Dario’s Persimmons

Today, I got my second shipment of persimmons from Dario Grossberger at www.cherimoya.com. I made sure I had my camera at the ready so I could take pictures as I unpacked them.

First, if orders are in multiples of two, he puts the contents of two regular boxes into one large flat rate box. This cuts the cost of shipping by about 25% on the total. He doesn’t charge anything for handling.

Saving on Postage

Opening the box reveals the shredded wood that cushions the contents to minimize bruising. Even though the boxes are sometimes pretty beat up, the persimmons come through okay due to the careful packing.

Opening the Package

Pull back the top layer of shredded wood and it’s like discovering hidden treasure! The tissue wrapping and lemons (he uses them for additional packing at no charge) make for a beautiful contrast. His persimmons are the fuyu variety. Rather than being astringent, the fruit can be eaten at any stage. I prefer it soft, myself, but it’s also good when it crunches like a crisp apple.

Persimmons and Lemons

These are some of the first shipment. I got 75 in that one. The current one has 64. There are fewer persimmons but they are considerably larger. Some are about the size of a baseball.


And here’s an encore of a persimmon prepared to eat.


Lemons!Dario doesn’t skimp on the lemons he uses for packing. I gave away a dozen from one box today and there were more besides. I’ve quit buying limes for my salads. I still prefer them but the lemons are free and, what’s more, I couldn’t find any limes to buy that were affordable. I may start putting lemon in my water in the morning.

It isn’t hard to see why I stayed with Dario after I first found him in December, 2005. He guarantees every order but every one of them has been in good shape this season. I don’t get anything from recommending him to others except satisfaction in the knowledge that I’m helping to spread the good word.

2 Responses to Dario’s Persimmons

  1. Brenda November 7, 2008 at 5:42 pm #

    How lucky you are to have access to such delicious persimmons. I have not seen them back here this year.. Used to be able to get them at an Asian Mkt that has since gone out of business… And lemons, they were charging 50cents a peice for them.. are now six for 1.99. I do have one 1st thing every morning. Sometimes with a nice “raw” honey, sometimes just he lemon water..

    Enjoy those persimmons!!

  2. Tommie November 7, 2008 at 8:49 pm #

    Anyone can order them. Of course, if you live on the other side of the world or in a different hemisphere, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to chance getting them there before they ripened. I’ve gotten fuyus at the supermarket and the Asian market here but they are nothing like Dario’s. Last year, I got some from another grower and was thoroughly disappointed in the quality. I sent the link for this post to Dario and he’s pleased with it. I don’t know how much longer he’ll have persimmons this season so if you want some, you’d better jump in and order!

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