Seven More Days Passed…

I’ve gone and done it again. I should have kept it up for another week and it would have been a habit but NO! I lapsed after two weeks. You see, I was faithful for 14 days, blogging highlights from every 24 hours. Somehow, some way, my old nature took over and I didn’t do it. Oh, I put a title up there and listed Sunday through Thursday (that must’ve been later in the week). That’s all. I’ll try to reconstruct.

Not much happened. Not anything of note, anyway, except for visiting with DD. A fellow who was shampooing the carpet at work also called and wanted me to come in and get stuff out from under my desk so he could finish up. I wasn’t about to drive 20 miles to do something he could do himself. He said he’d leave it until I’d had a chance to do whatever with it. Okay, then!

It was a busy day. Typical Monday. Being a short week it seemed that everyone wanted to get in and get their lab work, x-rays, etc., etc., before Thanksgiving.

I’d gotten enough spinach to do me through Tuesday morning and planned to pick up some at The Pig as it’s come to be known. Well, The Pig is trying to hog all the cash. Since the previous Wednesday, organic spinach had gone from $2.99 to $3.99 a container. I had one of the men verify the price for me, told him that was too much to pay and let him keep it. I had to go to Wally World, anyway, so I’d do without until I could get it for less.

I’d planned to wait until Black Friday to do my grocery shopping but decided to go ahead and bite the bullet the day BEFORE Thanksgiving. I had a very few items on my list:

  1. Spinach
  2. Romaine
  3. Rid-X
  4. Pears
  5. Parsley
  6. English walnuts

Half a dozen items, right? Plus I got some pumpkin pie spice. It took FOR-EVER to get through the aisles. And when I was looking for spinach, there was none on the shelf. I had to hunt someone up to get it for me. A woman was talking to someone on her cell phone and said it was a zoo in there. When she hung up, I told her that was the understatement of the year. Going on Black Friday would have been slow at the checkout but most people don’t take that day to grocery shop.

DD and I played phone tag and left voice mail for each other. They were going to eat dinner with some friends and she’d called from the subway. By the time I called her back, I guess they were already underground. On Wednesday, I’d asked her about the threats and she said there’s always a lot of security around and she wasn’t nervous.

DS1 called and we had a good visit. DIL’s relatives had just come in so they had a houseful. I could be thankful it was Twinkle and me at home. I didn’t hear from DS2 but that’s not unusual. He likes to have his space.

Other than that, I ate and didn’t do anything I didn’t want to. It was a fairly warm (for November) sunny day so I got some rays for a few minutes.

I did some chores, changed the bed, and had a good soak in the tub. Our sister church has a baptistry and we had a candidate so the plan was to consolidate the congregations and have food after. I made ::gasp!!:: cooked macadamia nut cream of the savory variety and persimmon pudding. Oh! I also hula-hooped (after my other exercises) 300 revolutions. I could have done more but I might still be swaying had I not stopped.

The church is in Eastern time so I had to get up and get going earlier than usual. On the way, I did a drive-by of Mother’s grave. I was the first to arrive from my current church and was greeted by strangers. I used to be a member there and played the organ while my mother played the piano. I hadn’t been there for services for probably 35 years and it was strange going back. I was prevailed upon to play today and it was surreal.

I didn’t remember the organ being that small and I couldn’t recall what combinations I used. It wasn’t using good judgment to agree to do it. The light for the music didn’t work and there was a nice velvet cushion on the bench. The cushion kept me from sliding and I had to pick myself up by my arms to move. That caused the bench to tip forward and I felt like I was going to end up on the pedals. The volume didn’t seem to work, either, which was probably a mercy.

Between services, I went out to look for the pianist to let her know I was through playing but I was greeted with such a chorus of how wonderful it was to hear the organ again I relented. Bad judgment again. I did get the cushion done away with but the light still didn’t work.

The opening song was “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee” which isn’t easy to play in the dark. I lamely stumbled through it. I gave it up as far as the responses were concerned and waited to subject the people to another onslaught until the closing song. That was “Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior“. Simple to play and such a relief it was over!

People kept telling me how beautiful the music was except for a couple who, I knew, would tell me the truth and they did. I’ll be thankful to be back at my familiar post next Sabbath.

Both my dishes made a hit (really) and I was asked for the recipes many times. I promised to post the one for the cream so I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ll give the result to a friend who eats cooked food.

The people I sat with know I eat raw food but a couple opposite me didn’t and were curious about my persimmon pudding and bananas. They juice a lot and eat, from what I could gather, large quantities of soy. I didn’t give my opinion of either one other than to confess I don’t juice, I blend.

I saw lots of old friends and it was a nice day. It was cold and rainy but we don’t always have to depend on the weather to make us happy. I came home, made a green smoothie and relaxed. I’d been successful in embarrassing myself yet again. And now I’ve blogged. My day is complete.

Good night!

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