Experimenting Again

This time, I’ll try for brevity. Not that it will be witty but it will be my soul in each word and resulting paragraph. The last weekly update was ‘way too long. I’ll try to keep it down this time.

I’ve been successful two weeks in a row. My aim has been to have at least one day of the seven at home and not have to go anywhere. Today was a home day and very nice at that.

DD and I had our weekly visit. It lasted over an hour and was very interesting. She finally had to call a halt so she could Get Things Done.

All day long. With one of our highest contributing doctors out of town, it’s a little slower than usual. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

I’ve noticed the temperature of the water is getting more and more frigid. When I turn the cold water all the way on and the hot water all the way off at the end of my shower, I make sure I smile. That way, if my face gets frozen, at least I’ll have a pleasant expression. A plus is the 62º F in the bathroom doesn’t feel bad at all.

It was COLD outside this morning. For the first time, there was frost on the car. I set the timer so I’d be sure to start the engine and defrost the windows.

My friend from church brought me some wild persimmons. I ate one on the spot (after I’d washed it) and the rest when I got home. They were good (and free) but Dario’s are better.

The annual spaghetti dinner/talent show was tonight but I didn’t go. I was asked to bring a dessert if I did. I would have also had to take my meal and I didn’t get it prepared. I didn’t feel deprived.

I went to work and intended to go to prayer meeting but I didn’t. It’s hard to stay 3+ hours after my work day is over. More difficult than that is coming home, eating my evening meal, and getting back down the mountain in time to start playing early. Guess I’ll try it again next week.

One of the fellows brought me some persimmons today. They were off the tree rather than picked up from the ground and they were too hard to eat. I brought them home and took pictures of them that I’ll post later.

I’m the bank/post office person this week. I left to take the mail and had to go back to the hospital to get the spinach from the fridge I’d forgotten (again). Someone was waiting to be registered and the registrar was back in the ER. I opened the office and registered the person. I knew I’d get “caught” if I went back but that was okay.

I could hear rain in the night but it was pretty much over when morning dawned. The valley got about 3/4″ but how much we got here, I don’t know.

It was sail out over the mountain when I got off work. I’d taken the boxes with packing from the persimmons to the people at the roadside market. They had some nice red sweet peppers so I picked out two. I was prepared to pay for them but I was told they were on the house. At the store, they could have fetched anywhere from $2.50 to $3 each.

There was quite a bit of fog. I got to the produce place in town later than I’d planned. The man brought out the box of oranges and pulled the lid off with a flourish for me to inspect the contents. There were two completely rotten oranges right on top. I could tell he was deflated. He took them to the back and sorted through. There were a total of four bad ones which he replaced. The lady got me a knife so I could sample one and make sure it wasn’t the sour variety. It wasn’t. Very tasty.

I went into Goodwill hoping to find a sweater but ended up getting a task chair instead. It set me back over $6. I need to clean the upholstery but it isn’t bad at that.

Wally World was my only other stop and then it was to head home. Fog was very thick on top of the mountain. It was hard to see where I was supposed to turn off the highway. I had to be careful not to run off the road (there are no lines). I did make it safely. I’m sleepy and it’s after 9 so I’ll stop this and go to bed.

Exercise. I got back into it the day after the election. The fleas and then my hurt foot knocked me out for weeks but I’ve been able to do BodyFlex and I’ve worked up to almost my whole routine when I have time. My pushup is down to 30 seconds but I hope to increase that, too.

There was a flu pandemic drill today so I went in to work a little early. No need. It didn’t start on time (surprise surprise!). It also didn’t last as long as it was supposed to, either, which was fine with me.

I took a peeled persimmon to the fellow who brought me the wild ones. He never came and got it so I brought it home and ate it myself. Take that! Crazy Cooter!

Last night I dreamed our church was huge and I was at the organ. Someone had cleaned and folded the music stand down and put all my music away. I was frantically trying to get everything back the way it was supposed to be and then I woke up. Just after that, the alarm went off and I couldn’t get back into the dream.

Speaking of dreams, I’m going to bed. Happy Sabbath, everyone!

Saturday night
You may think I’m home but I’m not (probably). I heard something very exciting at church today so I’m out on the town. Sort of. Remember my last post where I talked about the oratorio “Elijah”? A couple of the people from church had gone to hear it last night not more than 10 miles from here if that much. It’s free to the public and I’m the public. Reserved ticketed seats are gone but people without the free tickets can get in 45 minutes later. Fifteen minutes after that, the music starts. There’s a full symphony orchestra and (Dick said) a 100 voice choir. It’s scheduled to last two and a half hours. That will put me out past my bedtime but this is special.

Church was a concert by a singing group with a great deal of potential. I’m going to live dangerously and be a Scrooge. They did a set of Christmas songs. Now, that would have been okay a month from now but it isn’t even Thanksgiving! I have a “thing” about Christmas songs and decorations before Thanksgiving. Sorry if I offend anyone but I could have done with more gospel and less Christmas.

My sister is home again after being in the hospital for a few days this past week. I got an email from her this morning for the first time since August. My brother-in-law had a special anointing with his pastor and elders this afternoon. My sister had emailed asking the family to pray during that time, too, and I was able to get home and do my part.

Well, folks, I’m going to schedule this to post later on. I may or may not be here but it will be done and that will be that for another week and it looks like I didn’t do any better than before to keep it short.

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