My Left Foot

Wasn’t that a movie? I took pictures and was planning to put them on here so everyone could feel sorry for me. THEN my foot didn’t swell as much as usual so that sorta backfired. It still hurts.

It’s late but I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. I’ll be working at home getting the house put back together. I busied myself in the kitchen some today and then started vacuuming. I’d vacuum a section and then sprinkle it with borax, work it in with a push broom and then vacuum some more. I did that from the little bathroom into the dining room and living room. I was hoping to have enough borax to do everything but I ran out after putting it around my bed and where I walk to the bathroom. It lasted until I got to the commode and the box was empty. I plan to go to town on Tuesday. I’ll get another box then and it will be plenty to finish the bedroom, the bath, and do the other bedroom.

I’m glad I’ve gotten this much done. I actually have some things where they belong. My kitchen cabinets (part, not all) look better than they ever have.

True confession time. I have a hard time getting started cleaning house. It just isn’t part of my makeup to buckle down and do it. I prayed that the Lord would give me the incentive to clean the house and here came the fleas. When I told DD about this today, she said, “You think God sent the fleas???” I said, “He may not have sent them. He could have prevented them but He chose not to.” Now, if ever there is anything that gets one up off the backside and into the cleaning mode, it’s fleas. Next time, I’ll pray for incentive to get the house tidy.

I was talking to my sister who is visiting her DD. She will be leaving the day my company is coming so she won’t get to see them. She’d thought they were here now. Something she was concerned about was the fleas might make a resurgence. That’s occurred to me, too, but I’m trying to keep that from happening. My neighbor has made it so the cats can’t get back under the house. The kittens are living across the street with the one who was upset by Twinkle’s yowlings. No source, no fleas is what I’m hoping. Twinkle is happier than she’s been for a long time. Her appetite had fallen off during the worst of it but it’s back. Things are looking up!

My toe hurts. DS2 used to get aggravated when he’d call and ask how I was. I’d answer, “I’m tard, tard, tard.” He’d say, “I wish you’d quit saying that.” I’d tell him to quit asking. I’m hardly ever in the condition any more but tonight, I’m tard.

I’m going to take a bath because I want to and not because fleas are biting me. I hope everyone will sleep as well as I plan to.

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