay home but time will tell. She’s a grownup now and doesn’t have to obey her mother.

It wasn’t as cold today but I was prepared anyway. I had my long johns under a long-sleeved turtleneck and a Christmas vest. I was comfortable all day which was very nice.

My friend in the nursing home is campaigning for me to take her Christmas shopping. I don’t like to let her down but I’m uneasy about having her on my own for that long. Plus, she wants me to take her to the store, leave her, and come back later and I’m not going to do that, either. I’m not going to take the responsibility. Sorry. I know it’s frustrating to be stuck with no transportation. I’ll probably be in the same boat someday and I’ll find out just how it feels.

I’ve been getting some of the sorriest tomatoes lately. This evening, I ate a few bites and then pitched the rest after I ate all the lettuce in my salad. I hate winter tomatoes!

DD was back at work today. She wasn’t completely well but I trust she made it through okay.

I’d needed to get the sticker for my license plate for too long. I had to do it today because I’m going to enroll in Medicare tomorrow and I didn’t want to risk getting stopped for anything. It’s a milestone. Kind of scary. When I asked to be off, I was met with surprise that I’m that old. Well, I am. Time marches on. I tried off and on all day to call the office and make an appointment. It isn’t required but advised. All I got were busy signals. How can I make an appointment when I can’t get through?

It’s been unseasonably warm today and would have been nice but the wind was really whipping around. There are advisories out for high winds for this area. It was pushing the car sideways when I was coming up the mountain.

My first Christmas card came. It’s a beautiful picture of DS1 and family. I’m tempted to scan it and show it to everyone but it’s a studio print so I guess I’d better not.

You can read all about it here. What I failed to mention was the weather was foul. The wind wasn’t blowing like it was yesterday but it was a nasty drippy day.

This morning, I checked the historical WeatherBug. Tuesday, the elementary school measured 1.5″ rain, yesterday it was 2.5″ (though it hardly rained at all where I was). So far today, it’s 1.84″. Now there’s a winter weather advisory out and flood warnings. I’m glad I’m on top of a mountain. It’s supposed to ice overnight and snow is predicted for the higher elevations. I may not get to work tomorrow. Drat it! 🙂 I just checked outside. Temp is 33 and the snowflakes are lazily making their way down. The ground is saturated so I doubt it will end up being much.

Being a rainy day, of course it fell to me to go to the bank and post office. It’s tricky balancing everything and an umbrella, too.

Tomorrow is the Christmas party for the department heads. I let them know I won’t be going. Two of the staff will be out and I’ll have to stay by and be backup. What sacrifices we make! It’s okay. I’ve been there every year until now. Might as well break my record.

Sabbath morning
Yesterday was fairly quiet at the hospital and I could have gone to the party had I been prepared. I didn’t prepare, though. I did ask one of the nurses to bring me a plate of veggies. She said she would but she didn’t so I lost out all around. I didn’t starve.

It was a sunshiny day but cold and windy. I would have liked to get out in the sun but I didn’t want to freeze.

I’d already had two green smoothies at work. After I got home, I had persimmon pudding, another green smoothie, some Bubbies and a whole small avocado. I sat down in Mother’s chair, covered up with a throw, closed my eyes and promptly went to sleep. I woke about an hour later and went to bed. I got up to go to the bathroom in the early morning hours and didn’t get back to the Land of Nod for some time. I spent it praying for my sister in rehab and my brother-in-law who is having trouble walking as well as their spouses and other members of the family. It’s distressing that there are such formerly vibrant individuals who are having such problems.

On that note, I’ll wish everyone a happy Sabbath.

Saturday night
Well, an elf has been at work! Since merm has been so busy, I haven’t bugged him about upgrading WordPress but when I accessed my post, voila! (or as someone I know says, “Viola!” it looks totally different. It will take a little getting used to but I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.

I have enough clothes now that I can dress in all the layers I want to and be warm in church. Something else I do need is a pair of gloves to keep my hands warm. I’m picky about gloves but I’ll check at Goodwill before I pay full price for them. Today I wore a fuzzy sweater (Goodwill) under my new beaded sweater (Goodwill) and under THAT was my bra/camisole (Goodwill). Under my my Evan-Picone black skirt (Goodwill), I wore my dressy long johns—is there such a thing? and a pair of trouser socks. The last two garments were bought at retail. I also had my jacket I got years ago at Totes for something like $6. My ancient Hush Puppies black shoes completed my outfit. I was as warm as the men in their suits. It was nice to be able to concentrate on the services instead of thinking I’d like to go out to the bathroom and stand in front of the heater.

Mercy! On top of the dismal shape of the economy, people in up in New England are having to contend with no power. It’s insult added to injury. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Later, dudes and dudettes!

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